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Numbered 6358-6524, Conrail's SD40-2s were found system wide heading up trains of all varieties as well as working on helpers over the famous Horseshoe Curve on the Pittsburgh Line.

Conrail acquired its SD40-2 fleet new from EMD in 1977, 78 and 79.

Conrail's SD40-2s had a feature unique to the road, the substitution of EMD's older Flexicoil trucks in place of the newly developed (and mistakenly believed to be flawed) HTC trucks that were delivered to all other SD40-2 owners.

CR 6731 Loshs Run, Pa 8/93

SD50 6731 and SD40-2 6422 power USD-22 eastbound @ Loshs Run. Train is bound for Shamokin Dam, Pa

CR 6770 and CR 6486 at Lock Haven, PA 3/1991

ENBU behind SD50 6770 and SD40-2 6486 meets BUEN @ CP Lane, just outside of Lock Haven, PA 3/91

CR 6815 east ML 440 Binghamton 04271995

ML 440 gets underway after a crew change, rolling through BD as it heads for darkness on the Delaware Division with 10 platforms of stacks and 87 auto racks for Doremus Av.

CR 6828 Longswamp, PA 9/86

Almost new 6828 leads 6412 on PIOI-5 @ Longswamp, PA

CR 6832 east BUOI Endicott 06301994

A trio of SD's lead a short(41 car) BUOI past Endicott Forge as it blows for the Hayes Av crossing.

CR 6849, CR 6847, and 6500 Horseshoe Curve 1990

A pair of SD60s, 6849 and 6847, and a pair of SD40-2s, 6500 and 64??, bring an eastbound freight past the spot where I was supposed to be if I was following the rules and obeying the signs.

CR 6854 east SV 6 Dewitt 09021994

SV 6 with 77 stack platforms rolls past the Amtrak station at Dewitt behind a mix of EMD's.

CR 6960 east SV 20 Endicott 09201994

I got 'em all on this train!! SV 20 rolls toward the NY 17C overpass in west Endicott behind all three variants of SD 40 then extant on the railroad. The leader is an SD40R, followed by an SD40-2, then a straight SD 40 of CNJ heritage. They are leading 127 mostly APL stack platforms, followed by 10 COFC.

CR 6997 with ALPI-2 Departing Allentown, PA

CR ALPI-2 departing Allentown Yard at "CP-Burn"

CR 7183 Bethlehem, PA 7-16-1978

CR GP-9 7183 gets strong help from SD-40-2 6486 and GP-38-2 8103 as they run through Bethlehem in July, 1978.

CR 8054, CR 8093, CR 8267, CR 6499 Horseshoe Curve 1990

I forget now if this was a light engine movement or just a weird consist for lugging freight around Horseshoe Curve, but in 1990 I caught GP38-2s 8054, 8093, and 8267, SD40-2 6499, and it appears others rounding the Curve from a parking lot vantage point. It is interesting that in 1990 the view is tree-free and I was recently reading that after much money and effort it is again tree-free in late 2016.

CR OISE-1 at Fort Montgomery, NY

Northbound OISE-1 with SD40-2's 6501 and 6453 exits the north portal of Fort Montgomery, NY tunnel on Conrail's 15th Birthday 4/01/1991

CR TV-9 at Bancroft, MA. on 6/30/84. (1)

CR 6465 leads a varied lash-up on a struggling TV-9 through Bancroft, MA. on June 30, 1984.

CSX 8404 west OIBU Barton 07011994

CSX SD40-2 leads CR 3309/3321/3397 west past the semaphore at MP 247 in Barton, with 73 cars of OIBU.

CSX 8404 west OIBU MP 249 Barton 07011994

CSX SD40-2 8404 leads a trio of CR GP 40-2's with 73 cars of OIBU, approaching the automatic at 249-1, still a semaphore after all these years.

DHT9 on 5/6/93. (4)

DHT9 at Catatunk Rd. crossing in Adrian, NY.

