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The most populated series on the EMD side of the CR roster were the 223 GP38-2's inherited from Penn Central. Conrail also purchased 115 brand new GP38-2's between 1977 and 1979. The entire roster filled the 7940 to 8281 block. The four-axle units churned out 2,000hp and were regulars in all types of service.

Equipped with plows on both ends, several were cleared for use at the PP&L Strawberry Ridge, PA power plant (8040 and 8064) and others were equipped with bi-directional cab arrangements (8154 and 8162). The PC GP38-2s were built without anti-climbers. Conrail's 8163 froward order included the anti-climbers. A small handful of other subtle differences can be found when comparing the different orders such as the fuel spout revision, nose ventilation lovers, an additional latch to the control compartment door, etc.

CR 8274 on the wye with WHWA01 at Bowie, MD, 03/12/93

WHWA01 shoves north off the wye at Bowie with CR 9416/CR 9415/CR 8274 and then heads south back to Benning Yard. 03/12/93

CR 8274 pulls in the clear in Landover MD, 3/93

Conrail local WHWA01 is about to work Dixie Plywood in the Pennsy Drive area of Landover/Ardwick on 03/17/93. Here, the 8274 pulls in the clear and the 9416 will actually spot the cars on the track to the right.

CR 8275 in Bancroft, MA. on 3/13/82. (1)

GP38-2 8275 leading RESE at the arch spanning Factory Brook and Town Hill Rd. in Bancroft, MA. on March 13, 1982.

CR 8276 Camp Hill PA, 12/21/1986

Norfolk Southern run-through power was often a frequent find on ENRO and ROEN, the NS interchange trains from Enola to Roanoke. Here a high hood GP lends some muscle to the southbound ENRO working through Camp Hill PA.

CR 8279 Bethlehem, PA 12-17-1988

CR 8279, a phase II 1979-built GP38-2, rests at a quiet Bethlehem engine terminal in December, 1988.

CR 8280 & 8281 at Edgemoor, DE 5/98

CR 8280 & 8281 are seen at Conrail's Edgemoor Yard in Edgemoor, DE in May of 1998.

CR 8280 at Bayview, MD in 2/92

CR 8280 works the south end of the yard at Bay View while CR 8278 idles alongside.

CR 8280 at Bayview, MD in 2/92

CR 8280 passes the yard tower as it works the south end of the yard at Bay View.

CR 8280 at Edgemoor, DE 5/98

CR 8280 is seen at Edgemoor, DE in May of 1998.

CR 8280 at Stoney Creek, PA 12/28/97

CR 8280 is seen at Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA on 12/28/97.

CR 8281 at Edgemoor, DE 5/98

CR 8281 is seen at Edgemoor, DE in May of 1998.

CR 8281 Perryville, MD 5-9-1981

PYSE-9 crossing the Susquehanna River @ Perryville, MD

CR 8283 leased to NJDOT for extra power on a Raritan Line train, at Penn Station Newark.

Conrail GP38-2, 8283, leased to NJDOT for extra power, and is assigned here, to a former CNJ Raritan Line train, at Penn Station Newark. The lightweight cars are former Missouri Pacific, and Texas & Pacific, ACF-built, aluminum coaches, which were train-lined for push-pull service, and so had a heavyweight, CNJ, arch-roof, cab/coach on the West end, which would lead this train, out of town.

CR 9595 Upper Gwynedd PA 9-16-1995

Conrail WPAB-10, the local run from Lansdale to Abrams crosses over the old Sumneytown Pike Bridge in Upper Gwynedd PA.

CR GP38-2 8070 Bogota, NJ 11-28-1981

GP38-2 8070 powers a Camp Car Extra made up of the old and the new...

CR WNWS-5 in Huntington, MA. on 10/17/83. (1)

Barely patched GP38-2 8086 leads WNWS-5 beneath the Rt. 112 overhead in Huntington, MA. on the warmly lit evening of Oct. 17, 1983.

PC 8043 Milton, PA 7/77

PC GP38-2 8043 and CR U25B 2609 power UP48-b east at Milton, PA

PC 8067Saddle Brook, NJ 5/76

HB-3 rolls west at the Huber Corp siding behind a real mix/match bag.....

UBO-2A on 5/26/84. (5)

GP38-2 8175 has the trail on the UBO at Montague, MA.

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