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Conrail had 135 "fightin fifties" numbered 6700 through 6834 and built from 1983 through 1986. Conrail's fleet of SD50s (the second largest in the country) was delivered with a number of variations from "stock" EMD units.

Conrail's first three orders (delivered in 1983, 84 and 85) all came equipped with EMD's older Flexicoil truck instead ot the standard, at the time, HTC-II truck. This was because of Conrail's irroneously blaming the HTC truck for a number of derailments involving AMTRAK units. It turned out not to be the fault of the truck, and the last order that arrived in 1986 was delivered with the standard EMD trucks.

The second two orders (6779-6834) were also delivered with a large 4500gal fuel tank, as opposed to the 4000gal tank on the previous two orders.

For a more indepth analysis of the Conrail SD50, visit the CRCYC.

CR 6763 Altoona 1990

SD50 6763 leads an eastbound coal train through Altoona on a sunny day in 1990.

CR 6763 and C&I Hopper Train at Birmingham PA, 5/94

A pair of SD50s hustle a coal train for the Cambria and Indiana west through Birmingham PA on the Pittsburgh Line.

CR 6764 at Fox Ridge, NY

Conrail SD50 6764 is seen leading a westbound stack train across Montezuma Swamp at Fox Ridge, NY in the early 1990s.

CR 6764 in Hinsdale, MA. on 12/24/93. (1)

TV-9 clatters through the crossovers at CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. at 09:44 on Christmas Eve, 1993. The 6764 leads a handsome lash-up on the hot piggybacker.

CR 6764 in Hinsdale, MA. on 12/24/93. (2)

TV-9 lights 'em up at the west end of CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. on Dec. 24, 1993.

CR 6765 at Huntington, MA. on 2/22/85. (1)

SEBO-B slows to pick up orders at the Huntington crossovers in Huntington, MA. on Feb. 22, 1985. Prior to the single-tracking of the B&A, Huntington was another location which occasionally became a TBS with a TBO in attendance to line switches and hand up orders.

CR 6765 at Huntington, MA. on 2/22/85. (2)

SEBO-B continues eastward at Huntington, MA. after picking up orders on Feb. 22, 1985.

CR 6765 Leads ENPI Up Horseshoe Curve, 5/86

A pair of new SD50s leads an Enola to Pittsburgh train up the Horseshoe Curve from an uncommon vantage point.

CR 6766 in Becket, MA. on 10/2/93. (2)

SD50 6766 leads ballast train BAL349 out of the east cut at the "new location" in Becket, MA. on Oct. 2, 1993.

CR 6766 in Becket, MA. on 10/2/93. (3)

SD50 6766 et al. lead BAL349 in Becket, MA. on Oct.,2, 1993.

CR 6767 SD50s Lead an Eastbound TV Train Across Rockville Bridge, 3/85

Two almost brand new SD50s lead an eastbound TV train across Rockville Bridge.

1985-03-10 CR 6767 Rockville, PA.jpg

CR 6768 at Fox Ridge, NY

Conrail SD50 6768 is seen leading an eastbound freight across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY

CR 6768 at Fox Ridge, NY

Conrail SD50 6768 is seen leading an eastbound freight across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY

CR 6769 & 6060 on PMT-11 at Johnstown, PA 8/20/98

CR 6769 & 6060 are seen on loaded slab train PMT-11 at Johnstown, PA on 8/20/98.

CR 6770 & 6014 at CP Belt - Reading, PA 8/13/88

CR 6770 and 6014 lead a train eastbound through CP Belt, Reading, PA on 8/13/88.

CR 6770 and CR 6486 at Lock Haven, PA 3/1991

ENBU behind SD50 6770 and SD40-2 6486 meets BUEN @ CP Lane, just outside of Lock Haven, PA 3/91

CR 6770 Gang Mills, NY 5/18/1986

BUOI arrives at Gang Mills. The train will be split into 2 trains here. One train will leave as BUOI headed to Binghamton, and the other train will depart as CGAL to Allentown via Sayre.

CR 6770 Rathbone, NY 5/10/1986

With a newer SD-50 leading, BUOI follows the Canisteo River at the curve just West of Rathbone.

CR 6771 - SD50 at Rutherford, PA

CR 6771 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 12/30/1984.

