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Conrail inherited EMD NW-2's from the Penn Central(102), Erie Lackawanna(31), Lehigh Valley(6) and the Central Railroad of New Jersey(2).  CR assigned the NW-2's to series 9151-9296.

Built from February 1939 to December 1949, EMD's 12-cylinder 567-powered switcher produced 1,000hp. 

CR 9240 Altoona, PA 7-25-1978

One of two ex-CNJ NW-2's on the April, 1976 roster, CR NW-2 9240 (ex-CNJ 1060) looks ready for the scrapper alongside the shell of an EL RS-3, and ex-PC GP-7 5708, outside the Juniata locomotive shops in July, 1978.

CR 9240 Elizabethport, NJ 7-10-1977

Along with a NJ Transit Budd RDC and an ancient ex-CNJ SW-1, CR NW-2 9240 (ex-CNJ 1060) waits for service at Elizabethport in July, 1977.

CR 9244 Bethlehem, PA 12/79

A trip to Bethlehem the day after Christmas 1979 found the West Side Drill heading back to Allentown behind NW2 9244

CR 9244 Bethlehem, PA 4-9-1977

With Ironton DS4-4-1000 751 and PC NW2 9160 behind, CR NW-2 9244 (ex-LV 182) takes a break from yard work at the Bethlehem roundhouse in April, 1977.

CR 9244 Bethlehem, PA 4-9-1977

CR NW-2 9244 (ex-LV 182) rests outside the Bethlehem roundhouse in April, 1977.

CR 9245 Gang Mills, NY 3/19/1978

An ex LV NW2 idles at the facilities at Gang Mills Yard. This facility would eventually replace Hornell as a crew change point and the major yard on the Southern Tier.

CR 9245 Gang Mills, NY 3/19/1978

Another view of 9245 showing the front of the cab.

CR 9245 Scranton, PA 4-21-1977

One year after startup, LV NW2 183 (CR 9245) and SW900 129 (CR 8656) rest with a PC unit at Scranton.

CR 9247 Elizabeth, NJ 3/78

NW-2 9247 sits outside the former CNJ shops at Elizabethport, NJ

CR 9254 - NW2 at Rutherford, PA

Former PRR 9159 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 4/30/1983.

CR 9257 at East Hartford, CT. in 11/1979. (1)

NW2 9257 and RS3m 9980 arriving in East Hartford, CT. in November, 1979. The train has just crossed the Connecticut River from Hartford and is diverting off the Manchester secondary main onto the yard lead.

CR 9257 at Hartford, CT. in 4/1979.

NW2 9257 at Hartford, CT. in April, 1979. Considering that NW2 production ceased in 1949, this old goat was at least 30 years old when the photo was taken.

CR 9257 at Hartford, CT. in 4/1979.

NW2 9257 at Hartford engine house, CT. in April, 1979.

CR 9257 at Hartford, CT. in 4/1979.

NW2 9257 at Hartford, CT. in April, 1979. Note the number one axle has roller bearings, but the remainder still have friction bearings. Also, the headlight has the twin sealed beams mounted horizontally, rather than vertically.

CR 9259 Secaucus, NJ 8-17-1979

CR NW-2 9259 works Croxton in August, 1979.

CR 9268 at Duncansville, PA in 1981

CR 9268 (ex-PC 8690) is seen passing WYE tower in Duncansville, PA, still wearing its coat of PC green paint in 1981. WYE was closed in 1982 when the New Portage Secondary was abandoned, and stood for about another year afterwards.

CR 9270 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

CR RS-3M 9962, SW-1 8429, and NW-2 9270 at Selkirk yard in August, 1979.

CR 9281 Altoona, PA 8-18-1978

CR NW-2 9281 rests retired along with former PC RS-3 5292 and the converted PC Power unit 80040 in the Juniata shops deadline in August, 1978. 

A Buffalo Creek S-2 rests in the row behind.

CR 9300 - NW2 at Altoona, PA

Former Detroit Terminal 115 is seen stored at Altoona, PA on 8/5/1984.

NW2 9300 Cleveland, OH

NW2 9300 ex Detroit Terminal 115 Cleveland, OH

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