CR had 24 RS32's, all of NYC heritage. CR tended to keep them in Upstate NY, and they were assigned to Dewitt Shops for maintenance.

Fueling at Geddes Street (former EL, DL&W) yard..... Track in forground was the EL (DL&W) to Fulton & Oswego, NY
Former PC 2025/NYC 8025 was at Rochester, NY on 4/10/77.
Most likely this is a local of some sort. It was not common to see an RS-32 running the main at speed.
A pair of former NYC RS-32's, 2026 and 2036, rest retired behind S-2 9807 at the Juniata shops deadline in August, 1977.
The Lima local heads North at Corby Road between Honeoye Falls and Lima.
Another one of my favorite CR photo's. The Lima local is just arriving before dark at the little yard at Rochester Jct. The ex LV yard was 3 tracks as I recall. Some cars that are not destined for points on the Lima Branch will be left here while the rest of the train goes to Lima. On the return trip, the dropped cars will be picked up to head back to Rochester.
The Lima local is Southbound at Sibley Road as the sun is starting to set.
The CR Lima local is Northbound on the ex LV Lima Branch at Sibley Road.
2035 is parked on the North side of the Rochester Diesel Shops.
A 3 builder lashup at the Rochester Service area.
CR RS-32 2036 (ex-NYC) at the Juniata shops deadline in March, 1978.
CR RS-32 2036 (ex-NYC) at the Juniata shops deadline in March, 1978.
An RS32 and 2 GP-35s are ready to head out of Goodman Street yard with a local train.
The local switches out Pinco Insulator at Lima. In a few more minutes the sun will have set. This was the end of track on the ex LV Lima Branch.
The Lima local is arriving at Lima late in the afternoon.
2040 casts its shadow on the silos at Pinco Insulator at sunset.
It's hard to pick the more interesting subject. The old PC fuel truck is just as nice as the RS-32s under the sand tower.
An RS-32 and a pair of GP-9B units arrive at Goodman Street Yard with one of the "big" locals. This was probably the train from Kodak. The Kodak train and the salt train were the 2 biggest locals out of Rochester.
RS32 with a local freight passes behind the EL (exDL&W) yard at Geddes Street

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