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The 3000hp GP40-2 came to Conrail from two sources, the Reading and new from EMD. The inherited units were some of the last units purchased by the Reading, while the new units were some of Conrail's first motive power purchases.

These high horsepower (at the time) locomotives were originally used heavily on TV and other high priority light trains. Over time they found their way into various other uses, from Road Railers to mineral trains, to local service toward the end of Big Blue.

CR 3381 - GP40-2 at Bethlehem, PA

CR 3381 is seen at Bethlehem, PA on 9/29/1985.

CR 3381 at Fox Ridge, NY

Conrail GP40-2 3381 is seen leading a westbound stack train across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY

CR 3383 at Washington, MA. on 2/27/82. (1)

BOEL boils out of the big cut at Washington depot, MA. behind the 3383, et al. on Feb. 27, 1982.

CR 3383 Enola, PA 9-5-1983

CR GP-40 3007 and GP-40-2 3383 roll hoppers into Enola in September, 1983.

CR 3384 at Allentown PA 10/16/97

CR 3384 is seen at Allentown P on 10/16/97.

CR 3385 in Washington, MA. on 10/9/97.

A rare, for this point in time, visit by a GP40-2 to the Boston Line features the 3385 leading TV8W at Ballou's in Washington, MA. on Oct. 9, 1997.

CR 3386 at Jacks Narrows, PA

Conrail GP40-2 3386 is seen leading a westbound freight through Jacks Narrows, PA in 1982.

CR 3386 leads a westbound intermodal at Newport PA, 10/12/89

A westbound Conrail intermodal train rounds the curve at Newport, PA on Oct. 12, 1989, led by GP40-2 No. 3386.

CR 3388 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 3388 & 8076 are seen on a EB ballest train coming off of the Cove Sec at Altoona PA on 10/5/97. As a side note, the blue trailer next to the containers is a former Penn Central trailer.

CR 3388 in Hinsdale, MA. on 10/4/80. (1)

"Bug-eye" 3388 on a westbound in Hinsdale, MA. on Oct.4, 1980.

CR 3389 at Deerfield, MA. on 1/26/85. (1)

A set of ConRail power departs East Deerfield yard to pick up an empty coal train sitting on the "105" track between Greenfield and West Deerfield on Jan. 26, 1985. The GP40 and two GP38's had just brought in an MEED from Mechanicville and the GP30 was added, as it had come in earlier on an COED. The train will be symboled as an EDME-X.

CR 3389 at Deerfield, MA. on 1/26/85. (3)

The EDME-X has his train together and departs West Deerfield on Jan. 26, 1985.

CR 3389 on TV-22 at Rochester, PA

Conrail TV-22 approaches Conway as he passes Rochester Tower, still open at the time of this photograph. The Cleveland Line diverges to the left, crossing the Beaver River. At this point the lead engine is crossing from the Fort Wayne Line to the Youngstown Line.

CR 3391 at Lewistown, PA

Conrail GP40-2 3391 is leading west into Lewistown, PA on the point of a TV train in 1983.

CR 3392 West Haverstraw, NY 6/93

GP40-2 3392 leads TVLA-6 up the main at West Haverstraw, NY

CR 3393 and CR 6417 New Florence, PA 1981

CR GP40-2 3393 is seen leading a mixed freight while SD40-2 6417 works with a ballast cleaner at CP-Conpit in New Florence, PA in 1981.

CR 3393 at Waynesburg PA 2/7/98

CR 3393 is seen at Waynesburg PA on 2/7/98.

CR 3393 in Middlefield, MA. on 1/31/81.

Another of the "bug-eye" GP40-2's, the 3393, leads SPSE around the horseshoe at mile 128.75 in Middlefield, MA. on Jan. 31, 1981. This was about the time I got my first scanner and could begin to identify trains. It became apparent that a westbound with a good size block of Canadian box cars was SPSE.

CR 3393 leads OIEN at Blandon, PA 2/25/93

OIEN5 passes the MP0.8 detector at Blandon with some four axle power. GP40-2's and B40-8's were the main locomotives used on MAIL trains until the C40-8W's and SD60M/I's came in, so it was somewhat unusual to see them on a freight in 1993.

 MP0.8 CR Reading Line

CR 3396

SPSE rounds the horseshoe curve in Middlefield, MA. as he nears MP 129 on Aug. 1, 1981. Trailing units are a bit differant.

CR 3398 at Altoona, PA in 1993

Conrail GP40-2 3398 is seen leading a westbound TV train up the east slope just west of Altoona, PA in 1993.

CR 3398 east TV 204 Endwell 05051994

A GP40-2 lead a pair of 6 axles past the pond adjacent to Watson Blvd as TV 204 makes its way to a crew change at Binghamton.

CR 3399 Tomkins Cove, NY 2/93

GP40-2 3399 leads TV-80 on its Friday only southbound trek on the River Line. Hoppers were set out for Orange Rockland Gas & Electric..

CR 3400 east at Bancroft, MA. on 12/27/80.

"Bug-eyed" GP40-2 3400 leads a varied lash-up on eastbound tonnage through Bancroft, MA. on Dec. 27, 1980.

CR 3400 in Huntington, MA. on 1/2/81.

GP40-2 3400 wheels eastbound tonnage along MASS Rt. 20 in Huntington, MA. on Jan. 2, 1981.

