In the late 1980's General Electric was winning the horsepower war and the new locomotive orders from railroads. EMD was once again behind in technology and revenue. EMD began working on the SD80 series which would achieve 5000hp from a 20 cylinder 710G prime mover, the first 20 cylinder engine since the SD45/SD45-2 locomotive line.

Conrail began to take delivery of a 28 unit order rostered the first units in January 1996. Under agreement with EMD, the 28 units would be built by EMD and finished at the Juniata Shops in Altoona, PA. Conrail numbered these units 4100-4127.

In 1997, Conrail purchased the EMD demonstrator units, EMDX 8000 and 8001 and an order for 108 more units was placed but was ultimately reduced to 28 units. The order was changed with the split of Conrail making the 30 units owned by Conrail the only SD80MACs produced. The demonstrators were added to the roster as 4128 and 4129.

When Conrail was split up, CSX received 13 units and Norfolk Southern the remaining 17 units, all of which are still in active service.


Videos of Conrail's SD80MACs in action. We also have a number of videos introducing crews to the ins and outs of the, at the time, brand new MACs.

With TV80W safely past, SEBO continues his slow uphill slog at 12:33.
Now that SEBO's Big Mac's are "on the level", they can get a roll on through Hinsdale, MA.
As soon as TV-9 and SEBO clear the area, it's time to get back to the "sunny side" of the tracks for BOSE, which shows up at 09:19 behind SD80MAC 4116.
Just a collection of early CR'd power nose shots surrounding SD80mac 4111, the pinnacle of Conrail's power. Left to right, F7A, SDP45, C630, C420, SD80mac, and RS11.
CR 4100 & 4120 is are seen leading BAPI-4 west at 4:15p past the Brickyard in Altoona, PA on 5/15/98.

Chicago Line - Burns Harbor, Indiana, USA
SD80MAC 4100
A pair of Big Blue's MACs bring eastbound traffic past the then-Bethlehem Steel plant in a view off of US 20 sometime in 1997.

CR SD80MAC 4100 on it's first test run on January 25th, 1996. Shown here at Cresson, PA in a photo by Terry Nardella. Collection of Steve Ondik.
A UDM coal train rolls thru the Peters Creek interlocking at Clairton.
A pair of Conrail SD80macs, 4100 and 4127, lead ALPI-1F through MO interlocking in Cresson, Pa.
Class unit 4100 leading TV-9 near C&B Jct. in Chester, MA. on Nov. 15, 1997.
Class unit SD80MAC 4100 leads FRSE across the flats in Hinsdale, MA. on Oct. 4, 1997.
In what still stands as the best photo I've ever taken, ELTR-0 is led by the class 80MAC 4100 and fellow MAC 4109, along with a pair of CR EMD's, on the Marion Branch at Anderson, IN on December 20, 1996
Conrail 4100 and 4102 have made in down the east slope and are heading for Rose yard and a set off with train PIAL-5.
STIN-7 with the class SD80MAC, 4100, on the point at Union City, OH on May 27, 1999
Conrail SD80MAC 4101 and fellow 80MAC leads a westbound freight at Bryan, OH back in late winter 1999. Jason Hall photo, Chris Howe collection
SD80MAC 4101 on SEBO at Chester, MA. on June 7, 1997. SEBO had to hold at Chester for oncoming westbound traffic which afforded the opportunity for some "roster shooting".
Closer view of 4101's cab. The little "tea kettle" in the background is part of the Chester Railroad museum's collection.
CR SD80MAC 4101 getting ready for it's first test run on January 25th, 1996 at JLS in Altoona, PA. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
Conrail SD80MAC 4101 is seen blasting out of the mist at Thompsontown Station, PA with MOPI on 10/9/1997
CR 4101 leads SEBO through the curves along the north end of Muddy Pond at 08:25 on Aug. 17, 1996. The train is leaving Hinsdale and entering Washington at this point.
The 4101 leads BOSE into Washington, MA. from Hinsdale on Aug. 17, 1996.
Sorry for the little bit of shadow, but I couldn't resist this beautiful shot of SD80MAC 4102 on it's first run on 2/4/96. Photo by Terry Nardella, collection of Steve Ondik
A quartet of "MAC's", led by the 4102, take BOSE through Ballou's in Washington, MA. on New Year's Eve, 1997.
ML-482 at MP 138 in Washington, MA. on March 6, 1999.
One of the few clouds in the entire sky just HAS to be in front of the sun as SD80MAC 4102 heads a quartet of the Big MAC's on SEBO at Ballou's in Washington, MA. on Oct. 7, 1997.
CR 4103 and mate reach the top of the grade at MP 142 in Hinsdale, MA. with SEBO on Feb. 21, 1998.
CR SD80MAC 4103 unpainted outside the shop building at JLS in Altoona, PA on January 30th, 1996. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
A pair of SD80MAC's roll through Ballou's with SEBO in Washington, MA. on March 25, 1998.
SD80MAC 4104 leads SEBO toward the state line in Canaan, NY. on Oct. 17, 1998.
A pair of SD80MAC's, led by the 4104, are eastbound around mile 162.5 in Canaan, NY. on Oct. 17, 1998 with SEBO.
SEBO at MP 138 in Washington, MA. on Oct. 9, 1997.
SD80MAC 4104 has SEFR trailing at the north end of Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on Sept. 5, 1997.
In a view from the casino bridge at Hammond, a Conrail freight behind a pair of SD80MACs led by No. 4105, heads east around Colehour Yard, in September 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission
ML433 carves through the early morning murkiness at CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. at 08:23 on the morning of Oct. 5, 1997.
"Big MAC" 4105 leads FRSE through Huntington, MA. on Oct. 17, 1998.
Conrail SD-80MAC's 4105 and 4106 lead Eastbound Conrail NLPI-1 near CP30.5 on track #1 in Beaver Falls, PA. [on Conrail's Fort Wayne line].
Conrail SD80MAC 4106 is seen leading a westbound freight at Jamestown, PA on 10/11/1998
A trailing shot of Conrail SD80MAC 4106 on ELPI-5B at Waterloo, IN on May 25, 1996
CR 4106 hammers through Ballou's with BOSE at 07:57 on Sept. 26, 1998.
Conrail ELPI-5B with a pair of SD80MAC's, including 4106 on the point, at Waterloo, IN on May 25, 1996. This was my first ever shot of the then new 80MAC's.
A pair of 80macs have eastbound tonnage well in hand at MO interlocking in Cresson, Pa.
A pair of MAC's and some other "stuff" haul upgrade by the coal tower in Chester, MA. on Oct. 10, 1998.
CR 4107 and partner have SEFR rolling across the "top 'o the B&A" in Hinsdale, MA. on Sept. 26, 1998.
CR SD80MAC 4108 on it's first run on train ATPI-8X on February 18th, 1996 in Altoona, PA. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
The 4108 brings ML482 over Lower Valley Rd. at Ballou's in Washington, MA. On June 26, 1998.
A pair of smoky MAC's, led by the 4108 motor upgrade at mile 136.3 in Washington, MA. on June 12, 1999. I have, in my "vintage" photo collection, a b&w 8x10 of a B&A J-2-a Hudson storming upgrade with a passenger train at this exact location, taken at nearly the same time of day. The base for an upper quadrant semaphore shown in that photo can be seen just in front of the flanger sign.
CR 4108 is seen on PIBE at Lilly, PA on 6/15/96.

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