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Conrail's GP-40's came from Penn Central where they were assigned CR series 3000-3274. By 1995, Conrail retired and sold off all their GP-40's except one (CR 3264).

SENH and BTO731 at Bancroft, MA. on 7/1/82. (5)

BTO731 has the scene all to itself as it continues working on the grade through Bancroft, MA.

SENH at Bancroft, MA. on 6/27/81. (1)

Older GP40 3099 and U33B 2914 head up SENH late in the afternoon of June 27, 1981 at Middlefield station, MA. Eclectic lashup's like this on the old B&A would become only fond memories in just three short years.

SENH at Bancroft, MA. on 6/27/81. (2)

SENH's lash-up features GP35's of both PC and E-L heritage, the 2301 and 3663, plus GP40 3073. Middlefield station on June 27, 1981.

TV11E GP40 3214 VanDyke, Pa

TV11E (bare tables) west on track 2 @ VanDyke, Pa

TV12 SD40 6341 Newport, Pa

TV12 with SD40 6341 approaches "PORT" Newport, Pa on track two.. Note: Track one is out of service and will later be removed

UBO-2A on 5/26/84. (4)

The "class unit" of ConRail's GP40 fleet, the 3000. Not the first GP40 as some might believe. That distinction belonged to CR 3036. And, IIRC, this is the only time I ever got the 3000, this close, at least.

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