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Conrail received a large fleet of EMD's GP-35 from the Penn Central, Erie Lackawanna, and the Reading Company.  Between July 1963 and January 1966, EMD and General Motors Diesel built the GP-35 with their 2,500hp 567D3A 16 cylinder prime mover.  CR retained PC's GP-35 number series as 2250-2399 and RDG's as 3620-3656, but reassigned EL's 2551-2586 numbers to CR 3657-3692.

A Westbound drops down the grade at the West end of Starrucca Viaduct. I wasn't quite able to get to the end of the viaduct in time before the train arrived.
Crudely CR-stenciled ex-RDG GP35 3635 leads all RDG GP35 3628 and a PC U-boat with a mixed freight on the NE Corridor at Morrisville in April, 1977.
Former RDG 3636 at Conway, PA on 2/6/1977.
CR GP-35's 3636 and 3683 (ex-EL 2577) outside the Morrisville locomotive shops in February, 1979.
Former RDG 3637 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 6/29/1982.
CR U25B 2559 and ex-RDG GP-35 3638 pull through Abrams yard in February, 1977.
CR U25B 2559 and ex-RDG GP-35 3638 pull through Abrams yard in February, 1977.
A retired ex Reading GP 35 awaits the torch in familiar surroundings at Rutherford.
Former RDG 3639 GP-35 sits coupled to its new running mate, ex-PC GP-40 CR 3225, as they wait for orders by the Enola engine facilities.
It's badly backlit, but this is a green ex RDG GP-35. This was the only RDG GP-35 that I am aware of that had been painted in the newer green paint scheme.
ENSE-9 works north of the River Line between Hoboken and Weehawkin, NJ... This WAS the Combat Zone.. Trains didn't stop around here if they could help it!!! The good looking track to the left was the EL Weehawkin branch.
A GP-35 and 2 U-25-B's are working hard with an Eastbound coal train.
Conrail GP35 3644 (ex-RDG 3644) is seen behind the E&M Shop at Juniata along with a Santa Fe "Kodachrome" C30-7 8032 in April, 1996. Based on the photo date, the aging GP35 is definitely on borrowed time.
In a sea of locomotives at Enola in August, 1980, CR GP35 3644 (ex-RDG) is in the fourth line back from U23B 2733.

Conrail GP-35 #3644 (ex Reading) leads an eastbound through the station at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. 1978

Former RDG 3644 is seen at West Brownsville, PA on 8/28/1993.
NHSE brings the first half of his train through Bancroft, MA. on Oct. 15, 1982. The train had stalled just west of MP 129, as many westbounds have done in the past, and since helper service on Washington hill had been discontinued a few months earlier, he had to double the hill. I got photos of him returning for his second half, but the weather had turned "less than ideal", so I didn't want to use up server space on "less than ideal" photos.
Still in RDG livery, CR GP-35 3645 and GP40 3041 wait for orders to pull out of Morrisville yard in March, 1977.
Former RDG 3646 is at Conway, PA on 12/11/1976.
Still in RDG livery, GP-35 3648 works at Abrams in February, 1977.
Crew change at Abrams for RDG GP-35 3648 on a cool February day in 1977.
RDG GP-35 3648 works with a PC-lettered sister-unit at Abrams in February, 1977.
A coal train rolls by ALTO tower on a dreary day.
Four of the five major predecessor roads are represented outside the Juniata shops in August, 1978. CR GP-35's 2392 (ex-PC), 3677 (ex-EL 2571) and 3649 (ex-RDG), and ex-PC GP-38 7831 and SD-40's 6342 (PC 6089) and 6242 await service. CR RS-3 5374 (ex-CNJ 1544), however, undergoes parts removal prior to scrapping.
CR GP-35's 2392 (ex-PC), 3677 (ex-EL 2571) and 3649 (ex-RDG), GP-40 3147, an unidentified ex-PC C628, GP-38 7862, and other black and blue CR units receive service or parts removal at the Juniata shops in August, 1978.
CR 3649 - 3062 - 2573 pause for a crew change at Hornell.
The crew look like ghosts in this time exposure of a Westbound at Hornell.
3 GP-35s and a B23-7 are at the service tracks in Rochester. This set of power was probably for the salt train that ran down to Caledonia on Chessie System trackage rights.
An Eastbound is led by an ex RDG GP-35 and a PC GP-40.
A short eastbound train gets a look over from the op at RU tower in Sterling,Ohio in August 1977. The train is on the former Erie Lackawanna, the tower is ex EL, and that's the Chessie (future CSX) over to the right. All that remains today is the CSX main as the tower and the EL are long gone from here.
Ex RDG GP35 3650 leads a short work extra eastward near the summit of Washington hill in Hinsdale, MA. on May 17, 1980.
Former RDG 3651 was at Conway, PA on 4/10/1977.
CR GP-35 3651 waits for assignment outside the Bethlehem roundhouse in November, 1978.
Former RDG 3651 is seen with CR 8117, 7908, and class N21 caboose 21308 at Shiremanstown, PA on 11/24/1988.
Former RDG 3651 is seen at Shiremanstown, PA on 11/24/1988.
CR GP35 3653 at JLS in Altoona, PA on December 13th, 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
The engine service area at Sayre had a couple sets of blue engines on hand.
Conrail westbound freight on the IHB at LaGrange, IL behind GP35 No. 3654 in Reading paint and leased Bangor and Aroostook GP9 No. 79, in April 1979. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Former RDG 3654 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 4/22/1984.
Former RDG 3654 is seen leading a Chessie hopper train into Enola Yard at Summerdale, PA on 1/8/1983.
Former RDG GP-35 3654 and PC GP38 7779 ready to go at Youngwood, PA in August, 1978.
Former RDG GP-35 3654 rests at Youngwood, PA in August, 1978.
Former RDG GP-35 3654 and PC GP38 7779 ready to go at Youngwood, PA in August, 1978.
Former PC GP38-2 8075 leads GP35 3655 (ex-RDG), SD45 6075 (ex-EL 3610), and U25B 2549 as they brake a load of piggybacks down Horseshoe in August, 1977.
An Eastbound departs Binghamton. Next stop will be SR Tower to add the Gulf Summit helper to the consist.
An Eastbound at Red Rock, PA. This location is between Great Bend & Oakland along Route 171.
With the helper cut in behind the road power, an Eastbound climbs the grade across Starrucca Viaduct.
Former RDG 3655 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 9/29/1982.
Former RDG 3656 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 5/10/1983.
A colorful consist of ex Reading GP35 #3656, BAR 82, and ex EL GP35 #3689 snakes through the mills as they bring empty hoppers south on the former PRR/PC PY&A track in Youngstown,Ohio in December 1979. Number 3656 was a wreck replacement the Reading got in 1965.

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