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Penn Central GP38 road switchers were turned over to Conrail and became part of the CR 7600-7939 series. Conrail's impressive fleet of EMD GP-38's could be found almost anywhere, from yard and local duty to hauling mainline freights.

Built between January 1966 and December 1971, Penn Central's 270 2,000hp 16 cylinder-powered units were assigned series 2010-2014 (CR reassigned to 7670-7674) and 7675-7939.  Of PRSL's original order of 15 GP38's, Conrail's inherited 10 units were reassigned from PRSL 2000-2009 to CR series 7660-7669. 

For more information about CR 7635, Conrail's GP35 turned GP38, read the "Conrail Rebuilt a GP35 into a GP38" Conrail Fact.

CR 7885 Allentown, PA 12-1988

Ex-PC GP38 7885 works Allentown yard in December, 1988.

CR 7885 climbs upgrade at Tunnell Hill, 3/78

A WB manifest climbs upgrade at Tunnel Hill, PA on 3/19/78 with two GP38s and a SD40-2.

CR 7885 in Chester, MA. on 2/12/88.

GP38 7885 and a B23-7 have TV80W in hand passing the depot at Chester, MA. on Feb. 12, 1988.

CR 7887 inside Juniata in 1993

Conrail GP38 7887 is seen inside the Juniata Shops during a 1993 tour.

CR 7888 4-14-94 Altoona, PA

CR GP38 7888 in fresh quality paint at JLS in Altoona, PA on April 14, 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 7889 11-23-96 Easton, PA

Conrail 7889 11-23-96 Easton, PA on XFM-575

CR 7890 Huntingdon, PA 1992

Conrail GP38 7890 is seen running light westbound past HUNT tower in Huntingdon, PA in 1992.

CR 7891 Altoona, PA 7-24-1978

A trio of ex-PC power, GP-38 7891, GP-40 3119, and GP-38 7716 pull freight through Altoona in July, 1978.

CR 7891 leads COCI-5 at MP-8 on the former PRR main in Beavercreek Ohio. 2/83

Westbound COCI-5 on February 5, 1983. The track to the right is the out-of-service B&O Wellston Subdivision. Photo is looking east at MP-8 ( from Xenia ) on the PRR main from North Fairfield Road in Beavercreek, Ohio.

CR 7892 Waverly, NY 5-26-1976

Three PC units power TV79, a train which two months prior (CX99) would have been pulled by EL power.

CR 7896 and CR 2007 at Duncannon

Conrail GP38 7896 (ex-PC 7896) and B23-7 2007 are leaning into the curve in Duncannon with a unit grain train in 1982.

CR 7898 at Altoona, PA

CR GP38 7898 with yellow pilots for enhanced visibility operation in a high traffic area. It was assigned to the Bayway refinery in Linden, NJ. Shown at JLS in Altoona, PA in fresh paint on November 1st, 1993. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 7898 Boston Line on 8/1/81

One of BOEL's crew is taking in the fresh air as the train assaults the grade through Bancroft, MA.

CR 7898 Clone of Boston Line on 8/1/81

BOEL crosses the East Branch of the Westfield River in Huntington, MA. on Aug. 1, 1981. This is the only crossing of the East branch, as it heads north from here, whereas the railroad follows the West branch in a northwesterly direction. That matched set of PC black GP38's immediately caught my eye.

CR 7898 GP38 With Experimental Yellow Pilot

Another view of GP38 7898 in fresh paint at JLS on November 1, 1993. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 7903 and 2013 at East Deerfield, MA. on 10/9/82. (1)

Mixed group of CR, D&H, and B&M power departs East Deerfield for North Adams to pick up a coal train on Oct. 9, 1982.

CR 7905 Cumberland, MD 5/89

Former PC 7905 was second out on an eastbound coal drag departing Cumberland, MD on 5/20/89.

CR 7906 east WAFU12 Dewitt 09021994

WAFU12, behind a non typical pair of GP 38's, rolls into Dewitt with 30 inbound cars from the Fulton Secondary. It will swap them here for cars going to the branch, then make a short jaunt on the Chicago Line to CP 293 over at Solvay, then home to Fulton.

CR 7908 - GP38 at Shiremanstown, PA

Former PC 7908 resting at Shiremanstown, PA on 11/26/1988.

CR 7909 Chicago transfer 03201984

I was coming out of a Mc Donalds on the west side of Chicago, and caught this train purely by chance. It's on the ex PRR Panhandle Line with a local.

CR 7910 Altoona, PA 3-13-1981

CR SD-40-2 6378 (1977-built) leads GP-38 7910 and SD-45 6177 racing piggybacks up Horseshoe Curve in March, 1981.

CR 7910 Altoona, PA 3-13-1981

CR SD-40-2 6378 (1977-built) leads GP-38 7910 and SD-45 6177 racing piggybacks up track 2 past a mixed freight at Horseshoe Curve in March, 1981.

