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Numbered 6358-6524, Conrail's SD40-2s were found system wide heading up trains of all varieties as well as working on helpers over the famous Horseshoe Curve on the Pittsburgh Line.

Conrail acquired its SD40-2 fleet new from EMD in 1977, 78 and 79.

Conrail's SD40-2s had a feature unique to the road, the substitution of EMD's older Flexicoil trucks in place of the newly developed (and mistakenly believed to be flawed) HTC trucks that were delivered to all other SD40-2 owners.

Conrail SD40-2 6389 is seen trailing on an eastbound helper set at MO tower in Cresson in 1991.
CR 6389 is seen at Cresson, PA on 3/14/98.
CR SD45 6075 (ex-EL 3610) leads 1977-built SD40-2 6389 with a load of hoppers through Bethlehem in July, 1978.
CR SD45 6075 (ex-EL 3610) leads 1977-built SD40-2 6389 with a load of hoppers through Bethlehem in July, 1978.
A pair of almost new Conrail SD40-2's glide across the Rockville Bridge with a van train as some fishermen glide past in their boat.
CR 6390 & 6382 are seen shoving PIMO east at Lilly, PA on 5/15/98.
CR 6390 & 6387 are seen heading West at Cresson, PA on 11/24/98.
A four pack of SD40-2s that consists of CR 6390, 6373, 6359 & 6384 are seen at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.
Two helper sets that consist of CR 6390 & 6380 and CR 6366 & 6412 are seen at Cresson PA on 2/8/98.
CR 6390 is seen at Cresson PA on 2/8/98.
CR 6390 & 6370 are seen on the rear of a WB at Cresson PA on 7/30/97.
CR 6390 is seen at Cresson PA on 7/30/97.
CR 6391 is seen at Clearfield, PA on 3/31/1986.
Conrail SD40-2 6391 is leading a TV train through Johnstown, PA in 1983.
SD40-2 6391 leads a quartet of the 6 axle EMD's on a BWFxxx empty ballast train eastward at Depot Brook in Washington, MA. at 10:01 on July 23, 1983.
SD40-2's 6504 and 6485 in the BWF rolling over Depot Brook in Washington, MA. on July 23, 1983.
CR 6392 plus three more SD's, lead a intermodal train east at Bethlehem PA.
SD40-2s 6392, 6394, 6391 and 6395 wait for their next train to shove over Keating Summit. By this time, the NB coal trains were beginning to dry up and before long there were no helpers stationed here. Emporium, PA 1/1992
Fresh out of JBS, CR 6392 looks good. It would become CSX 8813.

Pennsylvania Power and Light was a dependable Conrail customer. Their coal fired power plants had an almost insatiable appetite for black diamonds, which Conrail was more than happy to help supply.

Here an SD40-2 leads a loaded train for one of the many PPL plants along the old Middle Division.

PIEN-3 with the 8244 and PIOI-3 with the 6394 are held at "BANKS" four days before my 35th birthday
SD40-2 6394 lends a hand on the rear of the extra 2289 west in Chester, MA. on Oct.17, 1980.
SD40-2 6394 is switching scale cars at Newberry Yard, probably to be used to test the weigh-in-motion scale at McElhattan on the Buffalo Line. Some cool old freight cars are also visible in this June, 1994 shot...like the yellow-ended MOW gon and MDT tankcars.
The 6395 shoves the extra 6348 up the east slope of Washington hill from Middlefield into Becket, MA. on May 30, 1981.
Relatively new SD40-2-6395 is up front with ex PRR/PC SD45-6138. I have no idea how I accessed this location. 2:15PM on 3/11/78 in Philadelphia, PA.
CR SDP-45 6683 (ex-EL 3652), SD-40-2 6396, and U33B 2872 roll a line of covered hoppers through Altoona in July, 1978.
CR 6397 & 6373 are seen at Altoona PA on 7/30/97.
Conrail SD40-2s 6397 and 6376 are seen waiting for their next helper assignment over the mountain in downtown Altoona, PA in 1998.
Heading south to Baltimore, MD's Consol Coal Terminal, UMP-2B has SD40-2 6397 and GP38-2 8049 for power today. Train will weight at the scales @ McElhattan, PA. Lock Haven, PA 9/91
CR 6397 is seen shoving UMP-91 at Cresson, PA on 6/15/96.
Conrail SD40-2 6397 is leading CR GP40 3220 (ex-PC 3220) and CR SD40-2 6388 on an eastbound mixed freight at Cresson, PA in 1981. The "bulges" on tracks 1 and 4 no longer exist, nor does the bridge the photographer is standing on.
CR 6398 & 6379 are seen at Altoona, PA on 6/8/97.
CR 6398 is seen at Cresson, PA on 5/11/1984.
CR SD40-2 6398 at JLS in Altoona, PA in October 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
CR 6398 is seen at Altoona, PA on 6/8/97.
CR 6398 is seen on the rear of PIMO-4 at Cresson, PA on 3/5/99.
CR 6398 and Southern 3211 power DNDA-3 south @ Iona Island, NY
CR 6398, 6379, 6054 & 5504 are seen on BAPI at Altoona PA on 7/30/97.
CR 6398 is seen on the rear of loaded slab train PMT-11 at Johnstown, PA 8/20/98.
Conrail SD40-2s 6399 and 6499 are seen helping an eastbound coal train down around Bennington Curve in 1983.
Conrail SD40-2 6399 is seen leading a westbound unit pipe train past JACKS tower in Jacks Narrows, PA in 1982.
Conrail SD40-2 6399 is seen on the rear of a coal drag's helper set at Bennington Curve in 1983.
CR 6399 is seen at Tyrone, PA on 6/7/97.
UFS-885 led by SD40-2s 6399 and 6406 plus GP38-2 8051 screams thru Westport, PA on it's way to Clearfield, PA for another load of coal..
CR 6400 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 9/24/1983.
SD40-2 6400 leads an assortment of power on TV9 near MP 130 in Becket, MA. on April 4, 1992.
The other side of the lite engine move throttling it up after clearing the speed restriction thru Lock Haven. 9/1991
CR 6401 - 6402 lead a UFS coal train on the Port Perry branch on a foggy morning.
CR 6402, 6401, 6405, 8071 & 8085 are seen on UFS-539 at Conemaugh, PA on 8/20/98 at 1:45p.

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