Conrail's GP-40's came from Penn Central where they were assigned CR series 3000-3274. By 1995, Conrail retired and sold off all their GP-40's except one (CR 3264).

BM 324 and 325 (ex CR 3234 and 3235) at East Deerfield East on 3/31/84.

A light engine move at East Deerfield yard on March 31, 1984 contains two consecutively numbered ex ConRail GP40's, the 3234/BM324 and 3235/BM325.

BM 3244 (ex CR 3244) at Miller's Falls on 3/3/84.

Ex CR GP40 3244 in MELA near Miller's Falls on March 3, 1984. The 3244 would become BM 335.

BM 325 (ex CR 3235) at Greenfield, MA. on 2/18/84.

CR GP40 3235 still wears it's "white-line" after going to B&M/Guilford. It is in train MERU at Greenfield, MA. on Feb. 18, 1984. It will be renumbered BM 325.

BM 325 (ex CR 3235) at Greenfield, MA. on 2/18/84.

"White-lined" ex CR 3235 in B&M train MERU at Greenfield, MA. on Feb. 18, 1984. The 3235 would become BM 325.

BM 327 (ex CR 3139) at Montague, MA. on 2/25/84

B&M 327, ex CR GP40 3139, second out in MERU rounding the big curve in Montague, MA. on Feb. 25, 1984.

BM 333 (ex CR 3254) at East Deerfield, MA. on 8/3/84.

Ex ConRail GP40 3254/BM 333 leads a mixed bag of power for B&M train BASE at East Deerfield, MA. on Aug. 3, 1984.

BM 336 (ex CR 3249) at Montague, MA. on 9/1/84.

Ex CR GP40 3249/BM 336 is second out on SEPO at Montague station in Montague, MA. on Sept. 1, 1984. Trailing is MEC 290, a former D&H U23-B which recieved a one-of-a-kind paint job of solid gray, earning it the nickname of "the gray ghost".

BM 337 (ex CR 3258) at East Deerfield, MA. on 2/18/84.

Ex CR GP40 3258 gets "shoved around" at East Deerfield West on Feb. 18, 1984 by the west end switcher, "class unit" SW-9 1220, still wearing it's "classic" maroon and gold B&M livery. The 3258 would be renumbered to B&M 337.

CNW 5535 Beaver Falls, PA 2/7/98

CNW 5535 is seen on CSX rails at Beaver Falls PA on 2/7/98. Unit is ex CR 3047/PC 3047/NYC 3047.

CR 2190 Manville, NJ 2/79

BBA-1 accelerates to track speed passing a still active Johns-Manville Corp., Manville, NJ

CR 2289 in Chester, MA. on 10/17/80. (1)

The extra 2289 west crosses the ca. 1840 double stone arch at mile 128.25 in Chester, MA. on Oct.17, 1980. Whistler's Western (RR) was built to last from the get-go.

CR 2628 Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 4/77

U25B 2628 leads BAR GP38 87 and GP40 3053 on FM-4 as it approaches the "Dye Works" crossing, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

CR 2652 Feura Bush, NY 7/78

SYSE-1 approaches CP-136 Feura Bush, NY behind a U25B and GP40

CR 2783 West Englewood, NJ 2/77

U23B 2783 ex Lehigh Valley 507 leads eight other locomotives on WV-2 in emergency @ mp10 West Englewood, NJ

CR 2808 in Middlefield, MA. on 12/30/82. (2)

Three GP-40/-2's, including the 3002, aid the 2808 with PWSE in Middlefield, MA. on Dec. 30, 1982.

CR 2816 in Washington, MA. on 7/23/83. (2)

GP40 3253 in the trail on SPSE in Washington, MA. on July 23, 1983.

CR 2949 Hagerstown, MD 7-24-1978

A trio of U-boats, led by CR U33B 2949, and GP-40 3624 wait for assignment near Hagerstown, MD in July, 1978.

CR 3001 Grazierville, PA 1993

Conrail GP40 3001 is seen running light westbound at Grazierville, PA in 1993.

CR 3001 Morrisville, PA 1981

CR 2222 and CR 3001 are back on their way at Morrisville, PA in 1981.

CR 3003 Canisteo, NY 5/4/1986

The Carson bridge just East of Canisteo makes a nice vantage point for CR stack train TV-302. It was nice to see that older GP40 on the point. Because of the ex EL right of way being engineered to accomodate larger loads, the Southern Tier initially was the route that all stack trains used in NY. Once CR finished its clearance improvement project on the old NYC main, these trains were moved to that routing.

CR 3003 Chester, MA 4-5-1982

CR SPCP-5 rolling west through Chester, MA on the Boston line with a train consisting largely of B&M/CV traffic brought down the Conn River line to Springfield, MA. Monday, 5 April 1982.