CR 7911 (GP38)

Former PC 7911 was at the engine terminal in South Philly, PA on 8/7/82. It would be renumbered to NS 2950 at the split, and was rebuilt to GP38-2 NS 5638 in May 2006.

CR 7912 Sayre, PA 2/12/1978

Ex PC, EL, & LV power out number blue engines at Sayre.

CR 7913 Conway, PA 8-8-1977

The Conway engine terminal power lineup included CR SD40 6297 (ex-PC 6044), leased BAR GP38 88, and GP38 7913 in August, 1977.

CR 7913 Conway, PA 8-8-1977

A six unit engine move at Conway in August, 1977 includes a CR blue GP9, an ex-PC GP38, SD40 6297 (ex-PC 6044), and GP38 7913, and leased BAR GP38 88.

CR 7917 - GP38 at Shiremanstown, PA

Former PC 7917 is seen at Shiremanstown, PA on 2/18/1984.

CR 7918 - GP38 at Shiremanstown, PA

Former PC 7918 rests at Shiremanstown, PA on 2/18/1984.

CR 7918 - GP38 at Shiremanstown, PA

Former PC 7918 rests at Shiremanstown, PA on 2/18/1984.

CR 7919 - GP38 at Shiremanstown, PA

Former PC 7919 coupled to N20 caboose CR 22139 on a siding at Shiremanstown, PA on 2/18/1984.

CR 7920 at Mt. Victory, OH

Westbound Conrail work train with the 7920 as its lone power east of Mt. Victory, OH on June 25, 1996

CR 7926 Middlefield, MA. on 3/22/86

Although not readily visible in the photo, BOEL's head end is crossing the Westfield River and the town line into Becket, MA. on March 22, 1986.

CR 7932 (GP38)

Former PC 7932 was on an eastbound at Belmont Jct, Phila. PA on 3/3/84. At the split, unit went to CSX 1994, then was traded to LLPX 2623, then rebuilt as GP38-2 GMTX 2623.

CR 7964 at East Deerfield, MA. on 9/25/82. (2)

Empty coal train, probably a UBO, departs East Deerfield West late in the afternoon of Sept. 25, 1982 with a solid ConRail power set.

CR 7982 in Hinsdale, MA on 7/18/81

N5C cabin car 23007 tucked in behind the power is a sure indication this is SENH. Also a good look at that U23-C as the train tops the grade in Hinsdale center, MA. on July 18, 1981.

CR 7997 at Ash Street Bridge

Conrail GP38-2 No. 7997 has a short eastbound train on the former PRR Panhandle bridge at Ash Street in Chicago, IL back in March 1979. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 8090 Harrisburg, PA 7-9-1977

A ground shaking rumble in Harrisburg revealed 10 CR units pulling freight on an overcast July, 1977 day! Rolling quickly through, I captured the last seven units in this picture.

The entire consist included leading unit CR SD-45 6163 followed by SD-35 6009, an unidentified third unit, GP-38-2 8090, PC U25B 2636, GP-38-2 8124, SD-40 6288, SDP-45 6696, GP-38 7806, and trailing SDP-45 6697.

CR 8097 Rotterdam Jct., NY 2/86

SERJ-8 starts to cross over from track 2 to track 1 with cars for the Boston & Maine @ Rotterdam Jct., NY

CR 8106 in Washington, MA. on 7/23/83. (2)

GP38 7788, still in PC "blecchh", trails in NHSE in Washington, MA. on July 23, 1983.

CR 8107 HorseShoe Curve 10/81

GP38-2 8107 leads a four unit helper set ahead of TV61's three unit road power.

CR 8111 at Becket, MA. on Oct. 17, 1981.

CR 8111 leads westbound RISE past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on Oct. 17, 1981.

CR 8151 in Middlefield, MA. on 11/8/80. (1)

The extra 8151 rounds the horseshoe at mile 128.8 in Middlefield, MA. on Nov. 8, 1980. This is the east end of the "new location" and the open area at right and foreground is the old R.O.W. which curves inside the present one.

CR7901 Selkirk

In 1992 the Mohawk & Hudson chapter of NRHS had a tour of the facilities at Selkirk. This is a horrible picture of GP38 7901 in the light repair facility there. Why share a horrible picture? How often do you get to see the inside of a locomotive repair facility?

CRL 323 (GP38)

Former IC/GM&O, recently sold to Conrail. Taken Sep/Oct 1994.

CRL 345 (ex CR 7824) 1-16-95 Altoona, PA

CR lease fleet 345 (ex PLE 2041, exx CR 7824, nee PC 7824) shown in it's previous owner's scheme as some of the lease units never received the 'blue dip' paint job. Shown at JLS in Altoona, PA on Jan 16th, 1995. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik

ENCC-9 GP38 7826 Waverly 5 Newark, NJ

ENCC (Enola, Pa-Chemical Coast)9 @ Waverly 5 Yard Newark, NJ

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