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Penn Central GP38 road switchers were turned over to Conrail and became part of the CR 7600-7939 series. Conrail's impressive fleet of EMD GP-38's could be found almost anywhere, from yard and local duty to hauling mainline freights.

Built between January 1966 and December 1971, Penn Central's 270 2,000hp 16 cylinder-powered units were assigned series 2010-2014 (CR reassigned to 7670-7674) and 7675-7939.  Of PRSL's original order of 15 GP38's, Conrail's inherited 10 units were reassigned from PRSL 2000-2009 to CR series 7660-7669. 

For more information about CR 7635, Conrail's GP35 turned GP38, read the "Conrail Rebuilt a GP35 into a GP38" Conrail Fact.

CR 7691 west pusher Washington Mass 08131985

The helper set we saw earlier from a distance now rolls under the bridge at the Berkshire Summit.

CR 7698 Shiremanstown, PA 8-13-1986

Former PC 7698 rests on a siding at Shiremanstown, PA on 8/13/1986.

CR 7706 Altoona, PA 1981

A 1981 view of the turntable are behind the Juniata E&M shop shows CR 6670 (ex-EL 3639) and CR 7706 (ex-PC 7706) along with a pair of unidentified CR pups.

CR 7707 Altoona, PA 3-20-1995

CR GP38 7707 at JLS in Altoona, PA on March 20th, 1995.

Photo by Terry Nardella, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 7710-3323 Rockville 08301994

A pair of EMD's roll across Rockville Bridge.

CR 7716 Altoona, PA 7-24-1978

A trio of ex-PC power, GP-38 7891, GP-40 3119, and GP-38 7716 pull freight through Altoona in July, 1978.

CR 7721 at Clly, OH 9/83

CR 7721 is seen at Clly, OH in Sept of 1986.

CR 7721 Lansdale, PA 1992

Conrail GP38 7721 is seen shifting cars at Lansdale, PA in 1992.

CR 7721 Lansdale, PA 1992

Conrail GP38 7721 is seen shifting cars at Lansdale, PA in 1992.

CR 7721 Lansdale, PA 1992

Conrail GP38 7721 is seen shifting cars at Lansdale, PA in 1992.

CR 7721 North Manchester, IN Winter, 1977

CR GP38 7721 sits derailed at North Manchester, IN in the winter of 1977. Kim Heusel photo with permission

CR 7722 east UNE Johnson City 09171994

A trio of EMD's have 87 loaded hoppers at a breakneck 10 MPH on the ex DLW main through Johnson City as they head to the NYSEG Goudy Station on what has since 1959 been the Vestal Spur, first after DLW abandoned their main line from the west side of Binghamton to Corning in favor of trackage rights on the Erie, through the EL years, and now into Conrail. The remaining customers on the line, which now extends only as far as Old Vestal Rd in Vestal, are the NYSEG Goudy plant, where these cars were unloaded, and National Pipe and Plastic, across the Susquehanna in Vestal. Every time I saw this line-which was almost daily-I would imagine a pair of DLW E 8's skimming through with Phoebe, or a brace of F 3's with a long freight. Hard to picture from this view. Interestingly, a couple years after NS got the line, it put a serious effort into tie replacement. I'm betting there had been no programmed track maintenance on the line since EL days, perhaps not even then. Conrail restricted the line to 4 axle power, and it was not uncommon to see a solo GP 38 or 40, sometimes a B23-7, depending on what local power was in favor at the time, with 45 car cuts here. NS was intent on using C40-8's for just about everything, even locals,and would run road power down to NYSEG. I have shots of C40's and SD60's here bringing loaded coal trains to the plant. It was for naught, as the plant closed a few years later, when it became uneconomical to operate, and too expensive to retrofit for pollution controls. The future of the Vestal Spur is now in question.

CR 7726 at Delmar, DE 3/28/98

CR 7726 is seen at Delmar, DE on 3/28/98.

CR 7726 at Delmar, DE 3/28/98.

CR 7726 is seen at Delmar, DE on 3/28/98.

CR 7726 Stony Point, NY 7-29-1991

CR DNDA-8 (Detroit North Yard-Doremus Avenue) southbound @ Stoney Point, NY

CR 7730 New Baltimore, NY 12/91

Local freight WPKI-90 makes a run for Selkirk, NY

CR 7734 at Canaan Center, NY on 8/2/91

Conrail GP38 7734 is in charge of an eastbound track geometry train that has just exited State Line tunnel on the Boston Line near Canaan Center, NY on 2 August 1991.

CR 7735 at Stoney Creek, PA 3/1/98

CR 7735 is seen in OLS paint at Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA on 3/1/98.

CR 7735 at Stoney Creek, PA 3/1/98

CR 7735 is seen in OLS paint at Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA on 3/1/98.

CR 7737 at Delmar, DE 3/28/98

CR 7737 & CR 21292 are seen at Delmar, DE on 3/28/98.

CR 7738 Bayard, OH 05-1984

A neat little train, this MofW extra consisted of a GP-38 on each end with 2 PC boxcars, 1 EL baggage car, and 1 PC coach between.

Shown heading west on the Cleveland Line at Bayard, Ohio in May 1984.

CR 7740 Rutherford, PA 3-17-1984

Former PC 7740 and two Geeps lead a freight at Rutherford, PA on 3/17/1984. Check out the stored NYC 50' boxcar.