CR 3003 W. Springfield, MA 4-5-1982

This westbound manifest is stopped, awaiting orders at the W.Springfield, MA yard, 5 Apr 1982.

CR 3004 Addison, NY 8/23/1986

TV-201 passes the tall semaphore that was just West of the village of Addison.

CR 3004 Leads ELBN Past Union Ave Tower in 1989

Conrail train ELBN (Elkhart, IN.-Cicero,IL.) has just passed Union Ave Tower on it's way to the Burlington Northern at Cicero, Illinois.

CR 3004 Middlefield, MA 4/27/83

CR 3004 leads a gaggle of GP-40's with TV6 near the "art colony" in Middlefield, MA. on April 27, 1983.

CR 3006 Hershey, PA 9-7-1992

Conrail GP40 3006 is in charge of OIEN as it makes a pick-up at Hershey, PA on 9/7/1992

CR 3006 Lock Haven, PA 1/1990

CR 3006, ex-PC 3006, nee-NYC 3006 is seen on the point of a coal drag at Lock Haven, PA in January 1990.

CR 3007 at Altoona

A slew of retired power at Rose Yard in Altoona, PA includes Conrail GP35s 3624 (ex-RDG 3624), 3649 (ex-RDG 3649), and 3650 (ex-RDG 3650), as well as GP40 3007 (ex-PC 3007). Also stored are SW9s, GP9s, GP40s, SW1200s, and U23Bs.

CR 3007 Enola, PA 9-5-1983

CR blue far outnumber ex-PC black at Enola as GP-40 3007 waits for assignment.

CR 3007 Enola, PA 9-5-1983

CR GP-40 3007 and GP-40-2 3383 roll hoppers into Enola in September, 1983.

CR 3009 Hornell, NY 8/1977

TV-77 blasts up the grade out of Hornell on the line to Meadville.

CR 3011 Altoona, PA 7-24-1978

Waiting for clearance, CR GP-38-2 8179 leads a quartet of black and blue units, including GP40 3011, at Altoona in July, 1978.

CR 3016

Former PC/NYC 3016 was at Sloan, NY on 2/17/77. It went to Precision National on lease return in 7/80, then later in 1980 became CNW 5506, to UP 637 on 5/9/96, to UP 691 on 7/23/97, then to UP 9968 on 6/14/00, retired by UP on 6/20/01. (Info from Don Strack's excellent UtahRails.net site).

CR 3020

Former PC/NYC 3020 was at Delray Tower, Detroit, MI in September 1976.

It went to Precision National on lease return in 7/80, then later in 1980 became CNW 5510.  It was retired by UP on 7/25/00 without being renumbered and was sold to NRE in Mount Vernon, IL. (Info from Don Strack's excellent UtahRails.net site).

CR 3030

Former PC/NYC 3030 was at Cheektowaga, NY on 4/8/77.

It went to Precision National on lease return in 7/80, then later in 1980 became CNW 5519. It was retired by CNW on 8/9/89 and sold to Helm. It was rebuilt for UP in 2/90 and became UP 882. "UP 882 suffered fire damage by vandals in late March 1992, and was retired on 28 April 1992; returned to Helm Financial on 17 March 1993; rebuilt by AMF Transport to KCS GP40-2 4755; completed on 8 April 1994." (Info from Don Strack's excellent UtahRails.net site).

CR 3031 Suffern NY 7/1977

CR 3031, GTW 5921 & CR 6097, still in bicentenial paint, lead a Ford Extra at Suffern NY in Jult of 1977.

CR 3039 Springfield, MA 10-5-1977

GP40 3039 leads a southbound out of the Columbus Ave Yard in Springfield, MA in the early afternoon of 5 October 1977.

CR 3040 Bancroft, MA 1978

A quartet of EMD units led by ex-PC(NYC) GP40 3040 bring an eastbound TV around the curve at Bancroft, MA on the Boston Line during 1978.

CR 3043 Altoona, PA 5-22-1977

GP40 3043 and U25B 2656 roll a TV train down the Curve on May 22, 1977.

CR 3044 Mahwah, NJ 3/78

CR 3044, 3309 & 1763 lead FM-4 at Mahwah NJ in March of 1978.

CR 3052 Chester, MA 10/1978

CR 3052 and 3187 leading the usual "dog's breakfast" that was common on the B&A in the early ConRail years with a westbound at Chester, MA. in October, 1978.

CR 3052 Gallitzin, PA 1981

Conrail SD40-2 6461 and GP40 3052 (ex-PC 3052, nee-NYC 3052) are pulling an eastbound mixed freight into Gallitzin, PA in 1981.

CR 3053

Former PC/NYC 3053 was at Sloan, NY on 4/15/77.

CR 3053 Allentown, PA 12-1988

CR C36-7 6639 leads GP-40 3053 and B23-7 1933 through Allentown yard in December, 1988.

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