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Numbered 6358-6524, Conrail's SD40-2s were found system wide heading up trains of all varieties as well as working on helpers over the famous Horseshoe Curve on the Pittsburgh Line.

Conrail acquired its SD40-2 fleet new from EMD in 1977, 78 and 79.

Conrail's SD40-2s had a feature unique to the road, the substitution of EMD's older Flexicoil trucks in place of the newly developed (and mistakenly believed to be flawed) HTC trucks that were delivered to all other SD40-2 owners.

CR 6425 on TV-61 at Gallitzin, PA 6/15/96

CR 6425 is seen on TV-61 at Gallitzin, PA on 6/15/96.

CR 6425 on XCG-93W at Eddystone, PA

This pair of Conrail SD40-2s bask in afternoon sun outside of the Philadelphia Electric Company power plant. The pair has recently brought in a coal train and is awaiting empties to take back to the mines.

CR 6427 Allentown, Pa 11-1994

CR 6427 is on the point of ALNS at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 11/1994

CR 6427 in Chester, MA. on 11/15/97.

CR 6427 laying over in Chester, MA. with a cable laying train on Nov. 15, 1997.

CR 6427 in Chester, MA. on 8/22/92.

CR 6427 on the point of SERE coming into Chester, MA. on Aug. 22, 1992.

CR 6427 inside Enola Diesel

Conrail SD40-2 6427 is seen receiving some TLC inside the Enola Diesel Shop during a 1986 PRR T&HS tour of the facility.

CR 6427 Kent, OH 04-25-79

After taking a tour of the west end of the system, these dozen GG1's destined for the scrapper have arrived in Kent, Ohio for a crew change. They had left Wilmington without spacer cars, but someone in Crestline decided all that "dead weight" needed extra braking, so hoppers were added between each unit (never mind they had gone from Wilmington to Chicago and back to Crestline without them.....). After all was set in Crestline the train went east via Orrville and up to the former Erie Lackawanna in Akron, then east from there to the scrapper in Hubbard- more railroad than those old electrics had planned to see! The leader of this motley pack of junk survives today as CSX 8826. For additional info see : http://thecrhs.org/?q=conrailfacts/Conrail-misrouted-a-GG1-funeral-train-all-the-way-to-Chicago

CR 6428 Altoona PA May 1981

SD40-2 6428 eastbound passing Alto Tower. This was the sharpest the tower looked in decades...it was finally closed in 2012.

CR 6428 in Hinsdale, MA. in 7/1979.

The extra 6428 east stretched out across the Hinsdale flats and just past MP 139 approaches the summit of Washington hill. Headlight in the distance is the pusher which had just cut off after aiding the 6428 up the west slope from Pittsfield.

CR 6429 - SD40-2 at Altoona, PA

CR 6429 is seen on a helper set at Altoona, PA on 12/2/1984.

CR 6430 Altoona, PA 4-11-1981

With SD-40-2's at each end and ex-PC SD-40's in the middle, CR 6430 trails a quartet of helpers as they assist with braking a coal train down Horseshoe Curve in April, 1981.

CR 6430 Altoona, PA 4-11-1981

With SD-40-2's at each end and ex-PC SD-40's in the middle, CR 6430 trails a quartet of helpers as they assist with braking a coal train down Horseshoe Curve in April, 1981.

CR 6430 Altoona, PA 4-11-1981

With SD-40-2's at each end and ex-PC SD-40's in the middle, CR 6430 trails a quartet of helpers as they run light down Horseshoe Curve in April, 1981.

CR 6430 at the USX Clairton Works in 1999

Empty hoppers pass through Clairton, destined for the former MGA coalfields in SW Pennsylvania.

CR 6430 Guilderland Center, NY 2/94

TV-79 hustles westbound on the Selkirk Branch. The track separation here is caused by the use of one track of the Selkirk Branch and one track of the former New York West Shore & Buffalo on the right.

CR 6430 Harrisburg, PA 3/89

CR 6430 is the trailing unit on a westbound at Harrisburg, PA on 3/24/89.

CR 6430 Leads SEEN through Belt Line Jct in Reading, 2/87

A pair of SD40-2s and a GP38 lead SEEN (Selkirk - Enola) through Belt Line Junction in Reading PA.

CR 6431 - SD40-2 at Allentown, PA

CR 6431 is seen at Allentown, PA on 9/27/1987. This was one of the units designated with a white star below the cab for testing purposes.

CR 6431 in Washington, MA. on 9/5/92.

SD40-2 6431 leads another varied lash-up on westbound ballast train BAL345 at Ballou's in Washington, MA. on Sept. 5, 1992.

CR 6431 SD40-2 "star" test unit Conway 04-78

One of several SD40-2's to have a test unit "star" applied. Conway yard, April 1978.

CR 6432 at Becket, MA. on 7/1/82.

SD40-2 6432 shoves RESE past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 1, 1982

CR 6432 at Tyrone, PA

Conrail SD40-2 6432 is seen leading a westbound empty coal train at Tyrone, PA in 1992.

CR 6432 east ML 440 Endwell 08231995

ML 440 rolls past the pond behind a mix of power, today an SD40-2, C40-8W and SD60M. Nice looking set of engines. Too bad there wasn't a little more water in the pond for a good reflection shot. Today's effort is 16 COFC and 63 racks.

