EMD SD45-2

EMD produced over 100 of these monsters and CR was one of four railroads to roster them, 13 to be exact. Adopted from the Erie Lackawanna, these locomotives featured dual control stands, cab mounted air horns, low profile fans, and though not officially mentioned in Conrails' Locomotive Data books, some were cleared for operation in third rail territory. The railroad also defined the entire class as being equipped with snowplows on both ends with the exception of 6664. While at one point this may have been the case several photographs have proven this not entirely true.

Westbound tonnage behind SD45 6083 and SD45-2 6665 in Hinsdale center, MA. on March 14, 1981.
Extra 6083 west about to "take the plunge" down the west slope in Hinsdale center, MA. on March 14, 1981.
A Westbound with brown CR caboose 23120 is getting a shove up the mountain by pushers 6659 & 6341.
Conrail SD40 6285 (ex-CNJ 3061) is trailing SD45-2 6658 (ex-EL 3673) on an eastbound helper set at Horseshoe Curve in 1982.
CR 6288, sporting it's "United Way" decoration, leads a UXG train along with SD45-2 6665 through Altoona station on the evening of July 26, 1987.
Conrail SD40-2 6501 and SD45-2 6660 (ex-EL 3675) are seen helping a train up Horseshoe Curve back in February, 1983
A caboose hop heads west through Akron,Ohio on the former Erie Lackawanna main, destination Creston,Ohio and the N&W interchange there. The EL and N&W had interchanged ore trains there prior to Conrail, and this practice continued a couple of years after the merger. A pair of ex EL SD45-2's bracket a CN M636, and a former DL&W caboose brings up the markers. The 6654 survives today as Norfolk Southern 1700 and can usually be found in the New Jersey shared assets lines.
Conrail SD45-2 6654 is making up the first half of a helper set as is drifts downgrade just east of Horseshoe Curve in 1986.
CR SD35 6032 and SD45-2 6654 (ex-EL 3669) push a TV train up Horseshoe in March, 1978.
Former EL SD45-2 3669 (CR 6654), awaits service outside the Juniata locomotive shops in August, 1977. The first of EL's last 1972-purchase of power in series 3669-3681, shows the beginnings of removing EL roots. The EMD 3,600hp unit also is receiving service to her HT-C trucks.
Former EL 3669 is seen at Cresson, PA on 4/29/1984.
6654 on a helper set is on the head end of a van train, which is being overtaken by another train.
Conrail SD45-2 6654 (ex-EL 3669) is seen at the helper facility at Cresson, PA in the early 80s.
"Bathtub" 6654 leads SENH past Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. at 17:40 on Sept. 22, 1984.
CR SD-45-2's 6655(ex-EL 3670) and 6661(ex-EL 3676) help braking down the Curve in July, 1978.

An SD40 and SD45-2 helper set are lending some breaking help to a train at the PA Rt 53 overpass just outside of Cresson PA.

Former EL 3670 is seen at Cresson, PA on 7/1/1988.
Former EL 3670 and CR 6656 make up this helper set pictured here at Johnstown, PA on 7/21/1985.
Former EL 3670 is seen at Johnstown, PA on 7/21/1985.
Conrail SD45-2 6655 is seen helping a westbound TV train as it approaches Horseshoe Curve in 1986.
Former EL 3670 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 12/30/1984.
Four of the ex EL SD45-2's take a break in South Fork yard in October 1996. This unit survives today as NS 1701.

CR Horseshoe Curve - Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
July 27, 1987
SD45-2s 6656 & 6666
A pair of former EL 20 cylinder monsters are in full dynamics as they ease a down-bound manifest around the Curve in one of the first Kodachromes I ever exposed, back when I was a scrawny high school punk.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

Former EL 3671 is seen at Cresson, PA on 11/20/1983.
Former EL 3671 is seen at Johnstown, PA on 7/21/1985.
A pair of helpers return light to Altoona.
Two helper sets of SD45-2's are seen at ALTO tower in Altoona, PA on 10/5/1985.
Conrail SD45-2 6656 (ex-EL 3671) is seen helping an eastbound freight down Bennington Curve in 1983.
CR SD45-2 6656 mis-labeled as an SDP45. According to the Kalmbach Diesel Rosters booklet, several SDP45's were also classed as either SD45's or SD45-2's.
CR SD-45-2 6656 (ex-EL 3671) pulls into Conway late in the day in August, 1977 leading CN GP-38 5581 and ex-RDG GP-35 3625.
A set of four "Bathtubs", the power for an NHSE4Y, head east along Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. returning to the second half of their train down near MP 129 on Aug. 5, 1984. Although symboled as an NHSE, it's a ballast train which, hard to believe, these big brutes had difficulty with, stalling at MP 129, so they are doubling the hill.
NHSE4Y's power set continues eastward toward the signal bridge at MP 138 in Washington, MA. on Aug. 5, 1984.
NHSE4Y has just arrived at the Hinsdale crossovers after dropping the second half of his train on track 1. The first half sits, at left, on track 2, which he had brought up earlier.
NHSE4Y backing through the crossovers to get the first half of his train. At this point in time, before the conversion of the B&A to single track and rule261/CSS, the crossovers at Hinsdale were hand throws and required a temporary block operator on duty to line switches and hand up orders to trains "running against the flow" whenever one track or another was out of service on either side of the hill, as is the case this day. Track 1 is "OOS" from here to North adams Jct. account of repairs at CP 148 due to a wreck.
NHSE4Y pulling the first half of his train off of track 2 to double back onto the second half sitting on track 1.
Once Amtrak 448 is out of the way, NHSE4Y crosses over to track 2 to continue his trip at the Hinsdale crossovers on Aug. 5, 1984.

A lone SD45-2, still in EL paint, helps a freight up hill.

Single helper units weren't the rule, but were occasionally used.

Former EL 3672 showing some of its Erie Lackawanna heritage at "ALTO" in Altoona, PA in July 1982.
Former EL 3672 is seen at Cresson, PA on 5/31/1987.
Former EL 3672 is seen at Cresson, PA on 7/1/1988.
Former EL 3672 is seen passing under the flyover at Cresson, PA on 7/21/1985.
A helper set waits in Altoona for its next assignment.
"Bathtub" 6657 leads a TV8BX through Bancroft, MA. on May 27, 1984.
Conrail SD45-2 6657 is seen shoving on the rear of a westbound auto parts train in 1986. For some reason, this train was operating with a caboose.
CR SD45-2 6657 (ex-EL 3672) waits for assignment at Conway yard in August, 1977.
A TV8BX rolls through Bancroft, MA. on May 27, 1984 behind an eclectic lash-up featuring a pair of "bathtubs" and an SDP-45. Don'cha just love that matching sky...ConRail blue and white!
SD45-2 6657 leads SEBO-B past the hot box detectors near MP 123 in Chester, MA. on June 30, 1984. This is the present site of CP 123, with double track extending westward to CP 150 in Pittsfield and single track eastward to CP 109 in Westfield. The hot box detectors were removed at the time of the conversion to single track.
6663, 6654, and 6657 push on the rear of OIPI as they depart Altoona. CP-Slope MP237.2 CR Pittsburgh Line
Former EL 3673 is seen at Altoona, PA on 10/5/1985.

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