The SD38 quickly became Conrail's favorite for hump and yard duty at locations such as Stanley Yard in Toledo, OH, Allentown (PA) yard, Oak Island Yard in Newark, NJ and Elkhart, IN. The fleet of 35 units (nearly half of all SD38's built, with Conrail now owning the most) were inherited from the Penn Central and were typically paired with MT4 and MT6 slugs. Conrail 6925 through 6959 were built in May of 1970. The non-turbocharged locomotives were capable of 2,000hp and carried a 4,000 gallon fuel tank.

CR 1118 and 6939 at Selkirk, NY. on 8/14/83.

MT-6 slug 1118 and SD38 6939 at Selkirk yard on Aug. 18, 1983.

CR 6925 Allentown, PA 7-7-1979

CR SD-38 6925 teams with MT-6 yard slug 1119 to work the Allentown hump in July, 1979.

Collinwood rebuilt ex-PC RSD-12 6857 into MT-6 1119 in May, 1979.

CR 6925 Allentown, PA 7-7-1979

CR SD-38 6925 teams with MT-6 yard slug 1119 to work the Allentown hump in July, 1979.

Collinwood rebuilt ex-PC RSD-12 6857 into MT-6 1119 in May, 1979.

CR 6925 Conway, PA 8-8-1977

While CR SD38's 6925 and 6935 work the hump, former PC GP38-2 8053 rests with C425 2444 on this overcast August day at Conway in 1977. The autorack with new 1977 Buick Electras gives a historical perspective.

CR 6929 4-94 Altoona, PA

SD38 6929 in fresh paint minus a letter....oops! Shown at JLS in Altoona, PA in April 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 6935 Conway, PA 8-8-1977

While SD38 6935 works the hump, former PC SW-7 9041 rests with a trio of Alcos at Conway yard in August, 1977. The open autorack with new 1977 Buick Electras, Oldmobile 98's and Cadillac Fleetwoods give a historical perspective.

CR 6935 Selkirk NY Aug 1982

SD38 6935 hump power Selkirk NY

CR 6937 Niagara Falls yard 08291982

An SD 38/MT 4 set I caught at Niagara Falls yard while riding the Maple Leaf from Toronto.

CR 6937 SD38 Allentown 04-98

Conrail SD39 6937 and MT6 1107 work the RIP track in Allentown, Pa on a nice April 1998 evening.The SD started life on the Penn Central, the slug is former PRR/PC/CR RSD-12 6869.

CR 6939 - SD38 at Selkirk, NY

Former PC 6939 (mated with MT6 CR 1118) is seen at Selkirk, NY on 8/11/1985.

CR 6941 Conway, PA 4/93

On the eastbound hump @ Conway.....

CR 6942 and CR 1122 at Conway Yard

Conrail SD38 6942 (ex-PC 6942) is seen with MT6 1122 (ex-CR 6877, exx-PC 6877, nee-PRR 8677) at Conway Yard in 1983,

CR 6943 Conway 06191997

I caught an SD38 and an MT 6 slugs at Conway. I must have done this as a grab shot from my truck while going up PA 65. If I recall, I was making a pick up in Rochester that day.

CR 6947 Lackawanna, NY 3/5/1978

A SD-38 and RSD-5 work at Seneca Yard.

CR 6947 Rochester, NY 4/29/1978

The Buffalo - Rochester Turn was commonly used to get the Frontier Yard SD-38's some road time. Here an SD-38 leads an SW-1500 & GP-35 into Goodman Street Yard. It was pretty normal for this train to have 1 or 2 of the SD-38's on it.

CR 6953 at Toledo, OH 8/1997

Conrail SD38 No. 6953 and MT4 No. 1018 shove the hump at Stanley Yard, Toledo, OH in August 1997. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6958 and 1128 at Selkirk yard in 1990

Mother and slug set SD38 (6958) and MT 6 (1128) push a string of cars up the hump at Selkirk yard in 1990.

CR 6958 at the Morrisville, PA shop in 1981

Conrail SD38 6958 (ex-PC 6958) is seen sitting in the Morrisville, PA diesel shop in 1981, possibly awaiting a traction motor swap.

CR 6959 Columbus, OH 10/93

Former PC 6959 is pictured working the yard in Columbus, OH on 10/23/93, paired with MT6 CR 1108.

Selkirk Hump 1990

A mother and slug begin to back down from the crest of the hump at Selkirk yard after releasing the last of their charges at the summit in 1990. The normal slug sets at Selkirk were SD38s and MT6 slugs, so I assume that is what is pictured here.

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