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The most populated series on the EMD side of the CR roster were the 223 GP38-2's inherited from Penn Central. Conrail also purchased 115 brand new GP38-2's between 1977 and 1979. The entire roster filled the 7940 to 8281 block. The four-axle units churned out 2,000hp and were regulars in all types of service.

Equipped with plows on both ends, several were cleared for use at the PP&L Strawberry Ridge, PA power plant (8040 and 8064) and others were equipped with bi-directional cab arrangements (8154 and 8162). The PC GP38-2s were built without anti-climbers. Conrail's 8163 froward order included the anti-climbers. A small handful of other subtle differences can be found when comparing the different orders such as the fuel spout revision, nose ventilation lovers, an additional latch to the control compartment door, etc.

CR 8086

CR 8086, built as PC 8086 in 2/73, is seen at the Juniata Locomotive Shops in Altoona, PA.

CR 8086 & 6382 at Altoona, PA 3/5/99

CR 8086 & 6382 are seen at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99.

CR 8086 - GP38-2 at Brownsville, PA

Former PC 8086 coupled to MGA 2001 at Brownsville, PA on 8/7/1988.

CR 8086 at Altoona, PA 3/5/99

CR 8086 is seen at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99.

CR 8086 at Cresson, PA 3/14/98

CR 8086 is seen at Cresson, PA on 3/14/98.

CR 8086 Enola, PA 8-3-1979

Former PC GP38-2 8086 rests behind GP9B 3832 in lines of power at the Enola engine terminal in August, 1979,

CR 8087 Altoona, PA 8-7-1977

CR GP-38-2 8087 leads leased C&NW GP-35 830 as they roll by the Juniata shops deadline in August, 1977.

CR 8087 at Allentown, PA 1996

WPAL-19 departs Allentown with a couple GP38's as power.

CP-Ham MP88.5 CR Lehigh Line

CR 8087 et al at Greenfield, MA. on 1/21/84. (1)

A loaded UBO coal train arrives in Greenfield, MA. on Jan. 21, 1984, led by D&H GP38-2 7324 and four ConRail units.

CR 8090 at Williamstown Junction, NJ in 1998

Conrail GP38-2 8090 is seen powering WPCA-51 at Williamstown Junction, NJ on 1/26/1998

CR 8091 & 8092 at Hagerstown MD 3/6/98

CR 8091 & 8092 are seen at Hagerstown MD on 3/6/98. Note the CR 8091 has a yellow plow.

CR 8092 at Hagerstown MD 3/6/98

CR 8092 is seen at Hagerstown MD on 3/6/98.

CR 8094 and CR 8116 at Rockville, PA 1981

A trio of GP38-2s, including CR 8094 and CR 8116 pass Rockville tower as they head north onto the Buffalo Line in 1981. Today, the tower is gone, as are the blue maintenance vehicles, the Geeps went to CSX, and railfanning here is a good way to get oneself cited for trespassing. Sad how times change...

CR 8094 at Braddock, NJ in 1997

Conrail 8094 is leading a coal train on the Beesley's Point Secondary at Braddock, NJ on 11/3/1997

CR 8094 at Braddock, NJ in 1997

Conrail 8094 and the WPCA-20 crew lead a coal train down the Beesley's Point Secondary on 11/3/1997

CR 8094 at Stoney Creek, PA 1/1/98

CR 8094 is seen at Stoney Creek, PA on 1/1/98.

CR 8094 at Stoney Creek, PA 1/15/98

Former PC 8094 is at Stoney Creek, PA on 1/15/98.

CR 8094 at Stoney Creek, PA 1/18/98

CR 8094 is seen at  Stoney Creek, PA on 1/18/98.

CR 8094 Binghamton, NY 4-21-1977 (1)

An all PC lineup a year after Conrail's startup was becoming very rare.  In April, 1977, PC GP38-2 8094 leads former NYC F-units 1832 and 1779 through Binghamton, NY.

CR 8094 Binghamton, NY 4-21-1977 (2)

PC GP38-2 8094 leads former NYC F-units 1832 and 1779 as they rush autoracks through Binghamton, NY in April, 1977.

CR 8094 Binghamton, NY 4-21-1977 (3)

PC GP38-2 8094 leads former NYC F-units 1832 and 1779 as they rush autoracks through Binghamton, NY in April, 1977.

CR 8094 Binghamton, NY 4-21-1977 (4)

PC GP38-2 8094 leads former NYC F-units 1832 and 1779 as they rush autoracks through Binghamton, NY in April, 1977.

CR 8095 at Whiting, IN

This eastbound Conrail freight with 8095 leading has diverged from the former PRR route at Lake Junction(now CP 505) and is now swinging onto the former New York Central alignment at Whiting, IN. June 1982. Conrail severed the PRR main line through East Chicago about 1980. After that date, all eastbound trains (except local moves to the Whiting refinery) diverged off of the PRR at Lake Jct and took the former NYC alignment through East Chicago. On the west side of Gary, at CP 501, the Broadway Limited (and any other train) could diverge from the Chicago Line and return to the PRR route at Clarke Jct. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 8095 Sayre, PA 5/25/1979

An Eastbound departs Sayre under stormy skies. It started pouring just after I got this photo.

