EMD GP38-2

The most populated series on the EMD side of the CR roster were the 223 GP38-2's inherited from Penn Central. Conrail also purchased 115 brand new GP38-2's between 1977 and 1979. The entire roster filled the 7940 to 8281 block. The four-axle units churned out 2,000hp and were regulars in all types of service.

Equipped with plows on both ends, several were cleared for use at the PP&L Strawberry Ridge, PA power plant (8040 and 8064) and others were equipped with bi-directional cab arrangements (8154 and 8162). The PC GP38-2s were built without anti-climbers. Conrail's 8163 froward order included the anti-climbers. A small handful of other subtle differences can be found when comparing the different orders such as the fuel spout revision, nose ventilation lovers, an additional latch to the control compartment door, etc.

GP38-2 8280, the next to highest number unit of that group, leads PWSE by State Line at 17:38 while the ballast cleaner waits for him to clear.
With an unusual lash-up, even for this point in time, it'll be worth a chase for more photos of BOEL.
One of BOEL's crew is taking in the fresh air as the train assaults the grade through Bancroft, MA.
Westbound ballast train BLR173 grinds through Bancroft, MA. at 18:06 on July 3, 1981. As I noted on the description page with these 6x7 transparencies, these 5 GP38-/2's and lone B23-7...."engs working VERY hard!"

Conrail GP15-1 1644, SW1500 9595 and GP38-2 7874 relaxing by the shores of Lake Lansdale (aka the SEPTA parking lot).

B23-7 leads AP-20 out of Allentown Yard across the Lehigh River towards "BURN"....
BICR-8 has just resumed its eastward trek toward Croxton Yard after making a NYS&W setoff. Note: The shatterd window in the door!!!
Eleven units, led by B23-7 1953, are on WB empty hopper train UMP-61 as they pass GP38-2 8157 on a light engine move on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. 10:10AM on 3/28/82 in Havre de Grace, MD.
A short TV10 crosses over from track four to track two to head down the exErie Bergen County Line...
OIPI-2 crosses over at ConPit Jct. to run the Conemaugh to Pittsburgh
HAE-8 rolls through "BURN" and approaches Allentown Yard.
ENGP-3 hustles out of Enola and heads for Cloumbia, PA and will run the A&G, Trenton Cutoff and Northeast Corridor to North Jersey and the Greenville Piers.
ENSE-9 works north of the River Line between Hoboken and Weehawkin, NJ... This WAS the Combat Zone.. Trains didn't stop around here if they could help it!!! The good looking track to the left was the EL Weehawkin branch.
GP38-2 8010 has the trail in the extra 5443 west at Bancroft, MA. on Sept. 26, 1981.
PIEN-3 with the 8244 and PIOI-3 with the 6394 are held at "BANKS" four days before my 35th birthday
PIEN-6X at track speed through Bailey, PA
OIBU with a variety of power, including NS C30-7 8034, rolls through downtown Waverly.
GP38-2 8123 in the trail on BOEL at Bancroft, MA.
Some units seemed to follow me around. CR had ten C30-7's, but if I saw one, it was almost always 6607. Here it is on Horseshoe Curve, heading downgrade with an eastbound coal train. Note the Reading hoppers head out.
SD50's 6713 and 6709 with GP38-2 8184 in tow power OIBU-1 at Owego, NY
CR DNDA-8 (Detroit North Yard-Doremus Avenue) southbound @ Stoney Point, NY
The Albany Port Job rolls of the Albany port Branch and onto the Fast Freight @ CP-SK Selkirk, NY
CR 7760 and some CR and PC lettered geeps at Dearborn, MI on February 6, 1977. Photographer unknown, Chris Howe collection
With former PC NW-2 9159 behind, CR GP38 7832 follows U23B 2780 (ex-LV 504) and GP38-2 8042 as they head across Rockville Bridge in June, 1977.
Conrail 7889 12-15-96 Easton, PA WPAL-10
Southern Pacific U33's 8740 and 8791, and U25B 6755 rest behind a former PC GP-38-2 during a crew change at Enola in May, 1977. Foreign power from ATSF, CNW, D&H and Southern Pacific were all there at Enola on May 7, 1977.
An Enola crew change finds three Southern Pacific U-boats (U33's 8740 and 8791, and U25B 6755) behind a former PC GP-38-2 in May, 1977. Foreign power from ATSF, CNW, D&H and Southern Pacific were all there at Enola on May 7, 1977.

