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Conrail inherited its 118 SD40s from Penn Central and the CNJ. These 3000hp units were powerful and reliable, and without a doubt led to Conrail's eventual purchase of its fleet of the upgraded SD40-2. All of Conrail's SD40s were retired, sold or rebuilt into SD40-2Rs by 1994.

Internal combustion units 6274 and 6068 are under the wire as they depart Harrisburg for points west. It's August 1978- Conrail is still running electric freight motors east of here.
Former PC 6275 is seen at Altoona, PA on 11/17/1984.
CR SDP-45 6680 (ex-EL 3649) and ex-PC SD-40 6277 pound the ground on track 2 at Horshoecurve in April, 1981.
CR SD45 6157, SDP45 6689 (ex-EL 3658), and SD40 6277 hard at work dragging containers up Horseshoe on May 22, 1977.
Coupled together, both of the Washington hill pushers make a light engine move eastward past the summit in Hinsdale, on July, 1, 1982. ConRail had two independantly operating pushers assigned to Washington Hill until the time this photo was taken. SD40/40-2's were the most common units assigned, but SD45's and various 6 axle GE's also did duty shoving the tonnage over the hill. When not actually working, the units could be found "lounging around" in Chester or Pittsfield.
Pusher 6278 going away into the sunset on the rear of BTO731 at Bancroft, MA. There's just something about backlight and hard-working locomotives.
SD40 6279 is seen shoving hard on the rear of a westbound hopper train at Bennington Curve back in 1981.
Conrail SD40 6279 & SD40-2 6513 are seen shoving a WB coal train at Bennington Curve in 1986.
CR SD40 6279, an ex-EL SD45-2, and a PC black SD40 wait for pusher duty at Cresson in March 1978.
Helpers shove a Westbound up the mountain in gloomy weather.
SD40 6280 heads up westbound tonnage near MP 127 in Chester, MA. on June 13, 1979.
CR 6281 leads a UBO33B at Hinsdale, MA. on March 5, 1993,
Former PC 6282 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 8/7/1983.
CR SD-40 6282 rests in short term storage with electrics EMDX 1976 and E-44 4412, and SD35 6021 at Harrisburg yard in May, 1977.
CR SD40 6284 (ex-PC 6284) is in charge of a westbound caboose hop coming off Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1979.
Former CNJ 3061/B&O 7482 is seen at Cresson, PA on 10/5/1985.
Former CNJ 3061/B&O 7482 is seen at Cresson, PA on 2/26/1984.
Conrail SD40 6285 (ex-CNJ 3061) is trailing SD45-2 6658 (ex-EL 3673) on an eastbound helper set at Horseshoe Curve in 1982.
Conrail SD40 6285 is trailing on a westbound auto parts train as it approaches Horseshoe Curve in 1986.
Conrail SD40 6286 is seen shoving on the rear of a westbound freight from the park at Horseshoe Curve in 1986.
Former CNJ 3063/BO 7484 is seen at Cresson, PA on 2/26/1984. This unit would later be rebuilt as SD40-2R CR 6996, becoming NS 3445.
Conrail SD40 6287 is seen shoving a westbound empty PPLX coal train around Bennington Curve in 1986.
ELPI crosses the Beaver River.
It takes a lot of horsepower to lift a train up or help a train down over HorseShoe.. Three SD40's lend thier dynamic brakes to keep an eastbound coal train in check.
CR 6288, sporting it's "United Way" decoration, leads a UXG train along with SD45-2 6665 through Altoona station on the evening of July 26, 1987.
CR 6288 leading a UXG train through Altoona station on July 26, 1987.
Former CNJ 3064/B&O 7485, one of the "United Way" units, is seen at Johnstown, PA on 3/7/1987.
Conrail triple hopper 491159 is seen trailing behind SD40 6288 (ex-CNJ 3064) on an eastbound coal drag at Bennington Curve in 1983.

A ground shaking rumble in Harrisburg revealed 10 CR units pulling freight on a dark July, 1977 day! Here, the last four units, led by CR SD-40 6288 (ex-CNJ 3064), pound by.

The entire consist included leading unit CR SD-45 6163 followed by SD-35 6009, an unidentified third unit, GP-38-2 8090, PC U25B 2636, GP-38-2 8124, SD-40 6288, SDP-45 6696, GP-38 7806, and trailing SDP-45 6697.


The United Way SD40 (although the special paint isn't visible in this shot) lead the ALPI from Allentown to Pittsburgh around Bennington Curve.

Conrail changed the power used for helpers over Horseshoe over the years. At the time I shot this, SD 40 types were common. Later, I'd see ex EL SD45-2's, which were always a treat. Aside from the SD 40's, we also have a caboose in the mix, as well as some colorful freight cars being pushed over the mountain.
Former CNJ 3065/B&O 7486 is seen with CR 6287 at Cresson, PA on 1/12/1986.
Former CNJ 3065/B&O 7486 is seen at Cresson, PA on 1/12/1986.
CR SD-40 6289, ex-CNJ 3065, rolls through Enola in May, 1978. With permission.
Former CNJ 3066/B&O 7487 is seen at Cresson, PA on 12/2/1984.
CR C424 2492, ex-RDG 5203, sits alongside CR SD40 6290, ex-CNJ 3066, outside the Juniata shops in March, 1978.
Conrail SD40 6290 is seen shoving on the rear of a westbound empty coal train at Bennington Curve in 1986.
Conrail SD40 6290 is seen crossing over at MO interlocking in Cresson, PA in 1986.

An SD40 helper lends its dynamic brakes to the effort to slow a descending coal train around horseshoe curve. Check out the great mix of hoppers in there, two EL styles and a PC car.

A pair of SD40 locomotives, one looks like it is 6291, smoke it up as they push on the tail of a westbound freight around Horseshoe Curve in 1990
Former CNJ 3067/B&O 7488 is seen at Altoona, PA on 11/17/1985.
Conrail SD40 6291 is seen shoving an empty westbound coal train around Horseshoe Curve in 1986.
A pair of ex CNJ SD-40's have tied on to a westbound in Latrobe, Pa and will shove all the way to Box 4 in Pittsburgh. The 6291 was CNJ 3067, the only large road unit to receive the CNJ modern "Coast Guard" red and white scheme, now under a coat of dress blue. The 6289 was former CNJ 3065. Both units trace back to the B&O as the original owner.
As if to prove a point about the SD 40's durability, Conrail was still using the power in the previous photo, taken at Horseshoe Curve in 1984, in 1994. You'd think the Curve and helper duty was the last gasp of power on the way out, seeing as it was staying close to home, so dealing with any road failure issues would not require a long ride to a shop. Not so, as this unit has migrated from helper duty to priority service, seen here leading 78 cars of ML 421, along with newer sister 6504, at Bayview.
A closer look at a helper set seen earlier in a wider angle view, we see CR 6291/6288, along with ex New Haven caboose 23808, all rolling slowly west over the Alleghenies.
Former CNJ 3068/B&O 7489 seen resting at the engine facility in Cresson, PA on 7/4/1988.
Former CNJ 3068/B&O 7489 seen resting at the engine facility in Cresson, PA on 4/28/1985.
With helpers CR 6292 and CR 6288 on the head end, a EB coal train drops down grade through Bennington Curve in Gallitzin PA in the mid 1980s.
Conrail SD40 6292 (ex-CNJ 3068) is shoving an eastbound freight towards the summit through Cresson, PA in 1984.
Former PC/PRR 6040 is seen with CR 6465 at Rutherford, PA on 6/18/1983.

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