In the late 1950's the horsepower race was very heated and with the introduction of the 2500hp U25B from General Electric in 1960, EMD was caught short. It took 2 years to play catch-up and the result was the GP30.

Conrail units came from two predecessors that bought or inherited the 2250hp units. Reading ordered 20 units (5501-5520) from EMD in 1962 which became Conrail units 2168-2187. A total of 62 units from NYC and PRR were inherited by Penn Central (2188-2249) and became Conrail units 2188-2249.

The GP30 saw service into the early 1990's throughout the system. The final unit was retired in 1993.

Conrail GP30 2168 (ex-Reading 3600) is behind the shops at Juniata in 1982.
Conrail GP30 2168 (ex-RDG 3600) and U23B 2720 (ex-PC 2720) are seen at the Juniata Shops in 1982.
With the Juniata shops deadlines already filled with RS-3's in March, 1978, former PC RS-3 5484 appears also being readied for retirement alongside an unknown GP30 awaiting service.
Still RDG paint, CR 2170 is seen leading a excursion trip at a unknown location in the early 1980s.
A lucky shooter found this former Reading Company GP30 (RDG 3602, to be exact) at Elizabethport, NJ sometime in 4/1977
Former RDG 3603/5503 was on the point of a train at Conway, PA on 5/1/77.
CR GP-30 2171 (ex-RDG 3603) works Abrams yard with GP-7 5835 (ex-RDG 633) in March, 1978.

An ex RDG GP30 in CR Dress Blue at Rutherford Yrd on June 10 1978. CR 2172 ex-RDG 3604.

Former RDG 3605 was at Altoona, PA on 9/12/76.
Former RDG 3605 is seen at Enola, PA on 1/8/1983.
Early CR ex-Reading GP-30 2173 and GP-35 3630 sitting at Abrams Yard in King of Prussia,PA
CR GP-30 2173 (ex-RDG 3605) and C424 2495 (ex-RDG 5206) rest in lines of power by the Morrisville shops in July, 1978.
CR GP-30 2173 (ex-RDG 3605) rests in lines of power by the Morrisville shops in July, 1978.
CR 2174 GP-30 trailing on a freight at Columbia, PA.
Lined up between ex-PC GP-30 2235 and U23B 2733, CR GP-30 2174 (ex-RDG 3606) is in the first line of CR power at Enola in August, 1980.
CR GP-30's 2174 and 2235 are nose to tail with U23B 2733 in a light engine move at Enola in August, 1980.
Former RDG GP-30 2174 and CR N8B class cabin 23613 (ex-NH 628) move through Morrisville yard in July, 1978.

CR GP-30 2174 (ex-RDG 3606) works Morrisville yard in July, 1978.

CR GP-30's replaced the Alco RSD12's and RS-11's that worked Morrisville yard a year earlier.


CR GP-30 2174 (ex-RDG 3606) works Morrisville yard in July, 1978.

The GP-30's replaced the Alco RSD12's and RS-11's that worked the yard a year ealier.


CR GP30 2175 and GP10 7575 (ex-PC/PRR GP-9 7265) work at Morrisville in January, 1979.

Photo by permission from Andrew J. Erlichman.

Power at the Rochester shops this day included a GP-30. It was unusual for this model to be used for local power around the area.
Here's a close-up of GP30-2175 switching at the McCormick Spice Mill in the Hunt Valley Industrial Park. At the corner of Gilroy & Clubhouse Roads as I recall. 4:15PM on 2/23/82 in Hunt Valley, MD.

GP30 2175 is switching a paper warehouse in the Hunt Valley Industrial Park on a spur that comes off of the former PRR Northern Central Line.

Photo was taken on 4:45PM on 2/23/82 in Hunt Valley MD.

Former RDG 3610, nee RDG 5510, in storage at Rutherford, PA on 6/20/1982.
Former RDG 3610, nee RDG 5510, is seen at Rutherford, PA on 6/3/1984. Note the ex-Reading 50' boxcar in the background.
Conrail GP30 2179 is seen leading a train at Winslow Junction, NJ through the snow on 4/19/1983
Conrail GP30 2179 (ex-RDG 3611) is seen on WPCA-51 as it reverses past Winslow tower to get its train on 9/13/1979
Former RDG 3612 GP-30, now CR 2180, sits coupled between 2 ex-PC running mates in the power lineup at Enola.

Conrail GP30 2180 (an ex Reading unit) leads a westbound high & wide move at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. June 11, 1985

CR GP30's 2181 (ex-RDG 3613) and 2199 rest at Rutherford with other stored units in April, 1984.
An odd group of units are westbound on the former Erie Lackawanna in Tallmadge, Ohio (near Akron) in September of '77. The ex Reading Lines and Penn Central units are no surprise, but that ex Florida East Coast GP7, PNC 1507 in this photo, certainly adds to the color riot that was early CR. It's a very typical late 70's Conrail scene from over my way- doors flapping in the breeze on the units, under maintained power smoking it up, and a weed infested ex EL line that is slowly returning to nature. Little remains at this location today.
CR 2183 is still in RDG yellow as it sits behind the shops on a rainy day. There is a green RDG switcher to the right, a red LV switcher behind the 6225, and an EL unit to the far left.
Former RDG 3616/5516 was at Sharonville, OH 5/16/77.
Conrail GP30 2185 (ex-RDG 3617, nee-RDG 5517) is seen leading a train at Morrisville, PA in 1981.
CR 2186 (ex RDG 3618) sits with caboose CR 20075 in the former PRR yard area at Perryville, MD on 6/20/81. Today this spot is an open grass area with hardly a trace of any tracks...
With the sun going down in November, 1976, former RDG GP-30 3618 rests between other ex-RDG units at the Abrams engine terminal.
CR GP-30 2186 (ex-RDG 3618) leads a pair of GP10's, with CR 7569(ex-PC 7118) in front, through Morrisville yard in November, 1978.
CR GP-30 2186 (ex-RDG 3618) leads two GP-10's through Morrisville yard in November, 1978.
CR GP30 2187 (RDG Patch) + CR GP10 7576 + CR GP30 2174 (RDG Patch) w/ Mixed Manifest under wires
Still in RDG colors in September, 1983, CR GP-30 2187 (ex-RDG 3619) rests at the Enola engine terminal.
Former RDG 3619, nee RDG 5619, is seen at Shiremanstown, PA on 10/8/1988.
CR GP30 2188 at JLS in Altoona, PA on 6/14/95. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik
Another locomotive model rarely seen on the Boston Line was the GP30. The 2190 is buried in RESE's lash-up, as they usually were, saw one leading only once.
BBA-1 accelerates to track speed passing a still active Johns-Manville Corp., Manville, NJ
CR GP30 (ex-PC 2192) and U23B 2707 (ex-PC 2707) are seen on an eastbound train on Horseshoe Curve in 1982.
CR 3167 GP-40 leads GP-30 2194 and two other black and blue EMD SD's down Horseshoe Curve in March, 1981.
Former PC 2194/NYC 6121 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 3/6/1983.
Conrail GP30 2194 at the Waterbury, CT station on the morning of 5 March 1978.
Ex-PC(RDG) GP30 2197 leads an eastbound on the Boston Line at MP98 during the morning in the winter of 1977-78.
A southbound Conrail freight is approaching West 58th St bridge in a snowstorm on Conrail's Youngstown Line.

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