CR 8096 at Ashtabula Ohio 4/25/89

Conrail GP38-2 rests between assignments 8096 at Conrail's Ashtabula, Ohio "AY" West Yard. The building to the right and the tower are long gone, and I believe this is the only photo I have showing either structure. I wasn't bright enough to capture much more than trains for the most part.

CR 8096 at Lock Haven, PA 9/1995

Power for the HPA-05 sits on the Post IT @ Lock Haven, PA 9/1995, with GP38-2 8096 in the lead.

CR 8097 and CR 7537 Enola, PA 1986

Conrail GP38-2 8097 is resting between assignments at Enola Yard in 1986, along with GP10 7537 in the background.

CR 8097 at Middlefield, MA. on 7/23/82.

Westbound RESE rounding the horseshoe curve nearing MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 23, 1982. Note the dragging equipment detector and mast for the indicator light just behind and to the right of the signal.

CR 8097 Rotterdam Jct., NY 2/86

SERJ-8 starts to cross over from track 2 to track 1 with cars for the Boston & Maine @ Rotterdam Jct., NY

CR 8098 - GP38-2 at Johnstown, PA

Former PC 8098 resting at Johnstown, PA on 4/28/1985.

CR 8099 at CP-Jacks near Mt. Union, PA

Conrail GP38-2 8099 is seen leading a westbound freight into CP-Jacks, just west of Mt. Union, PA in 1986. This shot is emblematic of the downsizing that had to be performed to make Conrail a viable business. It is clear that the number of tracks in this location was recently cut in half. Guessing from the elevation of Dick's shot, this photo was probably taken from inside JACKS Tower.

CR 8099 Hornell, NY 3/22/1980

A set of power backs up to pick up its train on a siding at Hornell.

CR 8099 leads JN-5 at Bound Brook, NJ on 11/27/77

GP38-2 8099 is still unpatched in late 1977 as it leads Jersey City-Niagara Falls train JN-5 through Bound Brook. Trailing in the consist is U25B 2626 and GP40-2 3275 (still in RDG paint). The 8099 later became NS 5294, while the 3275 went to NS as their 3000. Note the water jug on the nose of the 8099.

CR 8100 Altoona, PA 3-17-1979

CR GP-38-2 8100 leads a hot TV train up the Curve in March, 1979.

CR 8100 Bethlehem, PA 12-17-1988

Former PC 8100, a phase II 1973-built GP-38-2, works at Bethlehem in December, 1988.

CR 8100 in Hinsdale, MA. on 7/18/81

BOSE about to dive down the west slope of Washington hill in Hinsdale center on July 18, 1981.

CR 8102 Rochester, NY 4/12/1977

A set of 4 PC GP-38-2s pulls into Goodman Street Yard.

CR 8103 Garfield, NJ 2-1999

CR 8103 is on WPNB-41 on NJTransit's Bergen County Line in Garfield, NJ 2/1999. The track to the left is the former Conrail Dundee Spur, now owned by the New York and Greenwood Lake Railway.

CR 8104 - GP38-2 at Rutherford, PA

Former PC 8104 is seen with CR 7909, a GP35, and two GP30's as it passes stored E44's at Rutherford, PA on 2/27/1983.

CR 8105 at Midvale, PA 5/31/97

CR 8105 is seen at Midvale, PA on 5/31/97.

CR 8105 King of Prussia, PA 2-19-1977

Former PC GP38-2 8105 works with an ex-RDG GP7 and a GP10 at Abrams in February, 1977.

CR 8105 King of Prussia, PA 2-19-1977

CR GP38-2 8105 teamed up with GP10 7567 and GP7 5828 (ex-RDG 626) at Abrams in February, 1977.

CR 8105 King of Prussia, PA 2-21-1977

Ex-PC GP-38-2 pauses entering Abrams yard in February, 1977.

CR 8106 in Washington, MA. on 7/23/83. (1)

The 8106 leads NHSE over Depot Brook in Washington, MA. at 10:38 on July 23, 1983.

CR 8107 at Philadelphia PA 3/6/98

CR 8107 is seen at Philadelphia PA on 3/6/98. Note the crocked 7 on the cab.

CR 8107 HorseShoe Curve 10/81

GP38-2 8107 leads a four unit helper set ahead of TV61's three unit road power.

CR 8109 Bethlehem, PA 4-16-1977

PC GP-38-2's 8109 and 7965 wait for assignment at the Bethlehem engine terminal.

CR 8110 - GP38-2 at Cresson, PA

Former PC 8110 is seen at Cresson, PA on 12/20/1986. Note the "patch" style CR on the nose, although this was a full Conrail repaint.

CR 8110 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980

Former PC GP-38-2 8110 leads a trio of units with mixed freight through Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

CR 8111 GP-38-2 Toledo 09-87

The remains of a rainstorm the day before reflect this set of power at Stanley yard in Toledo, Ohio on Sept 19th, 1987. GP-38-2's 8111, 8216, and SW-7 9037 make up this set of power. 8111 would become NS 5300.

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