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Conrail had 135 "fightin fifties" numbered 6700 through 6834 and built from 1983 through 1986. Conrail's fleet of SD50s (the second largest in the country) was delivered with a number of variations from "stock" EMD units.

Conrail's first three orders (delivered in 1983, 84 and 85) all came equipped with EMD's older Flexicoil truck instead ot the standard, at the time, HTC-II truck. This was because of Conrail's irroneously blaming the HTC truck for a number of derailments involving AMTRAK units. It turned out not to be the fault of the truck, and the last order that arrived in 1986 was delivered with the standard EMD trucks.

The second two orders (6779-6834) were also delivered with a large 4500gal fuel tank, as opposed to the 4000gal tank on the previous two orders.

For a more indepth analysis of the Conrail SD50, visit the CRCYC.

CR 6733 at Cumberland MD 8/17/97

A clean CR 6733 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland MD on 8/17/97. Unit was being used in the Cumberland helper pool.

CR 6733 with MOPI at Fairless, PA 8/1998

SD50 6733 has just made the last double down at the mill and will soon be pulling up the US Steel Lead back to the yard for more doubles.. MOPI regularly left Morrisville between 5-7pm and had over 125 cars..

CR 6734 in Middlefield, MA. on 4/28/84.

Trio of SD50's, led by the 6734, brings NHSE through the horseshoe between MP 128 and 129. Note the dragger on track 2 with the indicator light mast.

CR 6734 SD50 Columbus 08-91

A northbound train on Conrail's West Virginia Secondary crosses the ex PRR and the C&O at Scioto tower in downtown Columbus, Ohio in August of 1991. The tower has been torn down.

CR 6735 and RR-262 in Marysville PA, 3/99

Pittsburgh Line - Marysville, Pennsylvania, USA
January 03, 1999
C40-8W 6241 on RR262
The Roadrailer rolls onto the Rockville Bridge eastbound, passing a westbound work train during Conrail's final year. It was quite enjoyable to photograph colorful locomotives. Sigh...

CR 6735 at Ashtabula, Ohio 11/27/96

Conrail 6735 leads Westbound SEEL-6 on track 2 at MP125 on Conrail's Chicago Line, Ashtabula, OH.

CR 6736 in Hinsdale, MA. on 6/16/84.

The other set of SD50's, with the 6736 in the lead, has an SEBO6B in hand passing through Hinsdale, MA. at 14:59 on June 16, 1984.

CR 6736 leads an eastbound unit coal train at Tunnel, PA on Oct. 13, 1989

A eastbound Conrail unit coal train passes a signal at Tunnel, PA on Oct. 13, 1989, led by SD50 No. 6736.

CR 6737 at Ashtabula, Ohio

Conrail 6737 & 6485 power Westbound TV-201 @ the CP127.9 signals on Track 1

CR 6737 at Dalton, NY. on 5/7/93.

CR 6737 leads BUPJ at "Rosses", Newville Rd., just east of Dalton, NY.

CR 6737 leads SEBR-1 at Waterloo, IN

Conrail SEBR-1 with 6737 on the point at Waterloo, IN on May 31, 1996. SEBR was an experiment to see if the train got to Chicago faster by avoiding Elkhart yard. It didn't work out and was resymbolled SEEL again a few months later.

CR 6738 on INST Galatea, OH

INST-3 on the Toledo Branch approaches the diamond with the CSX ex B&O mainline at Galatea, OH on April 13, 1996

CR 6739 in Becket, MA. on 5/27/84.

SD50 6739 leads BAL-775 approaching MP 130 in Becket, MA. on May 27, 1984. For several months around this time period, ConRail assigned six SD50's to the B&A. The consecutively-numbered units (6734-6739) were usually run as 2 three-unit sets. The 6739 leads one of the sets here.

CR 6739 in Hinsdale, MA. on 6/16/84.

Led by the 6739, one of the two sets of SD50's assigned to the B&A tops the grade with an SEBO6X at 14:24 by MP 142 in Hinsdale, MA. on June 16, 1984.

CR 6740 & 6778 at Cumberland MD 9/1/97

CR 6740 & 6778 are seen on CSX rails at Cumberland MD on 9/1/97.

CR 6740 at Becket, MA. on 7/16/88.

TV-9 grinding upgrade past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 16, 1988.

CR 6740 at Cresson, PA in 1993

Conrail SD50 6740 is seen leading a westbound empty coal train at Cresson, PA in 1993.

CR 6740 at Cumberland MD 9/1/97

CR 6740 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland MD on 9/1/97.

CR 6740 Hudson 06-84

A clean SD50 pair leads westbound at Hudson, Ohio in June 1984. A Jordan spreader rests on the Carr Bros track and a local with a black GP38 is off in the distance on the eastward siding. That's the east leg of the wye to the Akron Branch curving off to the right.

