Conrail had 135 "fightin fifties" numbered 6700 through 6834 and built from 1983 through 1986. Conrail's fleet of SD50s (the second largest in the country) was delivered with a number of variations from "stock" EMD units.

Conrail's first three orders (delivered in 1983, 84 and 85) all came equipped with EMD's older Flexicoil truck instead ot the standard, at the time, HTC-II truck. This was because of Conrail's irroneously blaming the HTC truck for a number of derailments involving AMTRAK units. It turned out not to be the fault of the truck, and the last order that arrived in 1986 was delivered with the standard EMD trucks.

The second two orders (6779-6834) were also delivered with a large 4500gal fuel tank, as opposed to the 4000gal tank on the previous two orders.

For a more indepth analysis of the Conrail SD50, visit the CRCYC.

ML482 begins the parade at 08:44, as SD50 6779 and friends cross Lower Valley Rd. approaching MP 135.
Anndd..here's that TV6W mentioned in the previous photo. You might know the Berkshire dispatcher WOULD run a bunch of trains through here with the lousy light!
CR 6750 and another SF unit lead SEBO beneath the Bullard's Crossing truss and over the summit of Washington hill in Hinsdale, MA. at 09:37.
BUOI-2 with SD50's 6760 and 6758 east on one @ the Hillburn X-overs Hillburn, NY
CGAL-2 drifts down track 1 @ Lehighton, Pa to meet ALCG-3
TV26 Eastbound on the single iron @ Sloatsburg, NY
SEAL-9 is almost ready to depart the north departure yard Selkirk, NY
TV 202 with a typically long 175 platforms of APL stacks rolls past the semaphore at west Endicott as it approaches the NY 17C overpass. It about 15 minutes, it will change crews at Binghamton, and be on its way down the ex Erie Delaware Division. The APL trains were often quite long, especially the westbounds, which on many occasions pushed 11,000 feet.
BUOI-8 is doing it's best to stay ahead of a Hoboken bound Metro-North train out of Port Jervis, NY
BUOI-5's power reverses direction back to it's train @ Suffern, NY
Conrail 6032 and 6775 are at Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Ohio yard.
A trio of Conrail power including C40-8W 6054 and SD50 6773 ease a freight down the mountain around Horseshoe Curve in 1990.
UNL15B, an empty train from NYSEG's plant at Ludlowville, has come off the Ithaca Branch, and is now headed for Gang Mills and a new crew. The train will eventually wind up on the Monongahela to reload. View is from the NY 427 overpass at Chemung.
CR 6111 leads a pair of SD 50's on ML 401 on a gloomy first day of winter. I'm standing on the empty right of way of the old LV Auburn Branch, abandoned at CR start up.
Some of the locks on the NY State Barge Canal were good places to see the action on the Water Level Route. One of the best is Lock 10 at Cranesville. Here we see an eastbound with a two units leading 118 cars on the opposite shore. Up til the start of Conrail, it was possible to run a train from Albany to Utica on either side of the Mohawk River. By this time, there were only a few short segments of the old West Shore remaining between those two places.
SV 20 rolls 76 platforms toward a medium clear at CP COLES, where it will come off track 2 and onto single track as it departs the Binghamton area. It will be on single track to CP SR, near Oakland PA, where the line goes back to double track for the climb across Starrucca Viaduct and over Gulf Summit.
SV 20 blasts through west Endicott with 76 stack platforms, 15 minutes from a crew change at Binghamton.
The first CR 6248, an SD 40, partnered with a somewhat newer SD 50, roll 79 cars worth of ML 401 west at Miller Beach Rd in Owego.
TV301 heads for the east portal of Otisville tunnel at Otisville, NY. on March 5, 1988.
I was driving west on NY 17, when I came around a curve near Corning, where the tracks and road are side by side, and saw a headlight coming toward me. I quickly found a spot that wasn't too badly blocked by trees, and pulled off to get this shot of an eastbound coal train.
