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Conrail had 135 "fightin fifties" numbered 6700 through 6834 and built from 1983 through 1986. Conrail's fleet of SD50s (the second largest in the country) was delivered with a number of variations from "stock" EMD units.

Conrail's first three orders (delivered in 1983, 84 and 85) all came equipped with EMD's older Flexicoil truck instead ot the standard, at the time, HTC-II truck. This was because of Conrail's irroneously blaming the HTC truck for a number of derailments involving AMTRAK units. It turned out not to be the fault of the truck, and the last order that arrived in 1986 was delivered with the standard EMD trucks.

The second two orders (6779-6834) were also delivered with a large 4500gal fuel tank, as opposed to the 4000gal tank on the previous two orders.

For a more indepth analysis of the Conrail SD50, visit the CRCYC.

CR 6832 SD50 Struthers 03-86

A pair of new SD50's, 6832 and 6833, have BUPI in tow at CP Graham in Struthers,Ohio on March 10th, 1986. The track off to the left is the LE&E (Lake Erie and Eastern), a track that, at one time, connected the NYC with the P&LE and crossed the PRR at this spot located just south of Haselton yard. Note some of the Youngstown Sheet & Tube mill is still standing in the background on this date. Both units would become property of NS as their 5476 and 5477, both are now off the roster.

CR 6832 Wampum, PA 7/5/1994

PISE crosses the Beaver River at Wampum.

CR 6833 - SD50 at West Brownsville, PA

Fairly fresh CR 6833 is seen at West Brownsville, PA on 10/26/1986.

CR 6833 at Becket, MA. on 10/17/92.

SEFR dropping downgrade just past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on Oct. 17, 1992.

CR 6833 Leads ALPI past "The Brickyard" in Altoona, 5/86

Smell that? That's the new paint on the SD50. These three units are just hitting the hill as they cruise past the famous "brickyard" location in Altoona in this May of 86 view. They have ALPI in tow, a manifest freight from Allentown to Pittsburgh.

CR 6834 leads TV-7X at Stryker, OH

Westbound TV7X with the 6834 and 2573 on the point are just east of Stryker, OH on January 23, 1999.  This is the very last SD50 purchased by Conrail.

CR 6834 on MAIL-9X at Portage, PA 5/15/98

CR 6834, 5085 & 6468 are seen on MAIL-9X at Portage, PA on 5/15/98.

CR 6834 on XCG-31W at Essington, PA

With the help of SD40-2 6480, the last Conrail SD50 leads 101 empty hoppers northbound through Wanamaker Yard. This train weighed in at 3,095 tons.

CR 6834 on XCG-31W at Essington, PA

With the help of SD40-2 6480, the last Conrail SD50 leads 101 empty hoppers northbound through Wanamaker Yard. This train weighed in at 3,095 tons.

CR 6854 east SV 6 Dewitt 09021994

SV 6 with 77 stack platforms rolls past the Amtrak station at Dewitt behind a mix of EMD's.

CR 6975 with BUBI-5 at Gang Mills, NY

BUBI-5 is at Gang Mills, NY, led by SD40-2R 6975 and SD50s 6775 + 6763. 6/1996

CR 6977 leads a still black GP38-2 and some other power at Summerhill PA, 9/84.

The new Main Street overpass is under construction as an E/B manifest passes by on track one of the Pittsburgh Line at MP 263.7. SD50 6777, GP38-2s 8082, 8238, GP35 2288 & SD50 6774 are on the point. 2:39PM on 9-30-84 in Summerhill, PA.

CR 8841 and CR 6827 Denholm, PA 1992

Conrail SW7 8841 is seen trailing SD50 6827 on an eastbound freight at Denholm, PA in 1992.

CR SD50 6743

CR SD50 6743 shown in it's wrecked condition when it arrived at JLS in May of 1995 (5-16-95 the date of this photo). She was wrecked along with C40-8W 6192 in Erie, PA on May 8, 1995. Photo by Terry Nardella, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR SD50 6759

CR SD50 6759 at Altoona, PA on July 14th, 1995. Photo by Terry Nardella, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR SD50 6778

CR SD50 6778 on train ALPI-3 on June 13th, 1996 in Altoona, PA. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR SD50 6799

CR SD50 6799 at JLS in Altoona, PA on November 23rd, 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR SEFR in Hinsdale, MA. on 12/28/89. (4)

SD50 6724 in the trail with SEFR in Hinsdale, MA. on Dec. 28, 1989.

CR TV9 in Washington, MA. on 12/30/89. (1)

SD50 6787 brings TV9 past Lower Valley Rd. at Ballou's in Washington, MA. on Dec. 30, 1989.

NYSW 4044 Port Jervis, NY 11/90

NYS&W NTV-9 meets a Conrail Desert Storm Military train @ Port Jervis, NY

OIBU-3 SD50 6714 Hillburn, NY

OIBU-3 with SD50 6714 pulls through the Hillburn X-Overs with a Suffern pick-up prior to reversing back to its train.

PIOI-7 SD60I 5506 CP-Burn, Allentown, Pa

PIOI-7 with SD60I 5506 and SD50 6816 @ CP-Burn Auburn Street Allen Town, Pa

SD50s on a mixed freight at South Fork

A pair of SD50s haul an eastbound merchandise freight up the west slope at South Fork in 1986.

SEAL-5 Ballast Express C32-8 6613

Ballast Express C32-8 6613 has the lead on SEAL- @ Ridgefield Park, NJ 8/1998

Stop and Meet at MP 127 on 12/21/85. (1)

SD50 6725 leads SEBO-A drifting past MP 127 in Chester, MA. at 07:40 on the morning of Dec. 21, 1985.

Where'd dey go? 12/7/91. (4)

"Yellow Ribbon" SD50 6707 trails along in TV-6 at Bancroft, MA. Just more irregular power on the B&A.

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