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The most populated series on the EMD side of the CR roster were the 223 GP38-2's inherited from Penn Central. Conrail also purchased 115 brand new GP38-2's between 1977 and 1979. The entire roster filled the 7940 to 8281 block. The four-axle units churned out 2,000hp and were regulars in all types of service.

Equipped with plows on both ends, several were cleared for use at the PP&L Strawberry Ridge, PA power plant (8040 and 8064) and others were equipped with bi-directional cab arrangements (8154 and 8162). The PC GP38-2s were built without anti-climbers. Conrail's 8163 froward order included the anti-climbers. A small handful of other subtle differences can be found when comparing the different orders such as the fuel spout revision, nose ventilation lovers, an additional latch to the control compartment door, etc.

CR 8107 at Philadelphia PA 3/6/98

CR 8107 is seen at Philadelphia PA on 3/6/98. Note the crocked 7 on the cab.

CR 8107 HorseShoe Curve 10/81

GP38-2 8107 leads a four unit helper set ahead of TV61's three unit road power.

CR 8109 Bethlehem, PA 4-16-1977

PC GP-38-2's 8109 and 7965 wait for assignment at the Bethlehem engine terminal.

CR 8110 - GP38-2 at Cresson, PA

Former PC 8110 is seen at Cresson, PA on 12/20/1986. Note the "patch" style CR on the nose, although this was a full Conrail repaint.

CR 8110 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980

Former PC GP-38-2 8110 leads a trio of units with mixed freight through Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

CR 8111 GP-38-2 Toledo 09-87

The remains of a rainstorm the day before reflect this set of power at Stanley yard in Toledo, Ohio on Sept 19th, 1987. GP-38-2's 8111, 8216, and SW-7 9037 make up this set of power. 8111 would become NS 5300.

CR 8112 - GP38-2 at Cresson, PA

Former PC 8112 idling at Cresson, PA on 6/17/1984.

CR 8112 Bethlehem, PA 6-10-1978

CR GP38-2 8112, U36C 6587, and SDP45 6697 run light near Bethlehem in June, 1978.

CR 8112 in Becket, MA. on 11/27/81.

GP38-2 8112 is in charge of BOSE-7Y at MP 129 in Becket, MA. on Nov. 27, 1981.

CR 8113 (GP38-2)

Former PC 8113 with CR 8072 in the yard at Harrisburg, PA on 11/1/80.  Unit went to NS 5301 at the split.

CR 8113 - GP38-2 at Rutherford, PA

Former CR 8113, along with CR 7959 and 2752, lead a freight past the yard at Rutherford, PA on 9/8/1984.

CR 8113 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980 (1)

Former PC GP-38-2 8113 leads GP-35 2395 out of the tunnel at Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

CR 8113 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980 (2)

Former PC GP-38-2 8113 blasts out of the tunnel leading GP-35 2395 and another GP-38-2 at Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

CR 8114 at Porter, IN 9-1981

Conrail GP38-2 No. 8114 leads a westbound freight past Porter Tower, in September 1981. This was PO tower back in New York Central days. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 8114 Gallitzin, PA 5-28-1978

A Westbound train blasts out of one of the tunnels at Gallitzin.

CR 8115 1-10-94 Altoona, PA

CR GP38-2 8115 in the snow at JLS in Altoona, PA on January 10, 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 8115 at Denholm, PA

Conrail GP38-2 8115 (ex-PC 8115) is seen leading a train at the Demholm scales in 1982.

CR 8118 at Stoney Creek, PA 12/28/97

CR 8118 is seen along with other CR power at Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA on 12/28/97.

CR 8118 at Stoney Creek, PA 12/28/97

CR 8118 is seen at Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA on 12/28/97.

CR 8118 Gang Mills, NY 5/26/1986

BUOI works at Gang Mills.

CR 8119 at Stoney Creek, PA 12/28/97

CR 8119 is seen at Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA on 12/28/97.

CR 8119 leads ALEN7 at Allentown, PA 9/7/90

A GP38-2 brings Allentown-Enola manifest ALEN westbound through CP-BURN on September 7, 1990. Notice that this was clearly before the Basin St. grade crossing elimination project took place. Today, the roadbed is on a fill several feet above ground level here.

CR 8121 Bogota, NJ 5-4-1976

No patch outs yet as VW-1 operates siding to main south at CP-7.

CR 8121 in Westfield, MA. on 2/13/83.

CR 8121 leads BOSE westward at MP 107 in Westfield, MA. on Feb. 13, 1983.

CR 8122 - GP38-2 at Rutherford, PA

Former PC 8122 with CR 6282 at Rutherford, PA in July 1983.

CR 8122 in Washington, MA. on 2/19/83. (1)

CR 8122, the "VooDoo" engine, leads PWSE through Ballou's/MP 135 in Washington, MA. on Feb. 19, 1983.

CR 8123 at Pittsfield, MA. on 2/22/86.

GP38-2 8123 leads MBSE down off the west slope of Washington hill and into North Adams Jct. in Pittsfield, MA. on Feb. 22, 1986.