Flanger E/B at East Brookfield, MA. on 1/20/87. (1)

Proof that ConRail used something other than the usual B23-7's on flanger runs, SD40-2's 6455 and 6496 bracket the Boston Line's "own" flanger, the 64717 at East Brookfield, MA. on Jan. 20, 1987.

Flanger E/B at East Brookfield, MA. on 1/20/87. (3)

SD40-2 6496 trails the flanger past the depot in East Brookfield, MA. on Jan. 20, 1987.

Helpers at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 6365, 6375, 6373 and 6388 are seen on the rear of a EB PPLX coal train at Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

JLS Railfest locomotive displays - Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 6437 is seen along with other equipment on display during Railfest at Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

Lane Closure Ahead on 3/27/82. (06)

With the SEBO out of the way, the SPSE7X will finally get his turn to proceed. Helper 6478 will aid in lifting the tonnage over the hill.

Lane Closure Ahead on 3/27/82. (07)

Here's the "maintenence" mentioned earlier....SD40-2 6379 provides the impetus for a SPENO rail grinder working eastward on track 2 at Bancroft, MA. on March 27, 1982. Several years later, the more modern, newer versions of the SPENO rail grinder trains would get their own locomotives in the form of a modified version of EMD's F40, with a non-turbocharged 16/645. These were unofficially referred to as "F38's".

LMS 711 east ML 440 Endicott 05031995

ML 440 about to roll under the NY 17 C overpass at west Endicott with LMS 711 leading a pair of SD's.

LMS 737 & CR 6485 are crossing Rockville Bridge with UEP-2. 8/16/97

FLYIN' HIGH. LMS C40-8W 737 & SD40-2 6485 are crossing Rockville Bridge with E/B coal train UEP-2 destined for PECO Energy in Eddystone, PA. 8:23AM on 8-16-97 in Rockville, PA.

NYSW 4024 Smithboro, NY 12/90

D&H BUEB-1 with NYSW 4024, 4032 and PLM 3006 eastbound at Smithboro, NY

NYSW 4044 Port Jervis, NY 11/90

NYS&W NTV-9 meets a Conrail Desert Storm Military train @ Port Jervis, NY

OIAL-8 SD40-2 6439 Royce, NJ

OIAL-8 westbound @ Royce, NJ SD40-2 6439 and CSX C40-8's 7558 and 7533 power the train

OIIN-9 SD40-2 6403 Arden, NY

OIIN-9 approaches Arden, NY

PLENTY-A-POWER at Bancroft, MA. on 8/17/80. (1)

CR 6401 has plenty of help dragging tonnage westward through Bancroft, MA. on Aug. 17, 1980.

PYSE-8 SD40-2 6418 Tomkins Cove, NY

PYSE-8 northbound @ the Stoney Point HBD/DED Tomkins Cove, NY

RAI-301 at Washington, MA. on 1/2/93. (2)

SD40-2 6494 is second in line on RAI-301 at Washington, MA. on Jan. 2, 1993.

SD40-2 6452 on ALSE-6 at Roseton, NY

ALSE-6 northbound @ the Central Hudson Gas & Electric Crossing Roseton, NY

SEBO at Becket/Middlefield, MA. town line on 8/15/92. (3)

SD40-2 6517 in the trail position on SEBO on Aug. 15, 1992.

South Fork 40s

In a scene that could have been common on any given day from 1977 to 1999, South Fork is the scene of 6 blue SD40-2s meeting as helper sets pass each other on the west slope in 1986. Most of us would give almost anything to be able to witness a sight like this today.

TV11E GP40 3214 VanDyke, Pa

TV11E (bare tables) west on track 2 @ VanDyke, Pa

UP 3497 east ML 440 Endwell 04051994

ML 440 with a western visitor in the form of UP 3497 leading rolls past the pond along Watson Blvd on an April afternoon, 67 cars behind its three units.

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