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Conrail's GP-40's came from Penn Central where they were assigned CR series 3000-3274. By 1995, Conrail retired and sold off all their GP-40's except one (CR 3264).

CR 3197

Former PC 3197 was at Mingo Jct., OH on 8/29/76.  In 8/95 it was rebuilt to NJT 4302 GP40-2 at Juniata Shops.

CR 3198 at Hammond, IN

A Conrail freight with GP40 3198, SD40-2 6427, and GP40 3116 leading heads eastbound around Colehour Yard in Hammond, IN in June 1983. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 3199 Browns Crossing, NY 4/28/1984

TV-77 is about to pass the semaphores at Browns Crossing.

CR 3200 at Altoona, PA

CR 8922, 3200 and ATSF 8024 are seen at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.

CR 3201 in Chester, MA. on 12/30/82.

GP40 3201 heads up an SPSE-0X at the "art colony" on the Chester/Middlefield, MA. town line on Dec. 30, 1982.

CR 3201 in Chester, MA. on 12/30/82. (1a)

Full frame version of preceding photo of SPSE-0x on Dec.30, 1982.

CR 3204

Former PC 3204 was at Conway, PA on 11/21/76.  It was rebuilt 9/94 at Juniata into NJT 4216  GP40PH-2B.

CR 3204 2-16-94 Altoona, PA

CR GP40 3204 going through it's transformation into NJT GP40PH-2B 4216, shown at JLS in Altoona, PA on February 16th, 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 3206 (GP40)

Former PC 3206 was on an eastbound at Belmont Jct, Phila. PA on 3/3/84. Unit was rebuilt 11/93 at Juniata to GP40PH-2B NJTR 4200 for passenger service.

CR 3208 (GP40)

At the Juniata Locomotive Shops.

CR 3209

Former PC 3209 was at Depew, NY on 2/7/77.  In the 1990's it would be sold to Guilford as MEC 316.

CR 3210 (GP40)

At the Juniata Locomotive Shop

CR 3212 at Haverstraw, NY. on 7/23/88.

GP40 3212 leads TV301 past the depot at Haverstraw, NY. on July 23, 1988.

CR 3212 at Tunnelhill, PA

Conrail GP40 3212 is seen trailing on a westbound TV train as it prepares to duck into the Allegheny Tunnel at Tunnelhill, PA in 1986.

CR 3212 Rochester, NY 1/22/1978

CRs first 2 winters were pretty hard. A Westbound passes thru deep snow at the East end of Goodman Street yard.

CR 3213 Secaucus, NJ 8-17-1979

CR GP-40 3213 teams up with RS-3M 9933 and NW-2 9219 at Croxton in August, 1979.

CR 3214

Former PC 3214 was at Cheektowaga, NY on 3/19/77. In the late 1990's it would be sold to Guilford as MEC 320.

CR 3214 (GP40)

At the Juniata Locomotive Shops.

CR 3214 - GP40 Rutherford, PA

Former PC 3214 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 1/28/1984.

CR 3214 and CR 3154 Altoona, PA 1981

A trio of GP40s, including CR 3214 (ex-PC 3214) and CR 3154 (ex-PC 3154) are bringing an eastbound TV train towards Bennington Curve in 1981.

CR 3216 and 8133 on Local WHNO-99 at Northumberland, PA

Conrail GP40 3216, with the PC logo showing thru on the long hood, leads still PC black GP38-2 on southbound extra local WHNO-99 at Northumberland, PA on 8/27/83. Train is heading to the Shamokin Dam power plant. The 3216 would live a long service life on Conrail being retired on 4/11/91 and then sold to the Ohio Central RR. The 8133 still toils on for owner CSX as its 2749.

CR 3216 at Bennington Curve in 1984

Conrail GP40 3216 (ex-PC 3216) is wearing fresh paint as she trails on a westbound freight just west of Bennington Curve in 1984.

CR 3217

Former PC 3217 was at Mingo Jct., OH on 8/29/76. In the 1990's it was sold to Ohio Central as OHCR 3217, then around 2005-06 was sold to Buckingham Branch RR as BB #6.

CR 3217 Altoona, PA 1981

A westbound mixed freight is climbing Horseshoe Curve in 1981, with the assistance of CR GP38 7912 and GP40 3217.

CR 3219 (GP40)

At the Juniata Locomotive Shop.

CR 3219 - GP40 at Rutherford, PA

Former PC 3219 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 2/20/1983.

