Class H1B

Conrail rostered 2830 Class H1B triple hoppers, built by Bethlehem Steel's Johnstown plant between May 1978-November 1979 in two groups.

The first group, BSC Lot 3400-486, were built as CR 487301-489800 and CR 490801-490875 in 1978.

The second group, BSC Lot 3400-542, were built as CR 491260-491589 in 1979.

CR 487416 - Class H1B

CR 487416 was photographed at Berea, OH on 6/26/94. Car was built 6-78. It was deleted on 9-15-2002 and rebodied to "HIGH TOP" coke hopper NS 802762.

CR 487448 - Class H1B

CR 487448 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car was built 6-78 by BSC.  It later became NYC 487448 and was deleted on 7/25/2003.

CR 487569 - Class H1B

Conrail 487569 is seen at Cove, PA

CR 487632 - Class H1B

Car was built 6-78.     (Color is off due to original slide being red-shifted)

CR 487741 - Class H1B

Conrail 487741 is seen at Cove, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 487807-Class H1B

CR 487807 is seen at CSX's Wilsmere Yard in Elsmere DE in Oct of 1990.

CR 487935 - Class H1B

Brand-new CR 487935 was photographed at Northumberland, PA on 9/9/78. Car was built 8-79.

CR 488023- Class H1B

Seen here in June 1994.

CR 488087- Class H1B

CR 488087 is seen here in storage at Rose Yard in mid 2002.

CR 488127-Class H1B

CR 488127 is seen in the consist of a WB at Altoona, PA on 11/24/96. Car was built 9-78 and was later restenciled to NYC 488127 and is still active as of 1/4/13.

CR 488372 - Class H1B

Conrail 488372 is seen at Cove, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 488506- Class H1B

Seen here in September 1994.

CR 488590 - Class H1B

Conrail 488590 is seen at Conway Yard

CR 488865 - Class H1B

Repainted 7-88 at Hollidaysburg.

CR 488878 - Class H1B

CR 488878 was photographed on the MGA at West Brownsville, PA on 1/30/93. Car was built 9-78. It was rebodied by CSX as NYC 488878 on/around 11-28-2000, then was later rebodied by FreightCar America as CSXT 836629 in August 2014.

CR 488890 - Class H1B

Conrail 488890 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 488926 - Class H1B

Conrail 488926 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 488944 - Class H1B

Conrail 488944 is seen at Cove, PA

CR 489100 - Class H1B

CR 489100 was photographed at Enola, PA in 1990/91.

CR 489580 - Class H1B

Conrail 489580 is seen at Cove, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 489629 - Class H1B

With a very new CR 489629 class H1B hopper behind, former PC GP30 2211 works Morrisville yard in March, 1979.

CR 489722 - Class H1B

Conrail 489722 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 491390-Class H1B

CR 491390 is seen in ULK-75E at Antis, PA on 8/20/98.

CR 491438- Class H1B

Seen here in June 1994.

CR 491483 - Class H1B

Conrail 491483 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 491752- Class H1B

Seen here in September 1994.

NYC 487309- Class H1B

(CR) NYC 487309 at Altoona, PA on June 24, 1998

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