Class H1C

Conrail's H1C class was constructed by Pullman-Standard under Lot 9998 as CR 489801-490800, in October-December 1978.

They could be seen in both coal and ore service throughout the years.

CR 489854- Class H1C

Car was built new for Conrail and is seen here in September 1994.

CR 489932- Class H1C

Seen here in August 1995.

CR 490000 - Class H1C

Conrail 490000 is seen at Conway, PA

CR 490051 - Class H1C

Conrail 490051 is seen at West Brownsville, PA

CR 490099- Class H1C

Seen here in January 1995.

CR 490132 - Class H1C

CR 490132 was photographed at Berea, OH on 10/25/96. On/around 3-23-99 it was remarked as NYC 490132, and was deleted on 7-25-2003.

CR 490166 - Class H1C

Conrail 490166 is seen at Cove, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 490220 (Class H1C) at Horseshoe Curve in August 1995

Conrail SD40-2 6378 is providing some extra braking power on the rear of an eastbound freight, with Conrail class H1C triple hopper 490220 bringing up the rear of the train. 8/6/1995

CR 490259 - Class H1C

Conrail 490259 is seen at Cove, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 490278- Class H1C

Seen here in July 1994. Car was painted at the Hollidaysburg, PA car shops in the late 1980's.

CR 490336- Class H1C

Seen here in August 1995.

CR 490365 - Class H1C

Conrail 490365 is seen at Enola, PA

CR 490490 - Class H1C

Conrail 490490 is seen at Rockville, PA

CR 490551-Class H1C

CR 490551 is seen at Kingston, NY in Jan of 1982. Car was built 12-78 by P-S.

CR 490553 - Class H1C

Conrail 490553 is seen at Cove, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 490582- Class H1C

Conrail 490582 is seen at Conway, PA July 1989

CR 490731 - Class H1C

Conrail 490731 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 490790 - Class H1C

Conrail 490790 is seen at Cove, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 490798 - Class H1C

Conrail 490798 is seen at Enola, PA.

CR 490800 - Class H1C

Conrail 490800 is seen at New Brighton, PA

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