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Penn Central GP38 road switchers were turned over to Conrail and became part of the CR 7600-7939 series. Conrail's impressive fleet of EMD GP-38's could be found almost anywhere, from yard and local duty to hauling mainline freights.

Built between January 1966 and December 1971, Penn Central's 270 2,000hp 16 cylinder-powered units were assigned series 2010-2014 (CR reassigned to 7670-7674) and 7675-7939.  Of PRSL's original order of 15 GP38's, Conrail's inherited 10 units were reassigned from PRSL 2000-2009 to CR series 7660-7669. 

For more information about CR 7635, Conrail's GP35 turned GP38, read the "Conrail Rebuilt a GP35 into a GP38" Conrail Fact.

ENCC-9 GP38 7826 Waverly 5 Newark, NJ

ENCC (Enola, Pa-Chemical Coast)9 @ Waverly 5 Yard Newark, NJ

GP38 7879 West Haverstraw, NY

GP38 7879 idles on the freight house siding @ West Haverstraw, NY

P&LE 2038 (CR 7776) at Montague, MA. on 7/23/86.

A gaggle of P&LE GP38's and one lone D&H (ex RDG) GP39-2 lead eastbound tonnage through Montague station on July 23, 1986. And, what you may ask, is a photo of P&LE units doing here, besides the fact that the first two units are obviously ex CR? So happens that the lead unit, the 2038, is formerly CR 7776, the BiCentennial unit.

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