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Conrail inherited a fleet of 174 SD-45’s from the Reading 6100-6104 (5), the Erie Lackawanna 6066-6099 (34), and the Penn Central 6105-6239 (135). Built between December 1965 and December 1971, these 20-cylinder six-axle units produced 3,600hp using EMD’s 645E3 prime mover.

CR 6577 east BUOI W Cameron 03071994

BUOI gets underway from CP CAM after meeting TV 207X. The Cotton Belt SD 45 is dead in tow. View is from River Road, which at this point is across the river and a field from the tracks for about a mile. It will cross back over and stay on the opposite side of the railroad into Addison.

CR 6601 at Bancroft, MA. on 7/3/81. (2)

SD45 6220 shoving on N7D 21141 at the rear of BOEL at Bancroft, MA. on July 3, 1981.

CR 6606 Allentown, Pa 8-4-1979

ALRU-4 departs Allentown bound for Rutherford, Pa approaches E.Penn Jct., (CP Burn) Auburn Street Allentown, Pa

CR 6606 Allentown, PA 8/79

ALRU-4 departing Allentown, PA at Auburn Street E.Penn Jct. the location would later be known as CP-BURN.

CR 6669 SDP45 6097 SD45 Akron, OH 12-17-1975

Since today is the 4th, I'll toss this on the site. Both of these Erie Lackawanna RW&B units would become property of Conrail in a few months and get new numbers, 6669 and 6097, and run in this paint for a couple of years before dress blue was applied. The 3632/6097 survives today as the engine test bed at Altoona (ex CR Q1). In this photo 2nd NY100 cools it's wheels at JO in Akron for a Chessie to cross over in front of them. You can tell JO was a PC/Chessie controlled tower, as anyone in an EL tower that stopped this train would probably be unemployed after doing so!

CR 6684 leads southbound TV10 at Ridgefield Park, NJ, 12/83

Southbound CR TV-10 with SDP45 6684 and SD40-2 6460 at Ridgefield Park, NJ 12/30/1983

CR 6689 Port Murray, NJ 4/78

The "EASTON TURN" rolls west on the exDL&W "Old Road" at Port Murray, NJ.

CR 6722 Croxton (Secaucus), NJ 6-12-1977

628 6722 and SD45 6087 on the wash track at Croxton Fuel pad. The 6722 and 6087 with the 6087 leading would later power a HB-3 west

CR 7235 dead line Rutherford 08061985

A long line of dead units at the ex Reading Rutherford Yard. In the mid 80's this yard and Enola were chock full of retired units going to scrap, including a fair number of second generation engines. Note the SD 45's and U30C here, along with the GP 9, 30, and SW. In addition to the units listed, also here are 6945 and 6160, as well as two more SD 45's and a pair of what look like GP 9's.

CR 7892 Waverly, NY 5-26-1976

Three PC units power TV79, a train which two months prior (CX99) would have been pulled by EL power.

CR 8107 HorseShoe Curve 10/81

GP38-2 8107 leads a four unit helper set ahead of TV61's three unit road power.

CR 8121 Bogota, NJ 5-4-1976

No patch outs yet as VW-1 operates siding to main south at CP-7.

CR 8248 in Middlefield, MA. on 3/7/81. (2)

Pusher SD45 6152 tags along on the rear of the extra 8248 east crossing the Westfield River at the "art colony" on the Chester-Middlefield town line.

CR 8248 in Middlefield, MA. on 3/7/81. (3)

SD45 6152 shoving on the rear of the extra 8248 ay the "art colony" on March 7, 1981.

CR 8281 Perryville, MD 5-9-1981

PYSE-9 crossing the Susquehanna River @ Perryville, MD

DH 803 Hornell, NY 8/1977

D&H train Apollo-1 stops at Hornell for a crew change. The 803 was one of the 3 SD-45s that was swapped back from the EL for 3 U-33Cs before Conrails start.

Worth a chase on 10/17/81. (6)

If you hang around long enough, something else is bound to show up. About 1:45 after BOEL disappeared, SEPW comes along with another GP30, but this one is buried, second out, as usual. That SD45 has a number familiar to excursion fans of the late '60's, however it wasn't a diesel. I'm referring to CN 6218, a Canadian National Northern which visited the Central Vermont in 1966 and 1967.

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