ALCo built their most powerful single-engined unit, the 3,600hp C636, from 1967-1968.  Of the 34 total units built, Conrail inherited 15 of the ALCo 251E V16-powered units from the Penn Central.  They were numbered in CR series 6781-6794.

Former Penn Central and Erie Lackawanna units team up for ore train service at Cleveland, Ohio August 1978. CR 6781 is ex PC C636 6331 and CR SD45-2 6666 is ex EL 3681.
A big Alco is trailing unit on a Westbound as it passes under Jackson St. Not the best shot, but I was never able to catch too many of these big units operating so I always shot them no matter where I saw them.

Big Blue Alco C-636 #6783 is ready to roll at Port Richmond. 5/20/1979.

A pair of former Penn Central Alco's charge up Westinghouse Hill after crossing bridge 1 in Cleveland. C636 6783 and C630 6770 are westbound this April day in 1979.
Looking like a big dinosaur, 6785 dwarfs the auto in the foreground, the crewman, and the stored cars in the background.
One of Alco's monster C636's, ex-PC 6788, follows CR U33C 6577 (ex-EL 3314) as they pull through Cresson, PA in March, 1978.
Ex-PC C636 6788 follows a U36C as they pull through Cresson, PA in March, 1978.
Monster Alco CR C636 6788 (ex-PC 6338) rests between assignments at Pitcairn in October, 1977.
CR C6363 6789 makes it's way east to Croxton in March, 1979.
A monster C636 6789 rests at the Croxton engine terminal in March, 1979.
An unlikely pairing at the Croxton engine facility in March, 1979.   Monster C636 6789 is coupled to ex-EL GP-7 5972.
A monster C636 6789 coupled up with GP-7 5972 rests at the Croxton engine facility in March, 1979.

Ex-PC C636 6789 made it all the way east to Croxton yard in March, 1979.

Previously, I spotted only two of these monsters anywhere east of their Conway and Mingo Junction homes. In 1977, CR 6791 rolled through Abrams, PA and in 1978, CR 6788 rolled through Cresson, PA. But seeing a C636 in CR blue in NJ, and in 1979, was a great surprise.

The nose of a monster! CR 6789 C636 rests at the Croxton engine facility in March, 1979.
Massive Alco C636 6791 (ex-PC 6341) heads up a mixed freight through Abrams along with PC GP-35 2380.
Trailing typical Alco smoke, massive CR 6791 C-636 drags a mixed freight out of Abrams along with PC GP-35 2380.

Before leaving Abrams in February, 1977, CR C-636 6791, and mate PC GP-35 2380, were backing up their line of cars.

Even on that dreary day, the massive Century impressed by belching out what Alco’s did best!

Massive ALCo C636 6791 works with PC GP-35 2380 at Abrams yard in February, 1977.
Massive ALCo C636 6791 readies to pull a mixed freight out of Abrams yard with PC GP-35 2380 in February, 1977.

A lot of CR traffic, interesting consists, and easy access attracted railfans to Abrams yard in February, 1977.

Here, Alco's massive C636 6791 (ex-PC 6341) attracted a few of those railfans.

Before heading out of Abrams with their mixed freight, CR C636 6791 (ex-PC 6341) moves light with PC GP-35 2380.
A westbound has pulled into the former EL yard in Kent, Ohio on a cold but sunny Feb 1979 day. Units 6792, 8151, and 7744 would spend most of the day here waiting on a rested crew. Big Alco C636 6792 has less than a year to go as an operating engine on Conrail, but she looks good this day in clean blue.
A big, blue, C-636 idles at the service area in Sayre.

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