CR 3401 Duncannon, PA 4/85

Mail 9 westbound on track two at View... Conrail's 9th birthday...

CR 3402 at Lock Haven, PA, 2/1992

ENBU-8T is headed northbound through Lock Haven behind GP40-2s 3402 and 3376 on a cold February 1992 day. The intermodal on the head end would have been picked up off KW siding at CP Wye.

CR 3402 GP40-2 leads TV-204 through Girard Township, PA.

Conrail 3402 leads eastbount TV-204 through Girard Township, PA. on track number one.

CR 3403 at Leetsdale, PA

Conrail 3403 crosses over at Leets while a local trundles past on the eastbound main.

CR 3403 on TV6 Seneca, NY 5/27/94

TV-6 with the last GP40-2 passes ELBU behind a set of Santa Fe power led by ATSF 2899 at Bayview.

CR 5025 Tomkins Cove, NY 7/93

TV-LA makes its daily except Monday run to Chicago and west.

CR 5050 West TV 79 Dewitt 03/18/1995

TV 79 rolls 74 cars past the Syracuse Amtrak station, at the time out near Dewitt Yard, behind the usual mix of 4 axle GE's and EMD's.

CR 5067 Bergenfield, NJ 2/93

ALSE-0 runs siding to main @ CP10 and approaches New Bridge Road, Bergenfield, NJ on a cold February day.. No FATHEADS here!!!

CR 5070 East TV 12 Dewitt 03/18/1995

Another mixed set of GE's and EMD's rolls 35 platforms and 69 TOFC of TV 12 toward the Amtrak station. TV 12, and counterpart TV 11 once were mainstays on the ex PRR via Harrisburg and Conway, but in the early 90's were moved to the ex NYC.

CR 6030 Ravena, NY 8/83

Near the end of its run, PYSE-6a rolls up the main at Ravena, NY. The 6030 looks like it's near retirement minus all the Conrail markings.

CR 6081 west ML 401 Waverly 02181995

ML 401 rolls 108 racks west past the model railroad backdrop of Waverly on a sunny but cold February day.

CR 6121 east TV 202 Waverly O'Briens 02181995

TV 202 rolls east along the cliff just west of Waverly, under the familiar sign on top of the hill for O'Brien's Inn, a longstanding familiar sight for travelers heading east on NY 17. The photo is taken from a hillside adjacent to the Exit 60 off ramp.

CR 6179 east TV 202 Binghamton 04301995

TV 202 rolls its stack across the Chenango River bridge to a stop shortly ahead, seen from the flood wall on the east side of the river. There will be a quick crew change, and the train will once again be rolling toward Croxton.

CR 6374 leads SEPY-9 at Manville, NJ in September of 1980

Conrail Potomac Yard bound SEPY-9 leaves the former Lehigh Valley Lehigh Line to enter the former Reading Trenton Line passing the Un-Coupled In Motion Scale at Manville, NJ Yard 9/09/1980

CR 6442 west OIBU 01311984

OIBU with a pair of 40's, one an SD, the other a GP, wait for a commuter train at Port Jervis before heading to Sparrow Bush and the Delaware Division. They won't see Binghamton til long after dark today. The signal is the distant board for BC, where the double track through town goes to single as it climbs toward Otisville.

CR 6458 on the Monongahela RR in 1991

SD40-2s 6458 and 6443 and a third unit in what appears to be UP paint pull a coal train somewhere on the Monongahela Railroad in 1991.

CR 6469 and CR6509 Horseshoe Curve 1990

SD 40-2s 6469 and 6509 lead a train up the Alleghenies around Horseshoe Curve in 1991.

CR 6561 north SYMS Clay 03181995

SYMS rolls north under the NY 481 overpass in the Town of Clay on its way to Massena with 81 cars.

CR 6702 West Brownsville, PA 2/90

Two Conrail powered trains wait for the crews to take them south to the mines for loading.

CR 7710-3323 Rockville 08301994

A pair of EMD's roll across Rockville Bridge.

CR 7722 east UNE Johnson City 09171994

A trio of EMD's have 87 loaded hoppers at a breakneck 10 MPH on the ex DLW main through Johnson City as they head to the NYSEG Goudy Station on what has since 1959 been the Vestal Spur, first after DLW abandoned their main line from the west side of Binghamton to Corning in favor of trackage rights on the Erie, through the EL years, and now into Conrail. The remaining customers on the line, which now extends only as far as Old Vestal Rd in Vestal, are the NYSEG Goudy plant, where these cars were unloaded, and National Pipe and Plastic, across the Susquehanna in Vestal. Every time I saw this line-which was almost daily-I would imagine a pair of DLW E 8's skimming through with Phoebe, or a brace of F 3's with a long freight. Hard to picture from this view. Interestingly, a couple years after NS got the line, it put a serious effort into tie replacement. I'm betting there had been no programmed track maintenance on the line since EL days, perhaps not even then. Conrail restricted the line to 4 axle power, and it was not uncommon to see a solo GP 38 or 40, sometimes a B23-7, depending on what local power was in favor at the time, with 45 car cuts here. NS was intent on using C40-8's for just about everything, even locals,and would run road power down to NYSEG. I have shots of C40's and SD60's here bringing loaded coal trains to the plant. It was for naught, as the plant closed a few years later, when it became uneconomical to operate, and too expensive to retrofit for pollution controls. The future of the Vestal Spur is now in question.

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