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Conrail received a large fleet of EMD's GP-35 from the Penn Central, Erie Lackawanna, and the Reading Company.  Between July 1963 and January 1966, EMD and General Motors Diesel built the GP-35 with their 2,500hp 567D3A 16 cylinder prime mover.  CR retained PC's GP-35 number series as 2250-2399 and RDG's as 3620-3656, but reassigned EL's 2551-2586 numbers to CR 3657-3692.

ex-PC GP35 2380 and C636 6791 paired at Abrams in February, 1977.
CR 2381 at Niagara Yard Niagara Falls, NY 8-20-1980 Franklin H. Folemsbee photo
A westbound with a pair of GP35's and a GP38-2 pass through the QD tower area of Collinwood, Ohio on a nice February 1983 day.

Conrail GP-35 #2391 (EX Penn Central, Exx New York Central, note the "NEW" bleeding through and lack of dynamic brakes) leads a train out of the Port Ricmhond yard at "A St. in Philadelphia, Pa. May 10, 1979

Former PC 2391/NYC 2391/NYC 6147 seen in storage at Rutherford, PA on 9/29/1983.
CR GP-35's 2392 (ex-PC), 3677 (ex-EL 2571) and 3649 (ex-RDG), GP-40 3147, an unidentified ex-PC C628, GP-38 7862, and other black and blue CR units receive service or parts removal at the Juniata shops in August, 1978.
A pair of former NYC units rest near the former Reading Lines coaling tower in Rutherford, Pa. in October 1977. As was common with many NYC units, the 2395 is not equipped with dynamic brakes.
Blasting out of the tunnel, ex-PC GP-38-2 8113 leads GP-35 2395 and a third 4-axle GP at Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.
Former PC GP-35 2398 lined up between an ex-EL switcher and U33B 2907 at Croxton in February, 1979.
HB-3 rolls by the Waldwick Commuter Yard as it crosses into Allendale, NJ
MW-1a rolls south behind mixed PC/EL/CNW power...
U23B 2783 ex Lehigh Valley 507 leads eight other locomotives on WV-2 in emergency @ mp10 West Englewood, NJ
Same day, same power, different train and direction. NE-2 northbound @ Haworth, NJ with TV-16's power.
The PC U25b looks cleaner than Blue 3239
GP35 2314 and U23C 6718 in SEPW at Bancroft, MA. on July 3, 1981.
CR GP35 2320 leads GP40-2 3325, GP40 3099, and U25B 2624 as they pull through Bethlehem in June, 1978.
"NEW" GP40-2 3366 leads two GP35's on TV16a south @ Newburgh, NY
Power in RDG, PC, & LV colors leads an Eastbound into Altoona.
Former RDG 3620 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 3/22/1982.
Former RDG 3620 stored at Rutherford, PA on 8/7/1983.
In this November 1981 scene, Conrail GP35 No. 3621 and U23B No. 2754 lead an eastbound freight at Hudson Lake, IN. Doug Davidson photo with permission
A Conrail w/b rounds the big curve west of CP Wood as 1976 draws to a close. The Reading Lines and Penn Central units are still "pure", but that ex EL SD45-2 already has it's new CR number of 6664. In a few short miles this train will be in Ohio in this December 1976 scene at Homewood, Pa.
Interesting mix of power on NHSE, which was not all that unusual on the B&A at this point in time. GP35 3624 was one of several ex RDG GP35's to survive several years into ConRail with their RDG livery. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but the others were the 3629, 3649, and 3650. That B23-7 will become "well-known" in the future.
2 CR freights are in the Sayre yard as viewed from the famous Sayre footbridge.
Assorted power at the service tracks and a RDG GP-35 leading a freight from the yard.
Following five CR blue units, ex-RDG GP-35 3625 pounds through Altoona on the way to the Curve in March, 1979.

Former RDG GP35 3625 waits in Altoona for orders to head west to Conway in August, 1977.

The next day at Conway, 3625 was mixed in with leased CN GP38-2 awaiting another assignment.

Former RDG GP-35 3625 leads GP-38-2 8114 as they pull across Rockville Bridge in June, 1977.
Former RDG GP35 3625 leads GP38-2 8114 across Rockville Bridge in June, 1977.
Reading GP35 3627 leads SD45's 6109 and 6121 on JN-5
Former RDG 3627 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 9/29/1982.
Former RDG GP-35 3627 leads 1977-built GP-38-2 8175 as they pull a container train through Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.
Former RDG 3628 is second out on a train at S. Philadelphia, PA on 4/19/80.
Former RDG GP-35 3628 and GP-40 3096 pull hard up the Curve in July, 1978.
Former RDG GP-35 3628 and GP-40 3096 pull a line of hoppers up the curve in July, 1978,
Former RDG GP-35 3628 leads GP-40 3096 up Horseshoe in July, 1978.
Former RDG GP-35 3628 and GP-40 3096 power a string of hoppers up Horseshoe Curve in July, 1978.
Crudely CR-stenciled ex-RDG GP35 3635 leads all RDG GP35 3628 and a PC U-boat with mixed freight on the NE Corridor at Morrisville in April, 1977.
Former RDG 3628 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 2/18/1984.
This line of stored GP35's, including CR 3628, 3627, 2314, 3637, 3655, and others among a sea of stored units are seen in this view at Rutherford, PA on 3/22/1982.
Former RDG 3628 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 9/29/1982.
Ex-RDG GP-35 3630 at Conway in August, 1978.
Ex-RDG GP-35 3631 and CR 6225 in a quartet of CR units pulling through Altoona in March, 1978.
CR GP-35 3631 is in the middle of a quartet of units pulling through Altoona in March, 1978.
Ex-RDG SD-45 6101 (ex-RDG 7601) and GP-35 3631 bring up the rear of a quartet of units pulling through Altoona in March, 1978.
The Sayre footbridge was still a good spot to view colorful lashups during early CR.
Former RDG 3633 is on the point of a train at Ambridge, PA on 4/9/77.
CR SD-35 6016, BAR GP-38 87, GP-35 3633 (ex-RDG), and an SD-45 cross Rockville Bridge with a load of hoppers in May, 1977.
RDG GP-35 3634 waits for assignment behind CR GP-38 7754 at Enola in May, 1977.
Ex-RDG CR 3635, waits in line with other CR units late in the day at the Bethlehem engine terminal in April, 1977.

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