CR 7740 Rutherford, PA 3-17-1984

Former PC 7740 and two Geeps lead a freight at Rutherford, PA on 3/17/1984. Note the rare green CR boxcar stored in the yard.

CR 7741 at Stoney Creek, PA 9/15/98

CR 7741 is seen at Conrail's Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA on 9/15/98.

CR 7743 & 2741 are leading a ballast train past the Sam Rea Shops in Hollidaysburg, PA. 9-84

A ballast train is passing the Sam Rea Car Shops. A plethora of Conrail box cars are waiting to be worked on. GP38 7743 & U23B 2741 are leading. 3:30PM on 9-29-84 in Hollidaysburg, PA.

CR 7743 Bethlehem, PA 9-29-1985

Former PC 7743 is seen at Bethlehem, PA on 9/29/1985.

CR 7743 Pitcairn, PA 10-8-1977

Former PC GP38 7743 rests between assignments at Pitcairn in October, 1977.

CR 7743 Richland, NJ 11-24-1989

Conrail GP38 7743 is leading a WPCA-31X on the Beesley's Point Secondary at Richland, NJ on 11/24/1989.

CR 7744 West Brownsville, PA 8-27-1988

Former PC 7744 at West Brownsville, PA on 8/27/1988.

CR 7747 at East Deerfield, MA. on 4/2/83. (1)

CR GP38 7747 leads a ConRail lash-up on a westbound empty UBO coal train at East Deerfield, MA. on April 2, 1983.

CR 7747 at Greenfield, MA. on 4/2/83. (2)

Westbound empty UBO coal train approaching Wisdom Way overhead bridge in Greenfield, MA. behind a solid set of CR power on April 2, 1983.

CR 7747 Selkirk, NY 7-1-1978

The Albany Port Job rolls of the Albany port Branch and onto the Fast Freight @ CP-SK Selkirk, NY

CR 7754 Enola, PA 5-7-1977

CR GP-38 7754 and RDG GP-35 3634 wait for assignment at Enola in May, 1977.

CR 7756 Enola, PA 8-10-1980

Former PC GP-38 7756 lined up with ex-PC GP-9 7048 and GP-7 5742 in the second line of power at Enola in August, 1980.

CR 7756 Morrisville, PA 4-6-1977

Late in the day, CR GP-10 7570 and GP-38 7756 rest at Morrisville in April, 1977.

CR 7762 Cresson, PA 5/28/1978

It's harsh mid day light, but still worth taking a shot of this mix of power. A GP-38 leads an F7B unit of PC (and D&RGW) heritage, an EL SDP-45 and another PC unit on this Westbound.

CR 7775 Clairton, PA 10/83

GP38's 7775, 78 and 76 pull a train into the siding at US Steels Clairton Works...

CR 7776

Here, compliments of member Pat Livingston, is a picture of CR GP38 7776 in its rare Bicentennial paint scheme. Unit was supposed to stay this way for a while, but it got accidentally repainted full CR blue a few months later.

CR 7781 Pitcairn, PA 8-20-1978

CR GP-38 7781 leads C425 2436 and mixed freight through Pitcairn, PA in August, 1978.

CR 7785 Rutherford, PA 11-12-1983

Former PC 7785 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 11/12/1983. Note the "CONRAIL" on the long hood rather than the usual "CR" and the odd numberboard font.

CR 7798 (GP38)

Former PC 7798 was on an eastbound at Belmont Jct, Phila. PA on 3/3/84. It was later sold to CMNW 2038, then to GWWR 2038, then to HLCX 3607.

CR 7799 Altoona, PA 5-22-1977

N-7A class 21790 (ex-NYC 20381) feels the pressure as CR GP38 7799 and GP35 2304 apply braking power to her train as they roll down the Curve on May 22, 1977.

Crowds of steam railfans were all around the Curve awaiting the arrival of RDG 4-8-4 #2101 and helper Cuyahoga Valley Line 2-8-2 #4070 later that day. 

CR 7801 Rochester, NY 3/18/1979

An Eastbound freight is working Goodman Street Yard.

CR 7803 Elizabethport, NJ 11-18-1978

Former PC GP-38 7803 outside the Elizabethport locomotive shops in November, 1978.

CR 7806 at Enola on 12/26/82. (1)

ENPI-6X, led by CR 7806, passes the "pimple" at the west end of Enola yard on Dec. 26, 1982. The pimple was evidently used for temporary spotting of cabooses which were than rolled down onto the end of departing westbounds.

CR 7806 at Enola on 12/26/82. (2)

ENPI-6X backing in to get his train past the "pimple" at Enola west end on Dec.26, 1982.

CR 7806 Harrisburg, PA 7-9-1977

A ground shaking rumble in Harrisburg revealed 10 CR units pulling freight on a dark July, 1977 day! Here, the last four units, led by CR SD-40 6288 (ex-CNJ 3064), pound by.

The entire consist included leading unit CR SD-45 6163 followed by SD-35 6009, an unidentified third unit, GP-38-2 8090, PC U25B 2636, GP-38-2 8124, SD-40 6288, SDP-45 6696, GP-38 7806, and trailing SDP-45 6697.

CR 7810

CR 7810, CR 8144 and CR 2774 are seen at a unknown location.

CR 7812 Rathbone, NY 4/30/1978

A trio of plain black geeps hustle an Eastbound around the big curve at Saunders Road.

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