ALCO RS11 - Page 3

Built from Feb 1956 to June 1961, the 1800hp 251B-powered ALCO RS11 gave strong competition to EMD's GP-9.

Even with it's quicker acceleration and higher tractive effort, the versatile RS-11 wasn't ultimately as successful as EMD's GP-9, and as a result Conrail inherited fewer of them than their GM counterparts. Being from a defunct manufacturer, they also became candidates for earlier retirement than the geeps as well.

Four RS11's were painted CR blue:  7630, 7644, 7651 and 7652.

CR 7652 Bethlehem, PA 7-7-1979

Former PC RS-11's 7652 and 7651 idle alongside SD-9's 6908 and 6909 by the steam-era coaling tower at Bethlehem in July, 1979.

CR 7652 Bethlehem, PA 7-7-1979

CR blue RS-11's 7651 and 7652 run light past Bethlehem Steel in July, 1979.

CR 7652 West Portal, NJ 10-6-1979

ALC-1 has just gotten the signal at West Portal to proceed from main track to the single track west..

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