65' Gondolas

Conrail inherited 65' gondolas from nearly all of its predecessor roads, who used them to haul long steel beams and shapes. Conrail also purchased groups of cars from the UP (ex-MP cars) and Helm (ex-ATSF and ATW cars) for steel service.

The G33 class consists of 500 cars built by the PRR's Altoona Works in 1949.
The G37 class consists of 450 mill gondolas built by the PRR at their Sam Rea shops in 1957 in the series PRR 379400-379849.
The G44 class consists of 200 gondolas from the series PRR 442450-442649.
The G45 class consisted of 200 gondolas built by Penn Central; these were given the series PC 592000-592199.
Conrail's class G46 65' gondolas were built by Fruehauf for the PC in 1972.
Former CNJ
Car is ex PRR 442271, in painted-out PRR brown. (Color is off due to original slide being red-shifted)
Car is ex RDG 31222, was painted RDG 3-77. (Color is off due to original slide being red-shifted)
RF&P GP40 123, GP35 131, and GP40-2 146 pull a mixed freight, including a PC 65' Gondola, through Acca yard in Richmond, VA in June, 1978.
Car was built 10-65 (hard to tell, but this car is green).
With a RDG 65' gondola behind, CR blue E-8A 4256 leads former PC E-8A's 4326 and 4267 into the South Amboy engine terminal in March, 1978.

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