Class HR1D

The HR1D class of hoppers were built by Bethlehem Steel at Johnstown PA in late 1975 as RDG 483501-484600. Cars were to become CR 483882-485056, but being built so close to the creation of Conrail, many would carry their big RDG reporting marks throughout Conrail. Cars are rated at 100 tons, 3487 cuft & 48ft 8in long.

CR 479065- Class HR1D

Car is ex RDG 483532 and is seen here in June 1994.

CR 479146 - Class HR1D

Conrail 479146 is seen at East Conway, PA. Car is ex RDG 483597.

CR 479412 - Class HR1D

CR 497412 is seen here in April 1995. Car is ex RDG 483796.

CR 483391 - Class HR1D

Conrail 483391 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 483586- Class HR1D

CR 483586 is seen here in July 1996. Car is ex RDG 484084 and was painted at the Hollidaysburg, PA car shops. Car would later become RBMN 7377.

CR 483839 - Class HR1D

CR 483839 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex RDG 484304 and was built 1-76. It was deleted on 2/25/98.

CR 483858 HR1D Altoona 03-00

A former Reading Lines Joanna Mine to Bethlehem ore service car, complete with it's Reading speed lettering, has been chalked "RS-41", so it's heading to scrap in this March 2000 view in Altoona.

CR 484122- Class HR1D

CR 484122, a ex RDG HTg class hopper, is seen here in August 1994. Car is ex RDG 483666 and was painted at the Hollidaysburg, PA car shops in Apr 1987.

CR 484375- Class HR1D (RDG Class HTG)

Car is ex RDG 483919 and is seen here in April 1995.

CR 484569 - Class HR1D

CR 484569 is seen in March of 1996. Car is ex RDG 484113.

CR 484649 - Class HR1D

Conrail 484649 is seen at Leetsdale, PA. You can see the faint paint-out patches where the old RDG reporting marks were.

CR 484697 - Class HR1D

Car is ex RDG 484241. Photo taken June 1977.

CR 484917 - Class HR1D

CR 484917 is seen in April of 1996. Car is ex RDG 484461.

CR 485019- Class HR1D

Car is ex RDG 484563 RDG Class HTg. Seen here in August 1994.

RDG 483759- RDG Class HTg

Reading open hopper Class HTG RDG 483759 November 1993 ORER description: Hopper, steel, AAR car type code H450, mechanical designation HT

RDG 483800-RDG Class HTg

RDG 483800 is seen at Philadelphia PA on 12/28/97. Car would have became a HR1D class hopper if repainted by CR. Car went to NS after the split.

RDG 483952-RDG Class HTg

RDG 483952 is seen at Altoona, PA on 11/24/98. Car later became RBMN 7355 which was deleted by RBMN on 2/27/12.

RDG 483960-RDG Class HTG

RDG 483960 is seen in the consist of ALPI-5F at Altoona, PA on 1/26/99. Car would survive past the CR split and was deleted 2/6/03 by NS..

RDG 484094-RDG class HTG

RDG 484094 is seen at South Fork, PA in April of 1987. Car would be deleted on 7/1/01, becoming RBMN 7351 which was deleted on 3/6/14.

RDG 484281

RDG 484281 at Altoona, PA on June 24, 1998

RDG 484357- RDG Class HTG

Seen here in January 1995. Note the damage to the end of the car.

RDG 484548- RDG Class HTG

RDG 484548 is seen at Conway, PA July 1989. Shot cropped from the slide scan, having a sub-par picture is better than no picture at all.

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