The SD60I (Isolated) "Whispercab" was essentially an SD60M with an improved "isolated" cab (hence the "I") that was designed to minimize noise inside the cab and reduce vibration providing a better working environment for Train & Engine service employees. Conrail purchased its SD60Is as "kits" from EMD, who did not have the production capacity to meet the order at the time. These kits were assembled by the Juniata shops in Altoona. Conrail's SD60Is were numbered from 5575 through 5654, and one exception, 5544. CR 5544 was the first unit designed with the new cab and became the standard for subsequent orders.

The SD60I's are identical to the SD60M's with only a few spotting features telling them apart, the rubber nose seam and reverse mounted nose door.

From my own personal experience, the SD60I is the premier model for sound quality. In notch 8 with the amps in the red, crews can talk at a normal level without having to scream. These cabs are infact so quiet, it's common to have to open the window on occasion to make sure the horn still works!

The units were built with a 2 piece front windshield and 4 piece side windows without sun visors. The side windows are built on an easy slide track design and combined with the tinted glass provide superior crew comfort.

TV-9's headend going away across Lower Valley Rd., and there's a reason we moved to the other side of the tracks.
SEAL-9 is almost ready to depart the north departure yard Selkirk, NY
A pair of SD's and a C40-8W lead a 109 car UNG train past the semaphore at Waverly as it makes its way to NYSEG's Goudy Station in Johnson City.
OIBU rolls past MP 235 with 86 cars as it approaches downtown Owego on a summer day.
The end is near as an SD60I and C40-8W roll a westbound stack train into the afternoon sun past CP 293. The track to the right is the connection to the NYSW, once the DLW Syracuse Branch. That line passed under the old NYC here, eventually reaching Oswego. The Willis Av overpass gives a commanding view of the Syracuse skyline behind the train. The NYC passenger line that went downtown-part of that line is now I 690-also diverged here, near the curve the train is rounding, in the distance.
One of each. A pair of road units, an SD 60I and a C40-8W, sit ready at Park Manor Yard in Chicago, as seen from the Chicago Skyway. Sometimes sitting in Chicago traffic isn't all bad!!
A short 45 car BUOI passes the pond along Watson Blvd in Endwell as it heads for some work at Binghamton behind an EMD/GE duo.
TV 202 with a typically long 175 platforms of APL stacks rolls past the semaphore at west Endicott as it approaches the NY 17C overpass. It about 15 minutes, it will change crews at Binghamton, and be on its way down the ex Erie Delaware Division. The APL trains were often quite long, especially the westbounds, which on many occasions pushed 11,000 feet.
A pair of SD60 lead an eastbound stack train through CP 293, passing the Blue Circle Cement plant. That's Onandaga Lake in the background.
A westbound stack running wrong main rolls under the Oakland Road overpass just west of Weedsport behind the quad 5's and a GE. This is a great spot to watch the action, OK for a westbound, but superb in the morning for eastbounds.
TV 202 with 116 APL platforms rolls past the pond along Watson Blvd.

These SD60Is were assembled by Conrail's Juniata diesel shop forces in Altoona from "kits" provided by EMD.

ML482-X at Ballou's in Washington,MA. on March 25, 1998.
CR Train OPNS (Oak Point, NY-Hagerstown, MD) unit garbage train. We got a hit on the Bloomsbury DED/HBD so while my Cdr was walking to check out the problem I went up the embankment to get the shot...This was back around Feb of 1998
CR 5577 is seen at Hagerstown MD on 3/18/98.
CR 5580, 5065 & 3276 are seen leading a WB at Rochester, PA on 4/20/98.
CR 5580 is seen at Rochester, PA on 4/20/98.

CR SD60I 5580, along with another SD60M and a LMS GE on an eastbound freight at Waterloo, IN back in 1995.

CR 5581 & 5527 are seen on a EB at Altoona PA on 10/5/97.
CR 5581, 6141 & 6492 are seen on a WB intermodal train at Cresson, PA on 11/24/98.
CR 5581 is seen at Cresson, PA on 11/24/98.
CR 5583 bears down on the State Line crossing between Canaan, NY. and West Stockbridge, MA. with TV-6 in tow on Aug.17, 1996.
TV-6 crosses the line from Canaan, NY. into West Stockbridge, MA. on Aug. 17, 1996.
The power for TV 13 backs onto its train after making a pick up at Dewitt.
CR 5584 & 6077 are seen on CSX rails at Cumberland, MD on 11/20/98.
CR 5584 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland, MD on 11/20/98.
CR 5585 is on the point of SESA in Ridgefield Park, NJ 5/1999
Conrail SD60I 5587 is seen leading a westbound auto parts train at Spruce Creek, PA in 1995.
PISE kicks up some snow at CP 359. Four units of four different models lead the train. CR had good motive power variety, which is hard to find with CSX, who currently operates this line.
CR 5589 is seen at Harrington, DE on 9/5/1995.
Just to show there is a prototype for the 'unnumbered' HO scale models out there, here is CR SD60I 5594 at JLS in Altoona, PA on March 13th, 1995. (I know the HO scale model doesn't have number boards though!).
Conrail 5595 & 5613 lead Westbound Conrail BUEL-0 @ MP 114.5 Mill St ~ Conneaut, Ohio on Trk #2
CR 5596 & 5559 are seen on a WB at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.
CR 5596 is seen at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.
CR 5596, UP 6341, and a UP SD40 powers SPL-804 at Porter, IN on November 8, 1997. While the SPL symbol was normally used on special moves, like high/wide loads, this train has a solid consist of autoracks.
CR 5597 is seen trailing on a WB Roadrailer at Cresson, PA on 11/24/98.
CR 5599 arrives in Chester, MA. with TV6 on the morning of Dec. 2, 1995.
ML 440 and it's 108 cars have knocked down the automatic-the easternmost semaphore on the old Erie-at 224-2 and are about to pass under NY 17C at west Endicott. A crew change at Binghamton is in their short term future, and then to Jersey in the dark.
CR 5600 is seen on a EB coal train at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.
CR 5600 & 6108 are seen leading TV-2M east at Bellwood, PA on 6/15/96 at 6:08p.
SD60I leads a former LMS lease unit through CP 293 and past the Blue Circle plant as it approaches Syracuse.
CR SD60I 5602 is on the point with C40-8W 6081 trailing on an eastbound descending the Berkshires at Middlefield, MA at 0810 hrs on 24 May 1996.
Conrail 5602 rests at one of those away from the mainstream mainline places, Nitro, West Virginia on May 13th, 1995. This unit would become property of NS as their 6732.
Conrail SD60I 5603 is seen leading a rare daylight PIED south on the Northeast Corridor on 3/4/1996
CR 5603, 6054 & 6488 are seen on PIMO at Antis, PA on 8/20/98.
A westbound TV train is lit by the late day sun as it splits the signals at Memphis.
Photo taken with permission. In this conductor's view from the High Line we see a portion of Amtrak's Penn Coach Yard in Philadelphia. Today's EDPI consists of CR 5606, 6029, 6771 (offline), 6179 (offline), and 9 loads by 34 empties for a 1,982 tons.

CR SD60I 5607 at JLS in Altoona, PA on March 11th, 1995.


Another view of the roof of CR SD60I 5607 inside the Juniata Shops in Altoona, PA on March 8th, 1995. This view affords a great look at EMD's "Q fans".

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