Open Hoppers

For most of its existence, Conrail depended on a fleet of open hoppers to haul coal from mines all over the system to customers. These were eventually supplanted by hundreds of bathtub gons (many of which were built on old 3-bay hopper frames), but a large number saw service until the end of Conrail.

3-bay Open Hoppers

From 1976 until the early 1990s, when bathtub gons and new 4-bay hoppers began showing up, 3-bay hoppers were the backbone of Conrail's coal-hauling fleet. Conrail inherited thousands of them from predecessor roads, and also purchased many new classes of cars to replace aging 70-ton hoppers.

4-bay Open Hoppers

Starting in 1994, Conrail began constructing a fleet of new H2 class 4-bay open hoppers at the Hollidaysburg Car Shops. This program continued with the H2B and H2C classes until the end of Conrail.

CR 498239

CR 498239 is seen at Harrington DE in Oct of 1990. Car is ex B&LE.

CR 498268- (B&LE Class HK-43)

Car is ex B&LE and is seen here in July 1993.

CR 498316- (B&LE Class HK-43)

Car is ex B&LE and is seen here in July 1993.

CR hoppers at Hollidaysburg Car Shops

A view of CR's Holldaysburg PA Car Shops on 7/27/97 shows many 3 bay hoppers being stored.

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