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Conrail inherited its rare SW1001 fleet from the Reading. These 1000hp switchers were commonly found on the ex-Reading branches in eastern Pennsylvania and throughout the eastern end of the system.

Because of their common use in cab signaled territory, a number were outfitted with cab signal and or LSL equipment.
Cab Signal Equipped Units: 2100, 2101, 2102-2106
LSL (Locomotive Speed Limiter) Equipped Units: 2102-2106

CR 9421 Leads its train through Buck Mountain PA

The EMD switcher powered train, a mix of coal and other freight, heads through Buck Mountain PA.

CR 9421 Leads Mixed Freight at Zehners, 10/83

A brace of end cab switchers, led by the rare SW1001, heads through Zehners on the former Reading.

CR 9421 on the Delair bridge approach in Philadelphia, PA. 3/87

Conrail (Ex Reading) SW-1001 #9421 leads an eastbound on the Delair bridge approach (The Woodwork) next to Lewis St. in Philadelphia, PA. March 15, 1987.

CR 9421 Three MP15s and an SW1001 Through Port Clinton PA

The brace of end cabs rolls through Port Clinton, the future home of the Reading and Northern.

CR 9421, 9628 and 9627, 10/83

A profile shot of three of the five end cabs on the train.

CR 9422 at Stoney Creek, PA 9/15/98

CR 9422 is seen at Conrail's Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA on 9/15/98.

CR 9423 Altoona, PA 1984

Conrail SW1001 9423 (ex-RDG 2623) is behind the Juniata Shops with an oddly-painted SW1500, which has a PC-style slanty CR initialed on the hood. There is also an EL SDP45, which I cannot tell the number of. I have it narrowed down to 6668, 6673, 6677, 6679, 6680, or 6681. If anyone has the numbers of either of these units, let me know.

CR 9424 with a more standard "CONRAIL" paint job at Frankford Junction 9/20/1985

This unit was repainted into the more standard small "Conrail" scheme between January and September of 1985.

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