CR 6740 leads COIN-7 at Union City, OH

COIN-7 with the 6740 in the lead at Union City, OH on May 27, 1999

CR 6740 leads SENS at Iona Island, NY 3/6/94

SENS6 rumbles through Iona Island with two SD50's leading an NS U23B and GP38AC.


MP41 CR River Line 

CR 6740 on XSH-02C at Altoona, PA 1/26/99

CR 6740 is seen trailing on XSH-02C at Altoona, PA on 1/26/99.

CR 6742

CR 6742 at New Haven, IN back in February 1998

CR 6742 1992

SD50 6742 leads an eastbound freight through the Mohawk Valley in 1992

CR 6742 leads ALSR at Longswamp, PA 1/26/93

6742, NS 3980, and NS 1628 lead ALSR6 through Longswamp, PA on January 26th, 1993. This train became NS 155 at Hagerstown, MD.

MP22.5 CR Reading Line

CR 6743 on OIBU-4 at East Alden, NY

OIBU-4 with SD50s 6712 and 6743 screams past E. Alden, NY. 3/1998

CR 6745 near Horseshoe Curve

Conrail SD50 6745 is seen leading a westbound freight just east of Horseshoe Curve in 1986. Even though she is nearly brand-new, there are already some battle scars visible on the 6745's plow.

CR 6745 west TV203K arrive Dewitt 03181995

TV 203K pulls past the Amtrak station as it arrives at Dewitt with 85 stack platforms. It will pick up 21 more here before heading west. CR 6745 and 5579 are doing the honors today.

CR 6745 west TV203K depart Dewitt 03181995

Having now made his pick up, TV 203K once again rolls past the Amtrak station as he heads out toward CP 285 and the Chicago Line with 106 platforms.

CR 6746 at DAY Tower West Fairview, PA 1986

Conrail SD50 6746 is seen heading north into Enola Yard past DAY tower in 1986.

CR 6747 Leads an Empty Coal Train at Rockville, PA, 3/86

Heading west past Rockville Tower, SD50 6747 heads onto Rockville Bridge.

CR 6748 east stone Reading 08061985

CR 6748 leads a sister on a stone train at Reading.

CR 6749 at Chester, MA. on 10/10/98. (1)

TV-6 rolls past the old coaling tower and helper station behind a mixed bag of power at Chester, MA. on Oct. 10, 1998.

CR 6749 on CSX at Cumberland, MD 7/1/98

CR 6749 is seen on CSX at Cumberland, MD on 7/1/98.

CR 6751 Cameron, NY 8/31/1986

BUOI at the wide spot on the East side of Cameron.

CR 6751 Potsdam, NY 5/8/1988

SEMC crosses the Raquette River in Potsdam, NY.

CR 6752 in Hinsdale, MA. on 4/29/92. (3)

With the top of the grade a mile in the rear, the 6752 and it's smoky cohort of 6 axle GE's get a roll on passing MP 141 in Hinsdale, MA.

CR 6752 SD50 May 1986

A clean SD50 pauses between moves at Youngstown,Ohio on May 10th, 1986.

CR 6752 Youngstown 05-86

Northbound PIBU is passing through Center St Junction as it departs Haselton yard in Youngstown.

CR 6757 - SD50 at Rutherford, PA

CR 6757 and another SD50 are in charge of a coal train at Rutherford, PA on 12/20/1985.

CR 6757 at Ashtabula, Ohio 2/1/98

CR #6757 leads Southbound CR BUPI-1 @ W. 32nd st crossing on the Buffalo/Pittsburgh connecting track Trk #4 about to enter onto the Youngstown Line. Eastbound Conrail TOMT-1 passes by in the background on Conrail’s Chicago line on Track number two. Ashtabula, Ohio.

CR 6759 8/19/91

CR 6759 heading west out of the Black Rock tunnel on the Harrisburg line

CR 6760 at Adrian, NY. on 5/5/93.

DABU on the defect detectors at Catatunk Rd. in Adrian, NY.

CR 6760 at Cassandra, PA in 1998

Conrail SD50 6760 is seen leading an eastbound TV train at Cassandra, PA in 1998

CR 6761 in Washington, MA. on 9/5/92.

CR 6761 motors through Ballou's in Washington, MA. on Sept. 5, 1992 with RESE.

CR 6761 on OICA at West Trenton NJ, 9-96

Conrail SD50 6761 is seen bringing OICA south on the Trenton Line in 9/1996

CR 6761 on OICA in Pavonia Yard, Camden NJ

Conrail SD50 6761 is seen bringing train OICA south into Pavonia Yard in 9/1996

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