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Conrail inherited its 118 SD40s from Penn Central and the CNJ. These 3000hp units were powerful and reliable, and without a doubt led to Conrail's eventual purchase of its fleet of the upgraded SD40-2. All of Conrail's SD40s were retired, sold or rebuilt into SD40-2Rs by 1994.

CR 6398 leads DIIN at Hobson OH. January 21, 1989.

It's 9:40 am on a very cold Saturday morning back on January 21, 1989. Northbound DIIN-1 coming into Hobson, Ohio for a quick change of crew, soon the Hobson-Buckeye crew will take this freight on to Columbus. In the background are the smoke stack and water cooling towers for the Gavin Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio.

CR 6406 & 6257 are W/B on the PITL at MP 116 in Cove, PA 12/84.

SD40-2-6406 & SD40-6257 are W/B on the PITL at MP 116. 1:30PM on 12-1-84 in Cove, PA.

CR 6437 Morrisville, PA 6-11-1979

CR SD-40-2 6437 leads SD-40 6243 in a quartet of CR power hustling a TV train through Morrisville in June, 1979.

CR 6448 at Cheaster, MA. in 10/1978.

Looks like the 6448 is fresh out of the paint booth as it leads the 6301 et.al. with a westbound at Chester, MA. in October, 1978.

CR 6451 Selkirk, NY 3/93

"Baby" its FREAKIN' Cold outside as UOR-24 waits for a new crew in back of the Albany Division Offices 3/2/93

CR 6506 in Washington, MA. on 7/23/83. (2)

SD40 6256 and GP40-2 3312 trailing on TV9 at Ballou's in Washington, MA. on July 23, 1983.

CR 6659 and CR 6288 Help a Westbound on the Pittsburgh Line, 7/82

A mis-matched pair of EMD 6 axle units (an SD45-2 and an SD40) help a westbound train over the mountain on the Pittsburgh Line.

CR 6706 HorseShoe Curve 2/93

One of the "Perks" of being a scale inspector is that we got to go to different places. Feburary 1993 I had to transport the scale departments Miter rail Saw to Altoona. Not one to miss an opertunity to visit the Curve, we made our way up there after an ice storm. My 4 wheel drive Jeep gave us no trouble and we made it there in time for a few trains. ALPI-9 powered by a SD50, SD40 SD40-2 lash-up struggles with the grade with the GP9 standing as a silent sentinal....

CR 6794 in Becket, MA. on 3/19/92. (1)

SD50 6794 leads RESE out of the east cut at the "new location" in Becket, MA. on March 19, 1992.

CR 6794 in Becket, MA. on 3/19/92. (2)

C30-7A 6565 along with former "Savings Bond" unit, SD40 6300, trails in RESE at the "new location" in Becket, MA. on March 19, 1992.

CR 6799 at Middlefield, MA. on 10/3/92.

SD50 6799 leads NESE up the hill west of MP 130 in Middlefield, MA. on Oct. 3, 1992.

CR 6807 in Chester, MA. on 9/5/92. (2)

SD40 6243 has the trail in SEPW at Chester, MA. on Sept. 5, 1992.

CR 6960 east SV 20 Endicott 09201994

I got 'em all on this train!! SV 20 rolls toward the NY 17C overpass in west Endicott behind all three variants of SD 40 then extant on the railroad. The leader is an SD40R, followed by an SD40-2, then a straight SD 40 of CNJ heritage. They are leading 127 mostly APL stack platforms, followed by 10 COFC.

CR 6980 east BUBI SOO 768 Waverly 06151995

After Conrail single tracked the Tier west of Waverly, that town became a frequent meet point. This afternoon is a case in point. We see eastbound BUBI, a short turn out of Frontier with Binghamton cars, meeting CP 557, behind SOO 768/CP 1837, the trailing unit an RS18u. He got stabbed badly here, having to wait for, in order, CP 252, at that time a stack train that ran from Buffalo to Binghamton, then getting an NYSW crew for the trip to Little Ferry; then ML 440, 78 auto racks behind CR 6709/NS 8802/CR 5556; and this 24 car train we see here. The trailing unit on BUBI, out of sight, is CR 3269.

CR 803

CR 803, formerly CR 6246, is seen outside the Juniata Shops.

CR6308 Altoona 1990

A helper set of SD40s, 6308 and 6294, sit in Altoona waiting for the next assignment as other traffic moves through town.

EL 3319 Bogota, NJ 11-28-1976

NE-2 approaches CP-7 to run the siding from 7 to 13 meeting three southbounds.

Lane Closure Ahead on 3/27/82. (06)

With the SEBO out of the way, the SPSE7X will finally get his turn to proceed. Helper 6478 will aid in lifting the tonnage over the hill.

Lane Closure Ahead on 3/27/82. (10)

The 6279 leads SPSE7X past the old Middlefield station site in Bancroft, MA. at 13:48 on March 27, 1982.

OIIN-9 SD40-2 6403 Arden, NY

OIIN-9 approaches Arden, NY

PC 6253

Wrecked 6253 4-82 Enola, PA. Photo by John Decker

PYSE-8 SD40-2 6418 Tomkins Cove, NY

PYSE-8 northbound @ the Stoney Point HBD/DED Tomkins Cove, NY

Straight flush on 4/20/84. (1)

At 09:54, SD40 6355 leads C30-7's 6601 and 6604 on NHSE through Bancroft, MA. on April 20, 1984. The "opening hand" that will result in a "straight flush"...five consecutively numbered units of the "same suit".

Straight flush on 4/20/84. (2)

MMMM! smell that paint on the 6254, looks like it just left the paint booth....except they missed the horns...they're still in primer!

Straight flush on 4/20/84. (3)

At 12:03 in Chester, MA., we'll "fill our hand", as a consecutively numbered quartet of SD40's swings through as an eastbound light engine set...the 6351, 6352, 6353, and 6354, which with the 6355 seen earlier on NHSE completes our "straight flush".

Straight flush on 4/20/84. (4)

The quartet heading away past Chester depot.

Straight flush on 4/20/84. (5)

The quartet has picked up an SBSE (or SPSE,not sure) at West Springfield yard and is seen here heading west near MP 109 along Pochassic Rd. in Westfield, MA. at 14:27.

Straight flush on 4/20/84. (6)

SBSE's head end going away at MP 109 in Westfield, MA.

TV12 SD40 6341 Newport, Pa

TV12 with SD40 6341 approaches "PORT" Newport, Pa on track two.. Note: Track one is out of service and will later be removed

Worth a chase on 10/17/81. (2)

As BOEL's headend winds through the curve at Middlefield station/Bancroft, we get a look at Conrail's second lowest numbered SD40, the 6241 and sister 6310.

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