Class HR1B

The HR1B class of hoppers were built by Bethlehem Steel at Johnstown PA as RDG 41650-41849 in 1971. RDG 41775-41849 were transferred to the D&H in 4/76 and became D&H 9701-9775. The remaining 121 cars became CR 483758-483879. The cars are rated at 100 tons, 3433 cuft & are 48ft 8in long.

CR 476706-Class HR1B

Photo taken in August 1995. Although the ConRail Renumbering Guide (printed July 9 1976) lists the origin of CR 476706 as PRR 228049, the HR1B class designation along with the telltale angle iron reinforcements on the top chord identify this equipment as a former Reading Company car. Thanks to John Almeida for the information. Car is ex RDG 41654.

CR 476829 - Class HR1B

Car is ex RDG 41667 and was later rebuilt and became NS 802933.

CR 477670 - Class HR1B

Conrail 477670 is seen at Rochester, PA. Car is ex RDG 41708, built 7-71 and was deleted 1/18/95 by CR. Car then became SPSX 477670 and was deleted 7/12/00.

CR 478592- Class HR1B

Car is ex RDG 41742 and is seen here in April 1995.

CR 478765 - Class HR1B

Car is ex RDG 41756 and was built 7-71.

CR 483793- Class HR1B

Car is ex RDG 41685 and is seen here in April 1994.

CR 483794- Class HR1B

Car is ex RDG 41686 and is seen here in August 1995.

CR 483826- Class HR1B

CR 483826 is seen here in July 1996. Car is ex RDG 41718 and was painted at the Hollidaysburg, PA car shops.

CR 483865 - Class HR1B

Car is ex RDG 41758 and was built 7-71.

RDG 41715 - RDG Class HTe

Car was built 7-71. Note the original "Ore Service between Joanna and Bethlehem" stencil still intact. It was supposed to become CR 477761 but was never renumbered -- it was deleted on 8-20-98.

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