CR 8123 on WPAL11 at Phillipsburg, NJ 9/6/97

Three Geeps bring local freight WPAL11 through Phillipsburg in 1997.

CR 8124 Harrisburg, PA 7-9-1977

A ground shaking rumble in Harrisburg revealed 10 CR units pulling freight on a dark July, 1977 day! Rolling quickly through, I captured the last seven units in this picture.

The entire consist included leading unit CR SD-45 6163 followed by SD-35 6009, an unidentified third unit, GP-38-2 8090, PC U25B 2636, GP-38-2 8124, SD-40 6288, SDP-45 6696, GP-38 7806, and trailing SDP-45 6697.

CR 8125 Sayre, PA 8/21/1979

A welded rail train heads up the connector from Sayre to the Southern Tier at Waverly.

CR 8125 west Campbell Hall 02071984

An ex PC GP 38 is the power on this Campbell Hall based local, seen at the small yard there. In 2017, this is the connection to the East Penn Railways, which works the Montgomery Branch and a few other nearby lines. The station was completely rebuilt by Metro North, and is now a full length platform capable of handling the longer trains that now run here. In EL days, the commuters ran the old Main Line, via Goshen, Chester and Middletown, and this line, the Graham Line, was freight only. A year prior to this photo, an arrangement was reached where the tracks would come out on the old Main, and commuters be rerouted on the Graham Line. Now, there is a trail on part of the former Main, and all traffic runs here.

CR 8127 Sayre, PA 2/12/1978

A coal drag passes the Sayre station as it enters the yard.

CR 8128 in Hinsdale, MA. on 2/20/82.

CR 8128 et al have SEBO-B strung out across the Hinsdale flats as they approach the summit of Washington hill in Hinsdale, MA. on Feb. 20, 1982. The tangent is about a mile and a half long. The B&A's crossing of the Berkshires isn't ALL curves.

CR 8131 Ridgefield Park, NJ 12-1997

CR 8131 is the trailing unit of a light engine move at Ridgefield Park, NJ 12/1997

CR 8132

CR 8132 is seen leading a WB freight around Bennington Curve in Gallitzin PA.

CR 8132 in Middlefield, MA. in June, 1979.

8132 leads eastbound tonnage downgrade near MP 131 in Middlefield, MA. in June, 1979.

CR 8134 - GP38-2 at Cresson, PA

Former PC 8134 rests with GP38 7938 at Cresson, PA on 8/28/1986.

CR 8134 - GP38-2 at Johnstown, PA

Former PC 8134 is seen at Johnstown, PA on 3/8/1987.

CR 8134 Newark, NJ 2-15-1982

CR GP-38-2 8134 and GP-40 3158 make up the rear of a quartet of blue power rolling through Newark, NJ in February, 1982.

CR 8135 - GP38-2 at Brownsville, PA

Former PC 8135 is seen at Brownsville, PA on 3/12/1988.

CR 8137 Wampum, PA 7/4/1994

HNPI heads onto the bridge that crosses the CSX (ex P&LE) main and Beaver River in Wampum, PA on 7/4/1994.

CR 8138 at South Fork, PA

Conrail GP38-2 8138 is seen leading a very short westbound at South Fork in 1983.

CR 8138 in Huntington, MA. on 1/16/82.

Still in PC black, GP38-2 8138 leads SPSE into Huntington, MA. at MP 119 on Jan. 16, 1982.

CR 8138 on local at Bucyrus, OH

Conrail local train led by 8138 at Bucyrus, OH on June 25, 1996. This train is on one of the few remaining segments of the old NYC Eastern Branch, which goes north from Bucyrus to Spore to serve a limestone facility.

CR 8139 & 7674 W. Falls, Phila. PA 7/84

CR 8139 (former PC 8139) and CR 7674 (former PC 2014, for PRSL) were on an eastbound parked in the yard at "The Falls" ouside of Phila. PA on 7/22/84.

CR 8139 in Hinsdale, MA. on 3/1/1980.

The 8139 with westbound tonnage at the Rt. 8 overhead in Hinsdale, MA. on March 1, 1980.

CR 8142 at Toledo, OH 8-1993

Conrail GP38-2 No. 8142 leads a westbound manifest through Toledo, OH in August 1993. This engine was normally assigned to Bryan, OH for local service and was eventually repainted into the Conrail Quality scheme. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 8142 on WDBR-1 at Waterloo, IN

Conrail local train WDBR-1 with the 8142 for power at Waterloo, IN on May 29, 1996

CR 8142 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980

A 1978-built SD-40-2, 6461 leads ex-PC GP-38-2 8142 pulling mixed freight through Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

CR 8143 and 8142 at Waterloo, IN in May 1996

Conrail GP38-2's 8143 and 8142 on the point of TOEL-3 at Waterloo, IN on May 4, 1996. These two engines were based out of Bryan, OH and usually only travelled to Elkhart for their monthly inspections.

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