Conrail received a large fleet of EMD's GP-35 from the Penn Central, Erie Lackawanna, and the Reading Company.  Between July 1963 and January 1966, EMD and General Motors Diesel built the GP-35 with their 2,500hp 567D3A 16 cylinder prime mover.  CR retained PC's GP-35 number series as 2250-2399 and RDG's as 3620-3656, but reassigned EL's 2551-2586 numbers to CR 3657-3692.

BH-15 with Allentown Vans headout climbs out of the "HOLE" at East Penn Jct. (CP-Burn) Auburn Street Allentown, Pa
Former PC 2252/PRR 2252 is seen with CR 7857, 2238, and another GP35 at Rutherford, PA on 5/6/1984. Note the unusual "CONRAIL" lettering on the nose.
Former PC 2252/PRR 2252 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 5/6/1984. Note the odd "CONRAIL" font on the nose.
An Eastbound with a GP-35 and 3 U25-Bs at Goodman Street Yard.

CR GP35 2255 before she became the 'dummy' for Operation Lifesaver demonstrations!

Photo taken November 4th, 1994 by Terry Nardella, collection of Steve Ondik

PC GP-35 2255 waits for assignment at the Bethlehem engine terminal in May, 1977.
CR 2255 shifts cars in the yard at South Philly, PA on 8/7/82.
CR 2256 is seen at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.
Former PC 2259/PRR 2259 looking fairly clean at Rutherford, PA on 5/6/1984.
CR 2261 leads three more EMDs on a freight at a unknown location in the early 1980s.
CR GP35 2262 at JLS in Altoona, PA on November 3rd, 1994. Photo by Terry Nardella, collection of Steve Ondik.
An Eastbound at ALTO with a GP-35 that got a patch job with CONRAIL spelled out on the nose.
Extra 2264 west about 1/4 mile west of Ballou's in Washington, MA. in April, 1979.
Former PC/PRR 2266 was at Conway, PA on 4/30/77.
Former PC/PRR 2271 was at Buffalo, NY on 3/25/77. It was rebuilt 12/1994 at Juniata as a GP35R for Metro-North as MNCR 102.
Former PC GP40 3123 awaits service alongside GP38-2 7955, ex-EL RS-3 1037, GP35 2271, and ex-EL GP-7 1242 outside the Juniata Locomotive shops in August, 1977.
On track 18 outside the Juniata shops in August, 1977, GP35 2271 awaits service. The large lineup of former PC GP7 5874, GP40 3123, GP38-2 7955, ex-EL RS-3 1037 (CR 5253), and ex-EL GP7 1242 (CR 5980) show the continuing ill state of the power plant after a year of CR operations.
Former PC/PRR 2272 was at Cheektowaga, NY on 3/27/77.
An Eastbound CR freight stops at SR Tower to add the Gulf Summit helper to its consist. U36-C #6590 will be added behind the 2276 for the trip to Deposit.
GP35 2278 is at the head of RISE passing MP 129 in Becket, MA. on Halloween, 1981.
Here's a full-frame version of the preceding photo for those who may be interested. RISE at MP 129 on 10/31/81. One of my favorite b&w shots at this location. It provides an excellent example of what good old Verichrome Pan film was capable of, showing excellent shadow detail in bright sun. It probably had the best dynamic range of ANY b&w film, and it first came out in the 1930's
ENPI-3B proceeds west passing "BANKS" Tower with an all EMD lash-up. Banks got it' s name because of its location......
PC GP-35 2286 leads a quartet of power pounding through Morrisville in April, 1977.

Still in LV livery, SW9 281 (CR 8932) works at Elizabethport in July, 1977 with RS-3 5389 (ex-CNJ 1564).

Just ahead, former PC GP35 2288 leads lines of power awaiting maintenance outside the Elizabethport shops.

The extra 2289 west crosses the ca. 1840 double stone arch at mile 128.25 in Chester, MA. on Oct.17, 1980. Whistler's Western (RR) was built to last from the get-go.
CR GP35 2292 (ex-PC 2292) and GP38-2 7983 (ex-PC 7983) are leading a coal train out of Enola Yard onto Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1979.
A dusting of snow is on the ground as OISE-3 leans into the elevation as it accelerates north
In a quartet of all former PC power, GP40 3238 leads GP35 2296, U30B 2857 and GP38-2 8070 with a load of piggybacks through Altoona in August, 1977.
With Alco C425's 2416 and 2446 in the foreground, former PC GP35 2297 rests between SD45 6163 and SD45-2 6657 (ex-EL 3672) at a busy Conway engine terminal in August, 1977.
Conrail GP35 2298 is seen in charge of a westbound freight at Princeton Junction in West Windsor, NJ on a hazy August 17th, 1979.
Sitting behind the Juniata shops, ex-PC GP-35 2300 appears ready for scrapping.
CR 2300 at Niagara Yard Niagara Falls, NY 3-12-1980 Franklin H. Folemsbee photo
A Westbound climbs the hill out of Hornell.
N-7A class 21790 (ex-NYC 20381) feels the pressure of CR GP35 2304 and GP38 7799 applying the brakes as they roll down Horseshoe's track 2 on May 22, 1977.

CR GP35 2304 and GP38 7799 apply the brakes as they assist a mixed freight down Horseshoe's track 2 on May 22, 1977.

Awaiting the arrival of RDG 4-8-4 #2102 later that day, the large crowd of steam fans was overly interested in the constant black and blue GP and SD consists pushing up or braking down the Curve. Those consists would be rare in the not too distant future.

GP35 2304 leads RISE past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on Nov. 28, 1981.
A westbound coal drag climbs around Bennington Curve behind GP35 CR 2304, GP38-2 CR 8027, and B23-7 CR 1991 back in 1981.
Former PC/PRR 2305 was in storage at Rutherford, PA on 8/21/82.
The power on an Eastbound backs up to work the Binghamton yard. The BAR engine was a leaser.
A short TV10 crosses over from track four to track two to head down the exErie Bergen County Line...
A pair of engines and a caboose are parked at the little yard in Ridgway. If I remember correctly, this was right along the main road thru town.
A trio of CR units, PC GP-38 7864, PC U23B 2756, and CR GP-35 2311, pulls through Bethlehem yard in April, 1977.
CR C630 6776 (ex-PC 6326) rests with GP35 2311 outside the Enola locomotive shops in June, 1977.
A GP-35 and caboose are parked by the station in Watkins Glen.
Former PC/PRR 2312 was at Buffalo, NY on 3/8/77.
SEPY heads west through Bound Brook at 10:15AM with a GP40-2 leading two GP35s.
Conrail GP35 2315 (ex-PC 2315) and U33B 2859 (ex-PC 2859) are westbound in charge of an taking some hoppers back to the mines at Denholm, PA in 1979
CR GP35 2317 leads her train down Horseshoe on May 22, 1977 while the railfans on the hill with their tripods save their film for RDG 4-8-4 #2102's arrival.

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