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Conrail inherited 32 SDP45s from the Erie Lackawanna, reassigning their EL series 3635-3668 to CR 6667-6699.

Built from May, 1969 through August, 1970 for the EL, EMD added a longer frame for concrete ballast aft of the radiators and a larger fuel tank for greater range.  EMD's turbocharged V20 20-645-E3 prime mover produced 3,600hp.

As EL was under control of the N&W when the original series 3635-3653 was ordered, Conrail returned them in 1984 to the Norfolk Southern.  EL's second order series 3654-3668 were returned to their lessor on January, 1984

CR 7498 Enola, PA 12/26/82

Ah, yes, the good ol' days, back in 1982. What any of us wouldn't give to go back to this time. One of only 4 GP18's owned by CR, the 7498, is in the company of SW-9 9018, SDP45 6668 and U23C 6709 at Enola, and God only knows what else is in the background....ex Raritan River SW?

CR 9423 Altoona, PA 1984

Conrail SW1001 9423 (ex-RDG 2623) is behind the Juniata Shops with an oddly-painted SW1500, which has a PC-style slanty CR initialed on the hood. There is also an EL SDP45, which I cannot tell the number of. I have it narrowed down to 6668, 6673, 6677, 6679, 6680, or 6681. If anyone has the numbers of either of these units, let me know.

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