Class HE7E


CR 422873 - Class HE7E

Conrail 422873 is seen at Leetsdale, PA

CR 422972-Class HE7E at Pitcairn in 1982

A 1982 view of the old Pitcairn locomotive facilities shows Conrail triple hopper 422972, among others.

CR 423160 - Class HE7E

Palmyra, PA, 1980's. Car is ex EL 33554.  It was deleted on 6/5/01.

CR 423380 - Class HE7E

Columbia, PA, 1980's. Car is ex EL 33701.

CR 423473 - Class HE7E

Conrail 423473 is seen at Rochester, PA. Car is ex EL 33760.

CR 423479 - Class HE7E

Altoona, PA, 1980's. Car is ex EL 33766. Note that it is incorrectly stenciled as an H35.

CR 423609 - Class HE7E

Temple, PA, late 70's-early 80's. Car is ex EL 33836.

CR 423726 - Class HE7E

Columbia, PA, late 1970's. Car is ex EL 33907.

CR 423836 - Class HE7E

Conrail 423836 is seen at Temple, PA

EL 33631

Seen here in September 1994.

EL 33678 at Holidaysburg, PA

Another fallen flag -- EL hopper 33678 at Holidaysburg, PA on Oct. 3, 1994. Doug Davidson photo with permission

EL 33689

Car was built 3-74.

EL 33810

Car was built 4-74.

EL 33826 - Class HE7E

Erie Lackawanna open hopper Class HE7A EL 33826 November 1993 ORER description: Hopper, steel, self clearing, three hopper cross dump, AAR car type code H250, mechanical designation HT

EL 33877

Seen here in September 1994.

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