CR 6771 leads ENSE at Grandin, NJ 5/9/93

An SD50 and two SD40-2's (one of which in NS paint) lead ENSE9 through Readington Twp. MP59.1 CR Lehigh Line

CR 6773 Asthabula, OH 4/30/1991

Conrail 6773 and UP 4277 pull a southbound string of empties out of the harbor yard as the approach the Lake Ave Bridge symboled YAS-12.

CR 6773 at Ashtabula Harbor Ohio 4/30/91

Conrail 6773 & UP 4277 along with Conrail 8256 are at Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard

CR 6773 at Becket, MA. on 12/27/84.

NHSE at the "new location" in Becket, MA. on Dec. 27, 1984.

CR 6775 at Ashtabula Township, OH 2/3/97

CONRAIL 6775 leads Westbound BUIN-3 @ MP 123 on track 1

CR 6775 leads CSX G173 at Harper's Ferry, WV

Eastbound grain on CSX crosses the shallow waters of the Potomac River.

CR 6776 at Cumberland, MD 9/4/98

CR 6776 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland, MD on 9/4/98.

CR 6776 at Huntington, MA. on 8/30/97.

SD50 6776 with a TV9X at Huntington, MA. on Aug. 30, 1997.

CR 6777 at Bancroft, MA. on 7/17/93.

CR 6777 has some "outside help" in the form of a couple of NS units with NESE at Bancroft, MA. on July 17, 1993.

CR 6777 Cameron Mills, NY 8/30/1986

OIEL rolls thru morning fog in the Canisteo River Valley.

CR 6777 in Canaan, NY on 12/12/92.

SD50 6777 with an unidentified eastbound at Flint's Crossing in Canaan, NY, on Dec. 12, 1992.

CR 6777 west TVLA Syracuse 10181995

TVLA rolls past the Amtrak station on its dash to Chicago and the Santa Fe.

CR 6777 west TVLA TV 261 Dewitt 10181995

TVLA with CR 6777/5641/5628 and 91 cars, rolls past the Amtrak station while TV 261, behind CR 5594/6745, makes a pick up at Dewitt. It will head west with 145 stack platforms and 10 COFC.

CR 6778 at Cumberland MD 9/1/97

CR 6778 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland MD on 9/1/97.

CR 6778 at Huntington, MA. on 2/22/85

SEBO-B approaching MP 119 and the bridge over the east branch of the Westfield River in Huntington, MA. on Feb. 22, 1985.

CR 6778 west ML 401 Waverly 01241994

ML 401 rolls past Ted Clark's in Waverly, 44 cars of fill tonnage ahead of 48 mostly empty racks.

CR 6780 at Reading PA 8/88

CR 6780 is pictured trailing on a westbound Conrail freight at Belt Line Jct, Reading, PA, on 8/13/88.

CR 6780 Leads a number of units down Horseshoe Curve, 5/86

It appears that SD50s were briefly used in helper service on the Pittsburgh Line in the spring of 1986. Here a pair lend their braking assistance to TV2 as it descends down Horseshoe Curve.

CR 6782 at Duncannon, PA in 1998

Conrail SD50 6782 is seen leading a UFY998 coal train eastbound at Duncannon, PA on 10/15/1998

CR 6782 in Becket, MA. on 4/4/92.

SD50 6782 on TV6 east of MP 130 in Becket, MA. on April 4, 1992.

CR 6782 in Hinsdale, MA. on 7/9/93.

SD50 6782 leads TV-13 along the north shore of Muddy Pond exiting Washington and entering Hinsdale, MA at 06:16 on July 9, 1993.

CR 6782 on RR-282 at Altoona, PA 3/5/99

CR 6782 & 3282 are seen on RR-282 at Altoona, PA at 3/5/99.

CR 6783 in Chester, MA. on 7/25/92. (1)

SD50 6783 leads RESE through the cut at the "art colony", mile 128.45, at 07:26 on the morning of July 25, 1992.

CR 6783 in Chester, MA. on 7/25/92. (2)

The 6783 enters Middlefield as he crosses the Westfield River at the "art colony" on July 25, 1992.

CR 6784 at Bennington Curve

Conrail SD50s 6784 and 6750 are seen leading a westbound empty PPLX coal train around Bennington Curve in 1986.

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