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Conrail received a large fleet of EMD's GP-35 from the Penn Central, Erie Lackawanna, and the Reading Company.  Between July 1963 and January 1966, EMD and General Motors Diesel built the GP-35 with their 2,500hp 567D3A 16 cylinder prime mover.  CR retained PC's GP-35 number series as 2250-2399 and RDG's as 3620-3656, but reassigned EL's 2551-2586 numbers to CR 3657-3692.

An Eastbound rolls thru Hornell at dawn. This was a Buffalo to Sayre train and it did not stop in Hornell for a crew change.
Extra 3686 west passing "SR" tower in Oakland, PA. on the former ERIE Southern Tier line in Aug., 1978.
The extra 3686 west has just passed "SR" tower on the former ERIE Southern Tier line at Oakland, PA. in Aug., 1978.
Still looking like just another day on the EL in Akron, the 3 EL GP-35's are actually a Conrail train by this date. Conrail seemed to group together a bunch of former EL GP-35's for TV trains that still ran on the ex EL. The Chessie got into the act at South St. too as seen by a southbound on the former B&O/PC side.
Former EL 2581 is beginning to show its EL heritage at Perryville, MD on 3/3/1984.
An EL painted GP-35 leads an Eastbound at the crew change office in Hornell.
A Westbound freight is stopped on the main just East of the Rochester yard awaiting its turn to get time to work the yard.
Not very good quality, but worth scanning, since it is a pair of ex EL GP-35s on a Westbound at Goodman Street.
3689 leads EL 2584 & PC 5313 with a Westbound freight that is working Goodman St. Yard.
CR GP35 3989 (ex-EL 2583) waits for assignment at Selkirk in August, 1979.
ML-1 has a green signal at Goodman Street Yard after working the piggyback facility. The track on the left was the West lead into the piggyback terminal at Rochester.
EL GP-35 2575 (CR 3681) leads sister-unit 3691 (ex-EL 2585), and a PC U-boat, with a mixed freight through Bethlehem on April 9, 1977.
EL GP-35 2575 (CR 3681) leads sister-unit 3691 (ex-EL 2585), and a PC U-boat, across the Linden Street grade crossing in Bethlehem on April 9, 1977.
EL GP-35 2575 (CR 3681) leads sister-unit 3691 (ex-EL 2585) and a PC U-boat with a mixed freight through Bethlehem on April 9, 1977.
An Eastbound on the grade seapration at Canaseraga.
It's April of 1976 in Akron, Ohio as a Conrail crew cuts out the middle unit of an EL/PC/RDG trio. The geep would stay in Akron for local duty while the EL GP35 and RDG GP30 would continue west on the former EL main. The EL unit would become Conrail 3692, the highest numbered GP35 on Conrail.
A couple of ex EL GP-35s are on a ballast train. The track work is in progress on the other side of the bridge.
One of only a few EMD's at Selkirk, CR GP35 3692 (ex-EL 2586) waits for assignment in August, 1979. Shades of Erie Lackawanna and the road number are beginning to show through!
CR GP35 3692 (ex-EL 2586) was beginning to show "Erie Lackawanna" and her old road number at Selkirk in August, 1979.
RDG SD45 7601 leads EL GP35's 2582 and 2558 on WV-1 north bound at Newburgh, NY. Conrail is one month and 6 days old..
ENED-0 has just entered the NorthEast Corridor for the run to Edgemoor, Del
A long line of dead units at the ex Reading Rutherford Yard. In the mid 80's this yard and Enola were chock full of retired units going to scrap, including a fair number of second generation engines. Note the SD 45's and U30C here, along with the GP 9, 30, and SW. In addition to the units listed, also here are 6945 and 6160, as well as two more SD 45's and a pair of what look like GP 9's.
N-7A class 21790 (ex-NYC 20381) feels the pressure of CR GP35 2304 and GP38 7799 applying the brakes as they roll down Horseshoe's track 2 on May 22, 1977.
OIAL-5 rolls down the tangent track next to the exCNJ main approaching Bound Brook......
SENH's lash-up features GP35's of both PC and E-L heritage, the 2301 and 3663, plus GP40 3073. Middlefield station on June 27, 1981.
Ex Reading GP35 3654 leads another Ex Reading unit, U30C 6579 and a PC GP38 on a WB freight passing thru Homer interlocking in Altoona, PA. On the right are retired LV RS2s and EL RS3s in storage awaiting disposition.

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