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In the late 1950's the horsepower race was very heated and with the introduction of the 2500hp U25B from General Electric in 1960, EMD was caught short. It took 2 years to play catch-up and the result was the GP30.

Conrail units came from two predecessors that bought or inherited the 2250hp units. Reading ordered 20 units (5501-5520) from EMD in 1962 which became Conrail units 2168-2187. A total of 62 units from NYC and PRR were inherited by Penn Central (2188-2249) and became Conrail units 2188-2249.

The GP30 saw service into the early 1990's throughout the system. The final unit was retired in 1993.

CR 2249 Enola, PA 5-7-1977

Former PC GP-30's 2249 and 2248 outside the Enola shops in May, 1977

CR 3602 and 3608 at the Hump in Rutherford, 4/76

Former Reading GP30s No. 3602 and 3608 have just shoved the last car of a cut over the hump at Rutherford Yard. Rutherford, PA. 4/11/76.

CR 3608's Profile at Abrams Yard

Ex RDG GP30 3608 with "PENN RAIL" written in dust, October 1976 at Abrams Yard.

CR 6046 Priceton Jct., NJ 11/78

Local freight A-1 returns to Morrisville on Track 1 at Princeton Jct., NJ

CR 7235 dead line Rutherford 08061985

A long line of dead units at the ex Reading Rutherford Yard. In the mid 80's this yard and Enola were chock full of retired units going to scrap, including a fair number of second generation engines. Note the SD 45's and U30C here, along with the GP 9, 30, and SW. In addition to the units listed, also here are 6945 and 6160, as well as two more SD 45's and a pair of what look like GP 9's.

UBO-2A on 5/26/84. (2)

GP30's were scarcer than hen's teeth on the B&A but, here on the B&M (!) we get two of them! Here's the 2186, with the 2174 right behind.

UBO-2A on 5/26/84. (3)

GP30 2174 in the UBO at Montague, MA.

Worth a chase on 10/17/81. (1)

In all the time spent on the B&A, this was the only time I caught a GP30 in the lead, and they weren't exactly common, anyway. The 2182 leads BOEL through Bancroft/Middlefield station at 14:42 on Oct.17, 1981. This one is definitely worth the chase, and off we go!

Worth a chase on 10/17/81. (3)

BOEL storming up through Ballou's/MP 135 in Washington, MA. at 14:54 on Oct.17, 1981.

Worth a chase on 10/17/81. (4)

BOEL passing the summit of Washington hill in Hinsdale, MA. at 15:04 on Oct.17, 1981.

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