In 1985 Conrail bought the three EMD demonstrators from EMD, and later went back to the well 4 years later, in 1989, for another 25 standard cab units. The demonstrators were numbered 6840, 6841, and 6842, while the later order was numbered from 6843 through 6867.

SD60 6864 rounds the curve with TV6 between the summit and Muddy Pond in Hinsdale, MA. at 10:05.
And here it is! BUOI, led by SD60 6850, rolls past the signal at Brown's Crossing, NY. The photo was purposely composed this way to show the "umbilical" between the semaphore and the code line.

Conrail SD-60 #6853 leads a train at Bridgeport, PA. August 11, 1991

OIBU with a GP40-2/SD60 combo rolls past a field of stubble corn, not unusual even this late in May. In another month, the new crop will be knee high, and by mid summer, I'll have to stand on top of my car to get this shot.
SD60 6844 has the trail position on this UBO coal train in Hinsdale, MA. on July 16, 1994. Lotta horsepower, but still not enough.
TV 207X rolls 146 stack platforms west past a church in the Canisteo River valley town of Adrian on a cold winter's day.
TV 207X swings around a big curve near MP 306, just west of Rathbone.
TV 14 is seen at Dewitt in a building snow storm. Mid November snow is nothing new to Syracuse, but once it started, it didn't stop; the total snowfall for the 1995/96 winter was 175". It was not a record.
SD60 6864 trails in SPSE as the head end passes the former Middlefield station site and "Lorin's caboose" at Bancroft, MA. on Oct. 14, 1992.
ConRail's first SD60, the 6840, leads SEBO over the crest of the grade in Hinsdale center on Oct. 3, 1992. The 6840 is former demonstrator EMD 1.
SEBO at the Lower Valley Rd. crossing (Ballou's) in Washington, MA. on Oct. 3, 1992.
Former EMD Demo 6840 leads ML-430 through the curve at MP-313 on the Chicago Line
CR 6841 & 6808 are seen on XSH-90E at Antis, PA on 1/26/99.
Former Demonstrator SD60 6841 with BOEL in Hinsdale, MA. on July 18, 1997.
During the NRHS convention in Boston in 1986, several local railroads furnished locomotives for a display in South Braintree. ConRail's contribution was SD60 6841, ex demonstrator EMD 2.
SD60 6841 from the rear at South Braintree, MA. on July 22, 1986.
Close up of the 6841's front end at South Braintree, MA. on July 22, 1986.
Conrail tried out EMD SD-60 demo units in 1985. Here a pair, EMD 4 and 1, back a loaded ore train through Hudson interlocking and onto the Akron Branch 09-07-85. The crew was outlawing and both mains were needed clear for other traffic, hence this move. Conrail must have liked what they saw as they purchased 3 of the 4 demos and eventually added more after that.
Former demonstrator SD60 6841 on SEBO at MP 126 in Chester, MA. on April 4, 1992.
INTO-6 with the 6842 on the point at Union City, OH on May 27, 1999. This is one of the 3 ex EMD SD60 demonstrator engines that Conrail purchased outright.
Former demonstrator SD60 6842 with BOSE at Washington depot on April 3, 1993.
CR 6842 and a UP EMD leads SWPI-8 through Union City, OH on March 19, 1997
The cab and carbody of CR 6843 is seen on shop trucks at the Juniata Shops in Altoona, PA on 8/14/98. Unit was later rebuilt and repainted into the QUALITY scheme.
SD60 6843 is in charge of SEBO rolling along Muddy Pond near MP 138 in Washington, MA. on Oct. 24, 1992.
A pair of road units sit with two yard jockeys awaiting their next assignment.
A nose shot of Conrail SD60 6844. In June of 1999 this engine would become CSXT 8712.
CR 6847, 5522 & 6777 are seen on TV-3 at Antis, PA on 5/15/98.
Eastbound Conrail ELPI-0A with the 6848 and UP & SP EMD's for power pass thru Waterloo, IN on January 30, 1999
CR 6849 & 6487 are seen on a WB empty PPLX hopper train at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99.
CR 6849 is seen on a WB empty PPLX hopper train at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99.
SD60 6849 and 3 other EMD products brings a train downgrade around Horseshoe Curve in 1990. We won't discuss how I got this particular photo angle.
SD60 6849 leads a quartet of power, including SD40-2 6500, down the hill around Horseshoe Curve in 1990.
CR SD60 6849 is on the point of TV6 at Washington, MA. on July 18, 1997.
An XWB hopper train with CR & CSX power pops thru the snow drift at Newport Road on the Youngstown Line.
A pair of SD60s, 6849 and 6847, and a pair of SD40-2s, 6500 and 64??, bring an eastbound freight past the spot where I was supposed to be if I was following the rules and obeying the signs.
SD60 6850 leads BUOI past the semaphore at Cameron, NY. on May 6, 1993.
Conrail SD60 6851 is seen leading a westbound freight at Gallitzin, PA in 1993.
From the smudge hanging in the sky above TV10C's headend, it's obvious they are working hard to finish their assault of the west slope in Hinsdale, MA. on Aug. 6, 1994.
Conrail SD60 6851 is seen leading an eastbound stack train around Horseshoe Curve in 1998.
Still looking rather new, year old SD60's 6851-6849 pull ENBU-1T northbound at MP 234 north of Montgomery, PA on the Buffalo Line. The open area to the left of the train is that of the former Reading which paralleled the Ex. PRR to Saegers, PA where the Reading broke away and crossed the Susquehanna River toward Muncy. 6851 would later become CSX 8715 while the 6849 toils for NS today as 6706.
Conrail SD60 6852 is seen leading Mail3H west across Rockville Bridge on 10/20/1990
CR 6854 & 6805 are seen leading a EB coal train at Altoona PA on 7/30/97.
CR 6854 is seen at Altoona PA on 7/30/97.
CR 6854 & 6805 are seen leading a EB coal train at Cresson PA on 7/30/97.
SV 6 with 77 stack platforms rolls past the Amtrak station at Dewitt behind a mix of EMD's.
CR 6854, 6747 & 5622 are seen on ML-401 at Antis, PA on 1/26/99.

SD60 6855 leads a manifest freight through the S-Curves at Birmingham PA.

INCO-7 with the 6856 on the point at Union City, OH on May 27, 1999
Conrail SD60 6857 is seen leading a train out of Enola Yard from the old Overview bridge in 1991.

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