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The 3000hp GP40-2 came to Conrail from two sources, the Reading and new from EMD. The inherited units were some of the last units purchased by the Reading, while the new units were some of Conrail's first motive power purchases.

These high horsepower (at the time) locomotives were originally used heavily on TV and other high priority light trains. Over time they found their way into various other uses, from Road Railers to mineral trains, to local service toward the end of Big Blue.

TV-9 3351 Hamburg, NY

TV-9 westbound @ Hamburg, NY on the Chicago Line

TV-98's power GP40-2 3316 Secaucus, NJ

TV-98's power sits on the inbound waiting its turn for servicing @ Croxton Engine tracks, Secaucus, NJ

TV11E GP40 3214 VanDyke, Pa

TV11E (bare tables) west on track 2 @ VanDyke, Pa

TV204 GP40-2 3278 Bergenfield, NJ

Southbound TV204 approaches CP10 @ MP11 Bergenfield, NJ

TVLA-4 B36-7 5027 Tomkins Cove, NY

CR B36-7 5027, B40-8 5071 and GP40-2 3301 hustle TVLA-4 north @ Tomkins Cove, NY Tomlins Cove was once the mooring site for a fleet of WWII Liberty Ships

TVLA-8 GP40-2 3354 Iona Island, NY

The engineer on GP40-2 3354 gives a friendly wave as TVLA-8 crosses the Doodletown Bight @ Iona Island, Bear Mountain State Park, NY

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