EMD GP7 and GP9

Conrail inherited EMD GP7's from the Penn Central(252), Reading Company(17), Erie Lackawanna(71), and the Jersey Central(13).  CR placed the units in series 5600-5999.

Built between October 1949 and May 1954, EMD powered it's first hood unit with their 16-cylinder supercharged 567B prime mover.


Conrail's GP9 fleet was inherited from the Penn Central with over 300 units, while the Erie Lackawanna and the Lehigh Valley each brought 6 units to the roster.  CR placed the GP9's in series 7000-7512.

Built between January, 1954 and December, 1959, the GP9 produced 1,750hp through EMD's 16-cylinder supercharged 567C prime mover.

Going away shot of SPSE's headend for a better look at the rare birds in trail position. U23C's saw several months of duty on the Boston Line in road service. The 7430 is a GP9, but spotting features are inconsistent.
CNJ 1531 is seen working at S. Hackensack in June of 1977.
CR GP-9 7193 and C420 2072 join forces on the Bethlehem turntable in July, 1978.
Former PC C425 2444 leads C424 2493 (ex-RDG 5204), GP9 7076, and C425 2455 in a quartet of CR power at Weirton, WV in August, 1978.
Ex-PC C425 2444 leads a quartet of CR power in Weirton, WV. This was becoming a rare lineup in August, 1978 as three of the four units were ALCos.
CR GP-9B 3802 at Allentown yard in January, 1978.
Waiting in line between GP-9's 7055 and 7418, former PC GP-9B 3807 awaits service outside the Juniata shops in August, 1977.
Former PC 3812/PRR 7187B GP9B was at Rutherford, PA on 5/11/1977.
CR GP-9B 3812 rests at the Bethlehem engine terminal in August, 1977.

CR GP30 2211, GP-9B 3812, and N9E class caboose 18365  work Morrisville yard in March, 1978. 

GP30's replaced the Alco RSD12's and RS-11's that worked the Morrisville yard into the summer of 1977.

CR GP-9B 3812 works with GP30 2211 and N9E class cabin 18365 as they roll through the snow at Morrisville in March, 1978.
CR GP-9B 3816 and GP-7 5873 rest at the Juniata shops deadline in April, 1981.
Former PC GP-9B 3819 rests in the Juniata shops deadline in August, 1978.
CR GP-9B 3826 follows U33C 6565 (ex-EL 3302) at Abrams in June 1979.
CR U33C 6565 (ex-EL 3302) leads ex-PC GP-9B 3826 at Abrams in June, 1979.
CR GP-9B 3826 follows U33C 6565 (ex-EL 3302) at Abrams in June 1979.
CR GP-38 7668 (ex-PRSL 2008) and GP-9B 3826 work Morrisville yard in March, 1979.
CR 3827, a rare GP9B, at Walbridge, OH on Sept. 26, 1981. Kevin Nelson photo with permission
Their operating days over, cabless CR GP-9B's 3831 and 3819 rest in the Juniata shops deadline in August, 1978.
Ex-PC GP-9B 3832 in lines of power at the Enola engine terminal in August, 1979.
CR GP9B 3832 runs second behind GP9 7161 at Enola yard in August, 1979.
Still in PC lettering, GP9B 3832 looks tired and worn but still working at Morrisville in April, 1977.
Conrail GP9B 3839 is seen at Morrisville, PA in 1981.
CR GP-9B 3839 at Morrisville in November, 1979.
Conrail GP9B 3839 sits at Morrisville Yard in 1981, keeping company with EMD brethren that will certainly last longer than she will.
CR GP-9B 3839 at work at Morrisville, PA in March, 1979.
CR GP10 7571(ex-PC GP9 7512) and PC GP9B 3839 by the service racks outside the Morrisville shops in April, 1977.
CR GP-10 7570 and PC GP-9B 3839 lead mixed freight westbound on the NEC at Morrisville in April, 1977.
Mixed freight rolling through Morrisville on the Northeast Corridor led by CR GP-10 7570 and GP-9B 3839.
CR SW-1 8487 and GP-9B 3839 in a line of other retired SW-1's at Morrisville yard in June, 1980.
Ex-PC GP9B 3839 rests at Rutherford with other stored units in April, 1984.
Conrail GP7 No. 5600 is seen in July 1976 at Colehour Yard in Hammond, IN. It was among the first of former PC locomotives lettered for Conrail. Doug Davidson photo with permission
GP7 idles next to cab car 1526 at the end of commuter operations. During the winter of 1968/69 I found out just why they named the place Suffern...
By 1983 finding units still in pre merger paint was a treat, so finding an older GP7 still sporting PC black was pretty cool. Most of the paint over has washed away reveling an almost complete PC "worm" logo. It's matched up with former Alco RS11 MT4 slug 1014 in this view at the Motor yard engine house.
An eastbound Conrail transfer behind a pair of GP7s, including 5644, is bound for Colehour Yard on the former PRR, just east of the Calumet River lift bridge at South Chicago, in April 1980. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Retired PC units, Alco T-6 9847 and GP-7 5653, rest with CR SW-9 9013 (ex-EL 437) and GP-7 5974 (ex-EL 1236) at Croxton in March, 1979.
Ex-PC GP-7 5658 working Croxton yard with ex-CNJ 5679 in February, 1978.
CR GP7 5663 at Livonia, MI on December 23, 1978. Photographer unknown, Chris Howe collection
An eastbound Conrail local freight is clearing Clarke Junction Tower on the former PRR, as it approaches the EJ&E overpass behind GP7 No. 5668, in April 1980. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Conrail GP7 No. 5674(note the N5K caboose 18443 behind the engine) has the traffic on Indianapolis Boulevard stopped as it pulls a cut of tank cars from the American Maize plant in November 1979. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Conrail GP7 5676 (ex-CNJ 1520) is seen at Enola Yard, along with SW9 9011 (ex-EL 435) in 1983.
PO-87 west at "WJ" Ridgewood Jct., NJ @ 0730hrs. GP9M 5678 exCNJ 1522 and SD9 6922 provide the power
While the sun is going down on a February, 1978 day, the crew of CR GP-7 5679 (ex-CNJ 1532) was busy working Croxton yard.
CR GP-7 5679 (ex-CNJ 1532) working Croxton yard in February, 1978.
CR GP-7 (ex-CNJ 1522) in line for maintenance at Elizabethport in August, 1979.
CR 5680 & 5676, both ex CNJ GP-7s, lead El-1 at S. Amboy NJ in 10-76.
A roster view of CR 5680 is seen at Oak Island NJ in March of 1977.
CR NW-2 9240 (ex-CNJ 1060) looks ready for the scrapper alongside the shell of an EL RS-3, and ex-PC GP-7 5708, outside the Juniata locomotive shops in July, 1978.
Conrail "Bottle Train" behind GP7 No. 5710 is on the wye at Calumet Park, Il around April 1979. The train is heading for the IHB from the SC&S (former PRR Bernice Cutoff). Once on the IHB, the GP7 will run around its train and take it west to Acme Steel at Riverdale, via the IHB and the former PRR Panhandle. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Riders on the Hudson Circle trip were treated to all kinds of oddities during the Selkirk shop tour. This unit wasn't so much of an oddity-CR had several hundred of them on day one-but by 1985, an unrebuilt GP 7 was a rarity. Most of the others had been rebuilt into GP 8's or retired, so despite the gloom, I was happy to get this one in clean paint.

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