Two EMD's and a GE roll 78 cars of ML 401 past one of Erie's classic semaphores between Barton and Waverly. It was near this point that the former LV Auburn Branch crossed under the Erie to reach Sayre.
From the cab of SD40-2 6510 we see CR SD40-2 6429 and SD50s 6796 and 6707. This quartet of EMD standard cabs is shoving coal loads in the Philadelphia Electric Company's power plant, seen in the background.
Is this Conrail's experimental passenger service on the ex-Erie mainline in 1990? Actually it is OIBU led by SD40-2 6520 and SD50 6732 heading west through Port Jervis NY with a string of NY City subway cars on flat cars, most likely heading for Hornell for work.
A rainy day finds OIBU-3 streaking through Cameron Mills, NY in May 1994. CR C30-7A 6569, SD50s 6798, CSX 7765, and CSX 7517 add a little more color to an otherwise dull day.
Extra CR 6638 South.... C30-7a 6638 and SD50 6768 power a Somerset Railway MTY south on the Monongahela Railroad @ Besco, Pa 2/18/90
CR 6700 & 6701 are seen at Lancaster PA on 1/31/98.
CR 6700, Conrail's first SD50, idles at Rutherford, PA on 1/12/1985.
CR 6700 is seen at Lancaster PA on 1/31/98.
CR 6701 & 6700 are seen at Lancaster PA on 1/31/98.
CR 6701 is seen at Lancaster PA on 1/31/98.
CR 6701 is seen along with other yard power at Dillerville Yard in Lancaster PA on 12/12/97.
CR 6701 is seen in fresh paint at Lancaster PA on 12/12/97.
ELBU-0 with Conrail 6702 and ATSF 518 on the point at Waterloo, IN on April 10, 1996.
Two Conrail powered trains wait for the crews to take them south to the mines for loading.
CR 6703 & 6791 are seen on OIPI at Lilly, PA on 6/15/96.
SPL275, a test train with a dedicated consist, made a number of trips over the Boston Line back in 1985 to test dynamic braking. This was one of the trips, seen at Middlefield, MA. on Sept. 25, 1985.
SPL275 going away showing test car 20 at Middlefield, MA.
CR 6703 with test train in Huntington, MA. on Oct.6,1985.
SPL275 wheels around the curve outside Huntington, MA. on Oct. 6, 1985.
The trains that ran the Lehigh Line had several incarnations over the years. Variously, they were ALCG/CGAL, which was the symbol most commonly used. As traffic levels ebbed and flowed, service was tweaked, the end points were adjusted, with OICG/CGOI and ALBU/BUAL being used. We see the latter here arriving at Gang Mills with 69 cars. He'll work here, and leave after a crew change for Allentown, via Sayre and the Lehigh Gorge.
CR 6703 is seen on OIPI at Lilly, PA at 6/15/96.
CR 6704 and CR 6550 are seen at Rutherford, PA on 2/4/1984.
One of the "Perks" of being a scale inspector is that we got to go to different places. Feburary 1993 I had to transport the scale departments Miter rail Saw to Altoona. Not one to miss an opertunity to visit the Curve, we made our way up there after an ice storm. My 4 wheel drive Jeep gave us no trouble and we made it there in time for a few trains. ALPI-9 powered by a SD50, SD40 SD40-2 lash-up struggles with the grade with the GP9 standing as a silent sentinal....
A trio of EMD's led by 6706, with 6401 and 5538 assisting, lead TV 9 past CP 5 in Blasdell as they rush west.
Conrail SD50 6707 is seen leading a westbound freight through Valley Forge, PA on 2/7/93
A Westbound stack train gets recrewed at MP434.
Conrail SD50 6707 is seen leading a PGAL at Abrams Yard near King of Prussia, PA on 2/7/1993
Conrail painted a few locomotives in special schemes over the years, and a pair of them were eastbound on the Reading Line in 1992. SD50 6707 was painted with a giant yellow ribbon in support of the troops and 6726 was painted for an Olympic bike trial held in Altoona. Passing Wimpey Minerals at Millards near Annville, a one-of-a-kind consist brightened an otherwise dreary day. Don Kalkman photo with permission
The "We Support Our Troops" SD50 sits outside of the Philadelphia Electric Company's power plant after shoving 76 loads of coal in. Conrail painted this unit during Operation: Desert Storm in Iraq.

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