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Conrail received 10 EMD MP15DC's that were under lease to the Reading Company.  Conrail reassigned them from RDG series 2771-2780 to CR 9621-9630.

The former RDG units were built in 1974 with power provided by EMD's supercharged V12 645 prime mover producing 1,500hp.

Conrail returned these reliable switchers to EMD at the end of their lease.

CR 9630 heads back into the woods at Locust Summit, PA, 4/87

Conrail Local WHSN04 drops back into the woods to pick up a string of hoppers cars at Locust Summit, PA on April 30, 1987 with four MP15s. Most of the old Locust Summit Yard tracks had been pulled, and the remaining tracks were in bad condition. The yard once served the massive Reading Anthracite Locust Summit Central Breaker.

CR 9630 starts the climb to Locust Summit at Locustdale PA, 4/87

Westbound Conrail Local WHSN03 passes through Locustdale, PA on April 30, 1987 and starts the serious part of the climb up to Locust Summit.

CR 9630 Switching at Cressona PA

MP15DC 9630 is switching cars at Cressona PA.

CR 9630, 9628 and 9624 at Saint Nicholas Breaker

The ex-Reading MP15DCs stayed around the ex-Reading anthracite branches until their leases expired. Here, three patched units (still in their Reading Green) are seen at the Saint Nicholas Breaker, just west of Mahanoy City.

CR 9630, CR 9626 and CR 9621 at the St Nick Breaker

MP15DCs hanging around at the St Nick breaker. These units were regular power on the mine runs in the area before the expiration of their leases.

CR MP15DCs Cressona PA

A trio of MP15DCs idles near the station in Cressona PA.

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