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Numbered 6358-6524, Conrail's SD40-2s were found system wide heading up trains of all varieties as well as working on helpers over the famous Horseshoe Curve on the Pittsburgh Line.

Conrail acquired its SD40-2 fleet new from EMD in 1977, 78 and 79.

Conrail's SD40-2s had a feature unique to the road, the substitution of EMD's older Flexicoil trucks in place of the newly developed (and mistakenly believed to be flawed) HTC trucks that were delivered to all other SD40-2 owners.

CR 6410 in Binghamton, NY. on 7/27/87.

The 6410 has OIBU in tow at "BD" interlocking in Binghamton, NY. on July 27, 1987.

CR 6410 in Pittsfield, MA. on 2/26/83.

CR 6410 arriving with BOEL at North Adams Jct. in Pittsfield, MA. at 10:53. If the clearances beneath the Junction Rd. overhead look a little tight, they were. ConRail eventually undercut the tracks here by a couple of feet a few years later along with raising a number of small overhead bridges by the same amount.

CR 6410 leads UFS-975 at Lilly, PA 3/5/99

CR 6410, 6405, 8081, and 6402 lead UFS-975 (PPLX hoppers) westbound through Lilly, PA on 3/5/99.

CR 6410 Lilly, PA 3/99

CR 6410 is on the point of UFS-975 PPLX hoppers westbound at Lilly, PA on 3/5/99.

CR 6410 on XSM-59E at Altoona, PA 6/8/97

CR 6410 is seen on XSM-59E at Altoona, PA at 6/8/97.

CR 6410-2718-7566 at MP 234 North of Montgomery, PA

A neat mix of power leads ENBU-1 northbound passing MP 234 on the Buffalo Line. SD40-2 6410 leads U23B 2718 and GP10 7566 on the Buffalo bound mixed freight. Conrail 6410 later became famous as CSX 8888, the unit that was involved in the runaway train drama thru Ohio on 5/15/2001.

CR 6411 at Ashtabula, OH on 10/22/96

CR 6411 and 7658 pull a string of empties at Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard.

CR 6411 at Bennington Curve

Conrail SD40-2 6411 is seen trailing on an eastbound TV train at Bennington Curve in 1983.

CR 6411 at Bennington Curve in 1984

Conrail SD40-2 6411 is seen leading a westbound freight around Bennington Curve in 1984. Don't miss the ex-PC Centerflow covered hopper third car back in the consist. If only we had a photo of that one...

CR 6411 east ML 440 Endicott 09061994

ML 440 rolls 63 racks east, about to pass under NY 17C at west Endicott.

CR 6411 SD40-2 at Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard

Conrail 6411 and 2030 rest between assignments at Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard

CR 6412 & 6398 shoving PMT-11 at Johnstown, PA 8/20/98

CR 6412 & 6398 are seen shoving loaded slab train PMT-11 west at Johnstown, PA on 8/20/98.

CR 6412 & LMS 708 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 6412 & LMS 708 are seen leading a WB at Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

CR 6412 at Cresson PA 2/8/98

CR 6412 is seen at Cresson PA on 2/8/98. The 6412 was one of the 6400 series SD40-2s commonly found in the helper pool.

CR 6412 at Cresson PA 7/30/97

CR 6412, 6368, 6425 & 5549 are seen on a WB at Cresson PA on 7/30/97. The 6412 was one of a few 6400 series SD40-2s that was used in the Altoona helper pool.

CR 6413 at Johnstown, PA 6/8/97

CR 6413 is seen at Johnstown, PA on 6/8/97.

CR 6414 SD40-2s at Conway PA 3-92

I snapped this while driving to school one morning, March of 1992

CR 6415 - SD40-2 at Cresson, PA

CR 6415 is seen at Cresson, PA on 7/21/1985.

CR 6415 Bethlehem, PA 11-25-1978

1977-built CR SD-40-2 6415 lined up with SD-40 6308 (ex-PC 6055) at the Bethlehem engine terminal in November, 1978.

CR 6415 in Washington, MA. on 1/4/94.

The 6415 leads BOSE out of the cut at Washington depot at 10:43 on Jan. 4, 1994.

CR 6416 Pitcairn, PA 8-20-1978

One year old CR SD-40-2 6416, U25B 2588 (ex-EL 2519), and GP38-2 8043 follow SD-45 6135 at Pitcairn, PA in August, 1978.

CR 6417 Allentown, PA 7-16-1978

CR SD40-2 6417 heads C30-7 6609* Test Unit through Allentown in July, 1978.

CR 6417 at Blue Island, IL

On a Sunday afternoon in August 1981, Conrail SD40-2 No. 6417 leads a westbound freight on the IHB at Blue Island, IL. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6417 at CP-Conpit

Conrail SD40-2 6417 is seen on a ballast cleaner at CP-Conpit in 1982. Seems like less-than-glamorous duty for a unit that is less than 5 years old at that point.

CR 6417 Bethlehem, PA 7-16-1978

CR C30-7 6609* Test Unit follows SD40-2 6417 through Bethlehem in July, 1978.

The 10 C30-7 3,000hp units were the first new six-axle power purchased by Conrail in 1977.

*Like 6609, many of the 10 C30-7's added a star and "Test Unit" under the model designation.

CR 6418 and CR 6507 Lead PIEN Through Duncannon, PA, 12/85

Two days after Christmas, two SD40-2s bring PIEN from Pittsburgh to Enola through Duncannon PA.