CR 6432 Heads West Through Lewistown, PA, 10/86

An SD40-2 heads west through Lewistown leading a GP38 and another unknown EMD. Lewistown was an important location on the old Pennsy Middle Division, sporting a rather substantial station, and continues to be an Amtrak stop to this day.

CR 6432 on SENH at Bancroft, MA. on 7/1/82.

Before SENH's rear end is out of the picture, westbound ballast train BTO731 enters the scene, crawling upgrade on track 1 at 19:03.

CR 6432 SD40-2 "star" test unit plus 2 Youngstown 06-85

Conrail 6432, 6603, and 6605, all wearing the small "star" test unit application, are about ready to take the Crab Creek Industrial connection and head north to Ashtabula via the ex NYC portion of the Youngstown Line with a loaded coal train. Off in the distance are 4 ex P&LE U28B's bound for the TTI in the Chessie yard.

CR 6432 SD40-2 "star" test unit Youngstown 06-85

One of several SD40-2's test units with the "star" applied.

CR 6432 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980

The trailing U33C 6875 (ex-EL 3307 and former CR 6570) smokes it up while a pair of 1977-built SD-40-2's (6439 and 6432) leads mixed freight through Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

Both 6439 and 6432, part of CR series 6431-6440, underwent an operational cost comparison program in 1977.  Participants of the program received a white star under their cab numbers.

CR 6432-6266 XEL-37, Linden Wye At CP River, Nisbet, PA 10/30/84

Fuel test unit (as noted by the star under the road number onside of cab) SD40-2 6432 and SD40 6266 pull 149 empty hoppers off the Antlers Industrial track thru CP River to head north to Clearfield, PA. Not seen in the shot are the two cabin cars at the rear.

CR 6433 Altoona, PA 8/4/1979

CR SD40-2 6433 and an SD45 pull a TV train up Horseshoe Curve in August, 1979.

CR 6433 and 3052 Gallitzin, PA 1981

Conrail SD40-2 6433 and GP40 3052 (ex-PC 3052, nee-NYC 3052) are pulling an eastbound mixed freight into Gallitzin, PA in 1981.

CR 6433 leads ALPI at Wyomissing, PA 3/10/91

ALPI0 traverses the interlocking at Wyomissing Jct. with 6 EMD's as power. CP-Wyomissing Jct. MP61.2 CR Harrisburg Line

CR 6433 Marysville PA Jun 1978

SD40-2 6433 westbound coming off Rockville Bridge

CR 6433-Cranford Jct 8/82

CR 6433, 6305 & 6417 are seen leading ENSE at Cranford Jct NJ in Aug of 1982.

CR 6434 at Bennington Curve in 1984

Conrail SD40-2 6434 is seen trailing on a westbound train of ancient Cambria and Indiana hoppers in 1984.

CR 6434 at Spruce Creek, PA in 1993

Conrail SD40-2 6434 is seen leading an eastbound freight out of the Spruce Creek tunnel in 1993.

CR 6434 Leads PIML Through Duncannon, 6/85

An SD40-2 leads eastbound PIML through Duncannon PA, back when the station was still owned by the railroad. Notice how this train includes a mix of general freight and intermodal traffic.

CR 6434 on 10/1/93

Conrail SD40-2 6434 leads an eastbound through the Berkshire Hills east of Bancroft on 1 October 1993.

CR 6434 on TV-9X at Bancroft, MA. on 2/19/83.

The first of four westbounds in one hour, TV-9X powers into Bancroft, MA. at 08:49 on Feb. 19, 1983 behind a sparse two-unit lash-up.

CR 6435 at Lock Haven, PA 10/1995

Running late on this particular day, passing the station at Lock Haven behind SD40-2 6435 and C40-8W 6072. 10/1995

CR 6436 at Petersburg, PA

Conrail SD40-2 6436 is seen leading a train at Petersburg, PA in 1984.

CR 6436 leads UCP112 at Douglassville, PA 3/10/91

Two SD40-2s lead an eastbound coal drag through Douglassville, PA, on the Harrisburg Line. This train is nearing its destination; the PECO power plant in Cromby, PA. Notice that the lead unit is one of the "starred" SD40-2s.

CR 6436 north Iona Island 06111985

A quartet of SD40-2's lead a TV train toward Selkirk before turning west to Chicago. Seen from the boat dock at Bear Mountain State Park.

CR 6436 Portageville, NY 2/3/1995

ML-401 is less than a mile from the Portage Bridge on a sunny Winter morning.

CR 6437 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

Freshly painted CR 6437 is seen on display during Railfest at Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

CR 6437 Conway, PA 10/14/1997

3 different CR paint schemes are at the Conway Engine terminal. 6437 in CR Quality, 6617 in the gray Ballast Express, and 735 in LMS.

CR 6437 Morrisville, PA 6-11-1979

CR SD-40-2 6437 leads SD-40 6243 in a quartet of CR power hustling a TV train through Morrisville in June, 1979.

CR 6438 Allentown PA 4/89

CR 6438 is the trailing unit on a westbound at CP BURN in Allentown, PA, on 4/8/89.

CR 6438 and NS 6155 Enola, PA 9/24/1989

Ten years before NS took over Enola, the Conrail - NS run through train from Roanoke enters its Enola destination.  CR 6438 SD-40-2 leads NS SD-40-2 6155.

CR 6438 at Horseshoe Curve

Conrail SD40-2 6438 is seen at Horseshoe Curve in 1982.

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