CR 3219 Rochester, NY 3/24/1979

A coal drag arrives at the West side of Rochester. This area is known as Lincoln Park. There was a small yard here just out of the picture on the left. This was also where the CR salt train accessed Chessie rails, and where the old Falls Road Secondary joined the main.

CR 3220 at Hinsdale, MA. on 5/10/80.

Three GP40's and a lone 4 axle U-Boat power SEBO-B on the Hinsdale flats past MP 139 as they approach the summit on May 10, 1980.

CR 3220 Cresson, PA 1981

Conrail SD40-2 6397 is leading CR GP40 3220 (ex-PC 3220) and CR SD40-2 6388 on an eastbound mixed freight at Cresson, PA in 1981. MO tower is at the left edge of the picture, with MOW equipment in the yard in the background.

CR 3221 (GP40)

At the Juniata Locomotive Shops.

CR 3221 at South Chicago, IL

On a beautiful morning in June 1982, Conrail GP40 No. 3221 leads a manifest train, heavy with traffic from BN, eastward at South Chicago, IL. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 3222 West Nyack, NY 2/82

ENSE-8 climbs to Valley Cottage @ W. Nyack, NY

CR 3224 (GP40)

At the Juniata Locomotive Shop.

CR 3225 - GP40 at Rockville, PA

Former PC 3225 is seen at Rockville, PA on 3/17/1985.

CR 3225 in Chester, MA. on 5/8/81.

SERI rolling into Chester, MA. on a bright, sunny May 8, 1981.

CR 3226 - GP40 at Allentown, PA

Former PC 3226 is seen at Allentown, PA on 9/25/1983.

CR 3227 Pitcairn, PA 8-20-1978 (1)

CR GP-40 3227 leads C425's 2434 and 2425 through Pitcairn, PA in August, 1978.

CR 3227 Pitcairn, PA 8-20-1978 (2)

CR GP-40 3227 leads C425's 2434 and 2425 through Pitcairn, PA in August, 1978.

CR 3230 at Huntington, MA

Westbound late in 1976 at Huntington, MA on the Boston Line.

CR 3230 Bogota, NJ 3/77

Back when TV-9 ran out of New Jersey instead of Boston, a trio of Gp40's and a U25C powered the northbound passing CP-7 @ Bogota, NJ two days before my 34th birthday..

CR 3231 at Bancroft, MA. on 1/10/81. (1)

The extra 3231 west at Bancroft, MA. on Jan. 10, 1981. The 3231 was one of a couple of dozen GP40's acquired from CR by the B&M and became BM 322.

CR 3232 "Con-ail" at Huntington, MA. on 12/3/83.

The "Con-ail" engine, GP40 3232, leads an NHSE-X through Huntington, MA. on Dec. 3, 1983.

CR 3232 "Con-ail" at Washington, MA. on 12/3/83.

CR 3232 leads NHSE-X across Lower Valley Rd. at Ballou's in Washington, MA. on dec. 3, 1983.

CR 3232 "Con-ail" at Washington, MA. on 12/3/83.

NHSE-X entering Washington cut behind the "Con-ail" unit, GP40 3232, on Dec. 3, 1983. This was not the only "Con-ail" unit, and if I ever "stumble across" the shots I have of it, I'll post them. (See also CR 6566, that's the one, and CR 6517)

CR 3232 Ravenna, OH 03-31-83

Conrail train TV-22 passes RAVE tower in Ravenna, Ohio in March of 1983. GP-40 3232, the "Con ail" unit, is leading. The tower and PRR style signals are gone now, but this is still a busy crossover location on the Cleveland Line, and it is as far east as the Dearborn Div goes- it's the Pittsburgh Div from here east.

CR 3234 Conway, PA 8-8-1977

Many Alco and EMD units awaited service at the turntable at Conway in August, 1977 including GP40 3234 and ex-PC C425 2439. Sadly, white-lined C628 6734 (ex-LV 638) has seen her last days.

CR 3238 Altoona, PA 8-7-1977

In a quartet of all former PC power, GP40 3238 leads GP35 2296, U30B 2857 and GP38-2 8070 with a load of piggybacks through Altoona in August, 1977.

CR 3239 Bogota, NJ 5/77

The PC U25b looks cleaner than Blue 3239

CR 3241 on BTO731 at Bancroft, MA. on 7/1/82.

BTO731 has the scene all to itself as it continues working on the grade through Bancroft, MA.

CR 3242 at Bennington Curve

Conrail GP40-2 3242 is seen again in 1983, this time trailing on an eastbound freight at Bennington Curve.

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