CR 6418 at CP-Slope

Conrail SD40-2 6418 is seen leading a westbound TV train through CP-Slope in Altoona in 1982.

CR 6418 Valley Forge, PA 2-15-1982

CR SD40-2 6418 (1977-built) leads former PC SD40 6252 in a quartet of power passing Valley Forge National park station on President's day, 1982.

CR 6418-Ridgefield Park NJ 3/78

CR 6418 & PC 2875 are seen leading a North Bergen Extra at Ridgefield Park in March of 1978.

CR 6419 - SD40-2 at Enola, PA

CR 6419 is seen at Enola, PA on 4/26/1987.

CR 6419 Altoona, PA 3-27-1978

CR SD40-2's 6419 and 6378 brake round the Curve as they head to Altoona in March, 1978.

CR 6419 Altoona, PA 3-27-1978

CR SD40-2's 6378 and 6419 brake round the Curve as they head to Altoona in March, 1978.

CR 6419 Olean, NY 5/27/1978

A pair of SD-40-2s bracket an older SD-40 on a Buffalo bound coal train that is approaching the tower and diamond with the ex EL.

CR 6420 & 6519, with GP40 3200 on The Tropicana Juice Train, OJT-6, at Bayview Tower on Chessie, 5/82

The Tropicana Juice Train, OJT-6, is getting under way on Chessie System rails at CS's BA Tower in Bay View Yard. But, it won't be going east on the Philly Sub. It will pull down to North Point and then back over the connection to the Northeast Corridor to continue its journey north. CR SD40-2s-6420 & 6519, with GP40-3200, are on the point. 2:45PM on 5/16/82 in East Baltimore, MD.

CR 6420 and 1969 Harrisburg, PA 10/87

CR 6420 and 1969 lite power roll under the Linglestown Road bridge north of the Harrisburg terminal on 10/31/87.

CR 6421 Leads CSX Z409 (Conrail SEPY) at Muirkirk MD, 2/93

The Chase MD wreck of 1987 changed Conrail's I95 corridor operations considerably, forcing most trains still using the Northeast Corridor to run at night and in limited windows. As a result, Conrail used trackage rights on CSX for through trains that used to run on the former PRR between Washington (Northern Virginia, really) and Philadelphia. Here CSX symbol Z409 with CR 6421/CR 6711/CR 6322/CSX 4261 pass the future site of the Muirkirk MARC station on 02/09/93.

CR 6422 at Washington, MA. on 7/2/94.

TV-9 working upgrade by Ballou's in Washington, MA at 08:30 on July 2, 1994.

CR 6422 Horseshoe Curve, PA 5/28/1978

A Westbound van train, since it is early morning it is probably TV-1.

CR 6423 Laurel Run PA May 1980

SD40-2 6423 heading ALBU downhill through Laurel Run Interlocking on the Lehigh Line. The power is on the LV Mountain Cutoff while the rest of the train is on the CNJ L&S Main; the connection was built in 1965.

CR 6423 leads a UMP coal train through West Baltimore

SD40-2s-6423, 6380, GP38-2-8154 & SD40-2-6373 are on the point of a S/B UMP (Unit Morgantown Power) coal train. They've just passed under Lafayette Street and are running on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor on track three. At Bowie, the train will make a left onto the Pope's Creek Secondary for the trip to MP. 11:42AM on 3/3/84 in West Baltimore, MD.

CR 6423 Safe Harbor, PA 2/86

Baltimore bound GRB-20 @ Safe Harbor, Pa

CR 6424 at Bancroft, MA. on 2/20/82.

SD40-2 6424 with SEBO-A in Bancroft, MA. on Feb. 20, 1982.

CR 6424 at Cumberland, MD

Conrail SD40-2 6424 is seen leading a coal train on CSX at Cumberland, MD in 1992.

CR 6424 at Hammond, IN

An eastbound Conrail freight rolls through Hammond on the Indiana Harbor Belt, behind SD40-2 No. 6424, in May 1982. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6424 at Hinsdale, MA. on 8/6/94. (1)

SV6, formerly known as TV6, through the center of Hinsdale, MA. on Aug. 6, 1994.

CR 6424 at Hinsdale, MA. on 8/6/94. (2)

SD40-2 6424 storms over the crest of the grade at MP 142 in the center of Hinsdale, MA. with SV6 on the morning of Aug. 6, 1994.

CR 6424 east North East 06161996

An eastbound seen at State Line has a home road unit, and one from the neighbors-the NS, whose ex Nickel Plate line is at left-and 40 cars. CR 6424 and NS 6672 lead just at sunset.

CR 6424 leads BUIN-8 in Conneaut, Ohio

Conrail BUIN-8 is Westbound near MP 115 on Trk #2 in Conneaut, Ohio [on Conrail's Chicago line].

CR 6424 Ridgefield Park, NJ 4-1997

CR 6424 is on the point of ALSE at CP-5 in Ridgefield Park, NJ 4/1997. Much has changed here. The River Line is now double tracked, the old NYC style signal and the twin telephone poles behind the locomotive are long gone. Worse yet. Standing where I took the picture will now get you a ticket from the CSX police who aggresively patrol the area.

CR 6425 in Windsor, CT. in 2/1979.

The 6425 et. al. head south with SENH on Amtrak's Springfield line at the Meadow Rd. crossing in Windsor, CT. in Feb., 1979.

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