Conrail inherited its 118 SD40s from Penn Central and the CNJ. These 3000hp units were powerful and reliable, and without a doubt led to Conrail's eventual purchase of its fleet of the upgraded SD40-2. All of Conrail's SD40s were retired, sold or rebuilt into SD40-2Rs by 1994.

Extra 6083 west about to "take the plunge" down the west slope in Hinsdale center, MA. on March 14, 1981.
CR 6331 leads SEBO past the gantry signal at State Line at 15:13 on Aug. 3, 1983.
SENH by State Line crossing at 18:15 with the 6293 in the lead.
One of the last pre dash 2 SD40's leads a wb along the ex PRR Middle Div. at Cove on a somewhat cloudy day in August 1978.
CNJ exB&O SD40 3067 "the Red Baron" idles across for the former EL Work Equipment Shop @ Binghamton, NY
Conrail 0808 SD40 at Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard
Formerly CR 6260 is seen outside the Juniata Locomotive Shops.
SD40 6341 gives the extra 1958 west some aid in Washington, MA. on June 6, 1979.
ENPI-3B proceeds west passing "BANKS" Tower with an all EMD lash-up. Banks got it' s name because of its location......
SD40 6278 shoving away on caboose 23110, an N5C, at the rear of NHSE past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 1, 1982.
SD40 6278 shoves NHSE up the east slope past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 1, 1982.
One wonders if GP40 3078 is still wearing it's NYC livery with that white sill stripe showing that strongly. It's leading BOEL through North Becket, MA., with MP 134 directly beneath the overhead bridge, on July 18, 1981.
SD40 6355 adds to the tractive effort on the rear of BOEL at Washington, MA.
Helper SD40 6348 tags along on the rear of the X3388 through Hinsdale center. Evidently, he's going to Pittsfield to wait for an eastbound.
BUOI-8 is doing it's best to stay ahead of a Hoboken bound Metro-North train out of Port Jervis, NY
CR SD35 6023 and SD40 6341 push hard on N-8 class cabin 23339 (ex-PRR 478055) as they head up Horseshoe in March, 1978.
Mail-9 starts down the Atglen & Susquehanna at Parksburg, PA
As the crewmen of 6311 watch the crowd, CR pushers SD40 6039, 6311, SD45 6204, and SD40 6318 pound up Horseshoe on May 22, 1977. Steam railfans were spread all around the Curve awaiting the arrival of RDG 4-8-4 #2101 and helper Cuyahoga Valley Line 2-8-2 #4070 later that day.
Conrail SD40-2 6282 (ex-PC 6282) and SD35 6045 (ex-CNJ 2506) are seen at Enola Yard in 1983.
Wrecked former PC SD40 6084 would not be renumbered 6337 to make room for new SD40-2's. The remains rest on freight trucks outside the Juniata shops in August, 1977.
Conrail SD45 6091 (ex-EL 3626) and SD40 6286 (ex-CNJ 3062) are shoving a westbound freight around Horseshoe Curve in 1984.
RUSE-6 crosses the Lehigh River as it approaches "R" tower and Allentown Yard
ENSE-2 northbound @ Weehawkin, NJ
CR 6125 (ex-PC 6125, nee-PRR 6125) is seen leading CR 6321 (ex-PC 6068, nee-PRR 6068) are on the point of an eastbound mixed freight near MG tower in 1981.
The "class unit" SD40 heads up an eastbound through the station in Springfield, MA. on June 3, 1980. The Amtrak RDC at left is laying over for a short time before heading south on the Springfield line to New Haven.

Conrail SD-40 #6240 pulls some cars out of the yard in Allentown, PA. May 4, 1985

CR GP-40-2 3348 (2/1979 built) leads SD-40s 6240 (ex-PC) and 6317 (ex-PC 6064), and SDP-45 6683 (ex-EL 3652) through Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.
TV-77 arrives at Hornell with a SD-40 running long hood forward.
TV-77 leaves Hornell, NY with 6241 running long hood forward. CASS Tower is visible behind the signal.
CR SD-40 6241 teams up with SD-40-2 6479 at Morrisville yard in February, 1979.
Former PC SD-40 6242, sandwiched in a quartet of SD units, pulls through Altoona with a load of piggybacks in August, 1977.
CR 6242 shoves against N8 van 23239 on a westbound at Bancroft, MA. on Nov. 8, 1980. Compare the condition of the 6242 here against Mike Stellpflug's shot at Canisteo, NY. 2 1/2 years earlier. The "PENN CENTRAL" and "PC" lettering is showing through and the "CR" patch on the nose has been reapplied in a different letter style.
The 6242 shoving westbound tonnage through Bancroft, MA. on Nov. 8, 1980.

An Eastbound coal train is at the Carson bridge. The older SD-40 is leading a newer pair of SD-40-2's. Carson is little more than a sign post on the parallel road and is just East of the village of Canisteo. 


SD40 6242 pushing the extra 8151 west in Middlefield, MA.
Conrail SD40 6243 (ex-PC 6243) is seen leading a westbound train at Horseshoe Curve in 1983.
An Eastbound roars thru Cresson, with what looks like the helpers on the front end.
Low number SD40 6243 leads SENH (?) nearing MP 139 in the Hinsdale flats on April 5, 1980. Headlight in the distance is a helper that just dropped off SENH.
SD40 6244 and another SD40 bring an eastbound manifest into the receiving yard at Allentown.
SD40 6244 leads eastbound TV-6 past the origional (Western RR., 1842) depot at Chester, MA. on Feb. 5, 1983. Within the next year or two the depot would get a coat of solid gray paint. In 1989 ConRail offered the station to the town of Chester for the princely sum of one dollar....on the premise that the building be moved. The town accepted and plans were made to move it across the tracks and set back from the tracks. Just before New Year's 1989, the building was moved, with the aid of ConRail by dumping ballast across the tracks to facilitate the move with the building on dollies. Today, it is the Chester Railroad museum, which has hosted annual "Chester Railroad Days" since 1991, the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Western RR.
Croxton yard is full of power in August, 1979. CR SD45 6103 (ex-RDG 7603) leads a line of eight CR blue units, and a lone PC black unit, idling and waiting for assignment. Ex-PC SD40 6245 leads a pair of units alongside.
Still in it's Penn Central lettering, this SD40 leads two ex EL units, 6698 and 6069, west at Crestline, Ohio in January 1977. Of note, the first ex EL unit is the ex SDP45 3667 that has a wreck replaced 45-2 long hood.
SD40s 6246, 6249, 6242, and 6248 are in charge of an empty coal train at Queens Run, PA. Train is heading northbound back towards Clearfield, PA to be reloaded in this April, 1990 view.
CR 6247 is shown here after it was wrecked. The unit was later repaired and put back into service.
Conrail SD40 6247 leads an Eastbound Freight at the MP 127.9 Diamonds (with Conrail's Youngstown Line) on Track #2 - On Conrail's Chicago Line. (Ashtabula, Ohio)
SENH southbound for New Haven/Cedar Hill at Berlin, CT. on July 10, 1987.
CR 6247 is shown here after it was repaired and put back into service following a wreck.

Conrail relied on Pennsylvania Power and Light's coal trains for a steady stream of income. Here an SD40 and SD50 combo head up a train for the PPL Warrior Ridge plant.

The first CR 6248, an SD 40, partnered with a somewhat newer SD 50, roll 79 cars worth of ML 401 west at Miller Beach Rd in Owego.

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