A tattered ex Penn Central GP38-2 7944 has just come across Rockville Bridge from Enola Yard and is approaching the Linglestown Road overpass. A sliver of Rockville Tower can be seen in the far distance.

9:05AM on 8/23/81 in Rockville, PA.

Former PC 7944 is seen at Steelton, PA on 11/13/1983. This unit was part of a group of GP38-2's that were returned to EMD; it became EMDX 744 then IAIS 702.
GP38-2 7947 at the head of a group of 4 axles handling NHSE near the "art colony" in Middlefield, MA. on Dec. 30, 1982.
NHSE's headend going away near the "art colony" on Dec.30, 1982.
Two sets of helper power meet at the east end of CP Alliance on a cold but sunny February 1985 day. The 7949 would be one of the 100 leased GP38-2's that EMD called back after their 15 year lease was up. Many then went to work out on the Union Pacific from '87 to '89, this one as UPL 749. That nice PRR signal bridge has since been replaced.
Former PC GP40 3123 awaits service alongside GP38-2 7955, ex-EL RS-3 1037, GP35 2271, and ex-EL GP-7 1242 outside the Juniata Locomotive shops in August, 1977.
On track 16 outside the Juniata shops in August, 1977, GP38-2 7955 awaits service. The large lineup of former PC GP7 5874, GP40 3123, ex-EL RS-3 1037 (CR 5253), GP35 2271, and ex-EL GP7 1242 (CR 5980) show the continuing ill state of the power plant after a year of CR operations.
With a skyline not normally associated with Conrail photos, Kansas City, Mo., a trio of Conrail units on a Santa Fe run through train is just about to enter the ATSF Argentine yard in Kansas City Kansas. This whole area has changed a lot with the rebuilding of the Santa Fe Junction area (bridge in the background) into a flyover junction with these tracks now on an elevated ramp.
Going away shot of SPSE's head end at the "art colony".
Conrail GP38-2 7969 is seen powering a short local across the Calumet River drawbridge on Chicago's South Side in 1986.
A pair of black GP-38-2s, a U33-B, and a SD-45 in blue wait at Hornell for a recrew.
CR 7978 departs CP 148/North Adams Jct. with SPSE at 10:40 on Feb. 26, 1983. The train had just made a 19 car plus one caboose pick-up out of the junction yard. With the single-tracking of the B&A in the late '80's, CP 148 was replaced by CP 147 to the east of the Junction Rd. overhead and the signal bridge and "Y" signal mast became extinct. Another "Y" signal mast on the other side of the overhead also went away.
Former PC SD-45 6124 leads CR blue GP38-2 7978, U33C 6861(ex-PC 6556), and GP-40 3138 with a string of piggybacks through Spruce Creek in November, 1980.
Former PC SD-45 6124 leads CR blue GP38-2 7978, U33C 6861(ex-PC 6556), and GP-40 3138 with a string of piggybacks through Spruce Creek in November, 1980.
Former PC 7979 at the engine terminal in Edgemoor, DE on 8/28/84. It would soon be returned to EMD and relettered as EMDX 779.
A crew puts their power and caboose away in the Sayre yard.
CR GP-38-2 7987 pauses alongside GP-40 3187 at the Croxton engine terminal in March, 1979.
Conrail wasted no time improving the track condition of the Boston Line. In this 20 April 1977 view, we see symbol freight NS-1 stopped on the grade at Middlefield, MA as supervisors account for all of their track equipment.
We are aboard a C&NW E8B-A heading west on Track No. 3 of the Geneva Subdivision, enroute to M-19A in March 1979. An eastbound Conrail transfer from Proviso heads east at Harding Avenue behind GP38-2 No. 7997. Note the Harding Avenue switchtender and his dog at right. Doug Davidson photo with permission
The 7998 leads a bunch of '38's and one lone GP9 on SEBO-8B at the crest of the grade in Hinsdale, MA. on April 18, 1981.
Conrail GP38-2 8003 is seen at Overview from the old Iron Bridge in 1986.
A GP38-2 leads a pair of F units on an Eastbound intermodal train.
Former PC 8015, along with CR 2787 and others, is seen here at Rutherford, PA on 8/27/1983.

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